Curioser and curiouser: life stinks.

This mess will never end.

Today my furnace busted, after a week of making excessive noise. I knew something was going to happen — and today it happened full tilt at about 5pm.

The furnace was making more noisethan it made since last MOnday, starting this morning, starting about 7:30 — at about 8:30 I called the fuel oil company. I was told “We cannot do that for free. We have to pay our guy too, you know? Call the town department of social services and see what they can do…”

And when I went to social services today — I had to be there for another purpose: I was told by the director “We cannot have that repair exceed a certain amount. We gave you a lot of oil last week. Sorry.” (234 gallons that I have no idea how long will even last — this is January 12)

So the most I could get in the way of a repair was “hot air by rising” The blower fan went – before I cut the power to the furnace, I was smelling burning rubber and something else burning – and I think that was a $800 repair 10 years ago when that part went.

I will bet the cost is a good thousand. Great. (and as I recall, the service contract back in 2004 did not cover the cost of the repair)

This is going to heat this whole place, rising hot air that just drifts through the ducts and then comes out of the register? Ordinarily the blower fan would propel the hot air up and through the register but since the town department of social services won’t pay for it, that’s the “best” they can do in the way of a repair. Jesus.

We were not exactly poor when we were kids — there was not much money coming in but for the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, wow — we NEVER had a situation like this, not once, not EVER!

Tomorrow I have an intake interview for food stamps. They want everything: bank account balance, utility bills for phone, gas and electric and homeowners insurance, etc.

Yeah…and then that’s at least another week’s delay before I hear back.

What a mess.

And hot air by rising??? I don’t know how great for heating this place that that is going to be in the long run for me — how efficient is hot air that merely drifts up a duct? Is this “method” of heating good for the long run? This is only mid-January —- spring is a bit of a way away.

I am not happy overall with the way this heating oil company has handled anything over this past year — I am going to look into another provider (I also don’t like the repair guy they sent; he gave me the creeps plus my dog gave him the OO and once over and my dog was hanging back; the dog did NOT like this guy…. And I trust my dog’s opinion when it comes to people) Not calling them anymore. I am finding another provider for oil.

This is a bone I can pick with the county tomorrow.

So none of this is going to be resolved – getting that blower motor fixed, etc — unless I luck into a good fulltime job….or I get a huge wad of money thrown at me. Ha ha. What the hell happened here — to us, to me, to you and to everything? This is like some kind of never never land.

I am also giving the county a list of my other outstanding expenses. Give them that as well. Let them see what kind of a boat I am really in.

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  1. This happened at my house in December 2014. Recently, it happened at a college friend’s house. His system was still under warranty, but he and his wife and dogs had to stay at his mothers house until the part arrived. So, you are the third person to have this happen to them, that I know of, within a relatively short period of time. Until you can get this fixed do the following: 1. Close all the heating vents, except the one that is over the furnace. This may be located in the kitchen. 2. Close all the return vents, except the one in the room you spend the most time in. 3. Get a fan that you can point down toward the open return vent (an oscillating fan I have is adjustable in this way). 4. Remove the return register vent cover. 5. Turn fan on. 6. Adjust fan speed so you get the best airflow into the ventilator shaft. This should allow the air to flow through your lliving space efficiently until you can get you blower fixed.

    1. The heat is not making it up here to my floor.

      I now have a temp of 59 degrees.

      I just called the oil provider. Some other service guy — not the one from yesterday — told me “Get a fan and it will suck the heat out of the pipe. You’ll get heat by gravity.”

      I have no fan and I told him I needed heat. He told me that the part and the hours for the job would run about a grand— as I said, when a similar part busted 10 years ago, it was about $800 and the service contract did not cover it.

      He told me to call the town or the county to get somebody to give me the money to fix the problem — I got so tired of listening to him I said thanks and goodbye and hung up.:(

      That register is glued into the wall. I don’t have a fan anyway.:( so what good is this to me?

  2. Well, I am glad that my idea could work. I am sorry that you do not have a fan to try the method out. Of course, if our country had not been stolen by the ‘ubberich’ thieves you would have a job and be able to get the heating fixed right away! I wonder when enough people will wake up and realize they have been robbed of their ‘birthright’, and finally demand their ‘pound of flesh’ from the disgusting rich scum who stole their wealth!

    1. Today was even better than YESTERDAY!!

      I called Social Services at 9:30. I left a message for the head of SS and asked her to call me.

      She never bothered to do so.

      I placed another call to SS and this time I got the same person I spoke to the first time. I asked her if she would know who I could speak to on a county level; she gave me 2 numbers.

      All I got at the first one was a recording — no person gets the line — and when I left Mike a message at the second one….

      HE never rang back, either!

      Also MIA and AWOFFG(Away without leave for freaking good) is the oil company!

      “We will call you tomorrow and come on out…” said the service guy to me last night. Tomorrow never came.

      Isn’t THIS a hop in the freaking arse, as my late great Aunt would say. My goodness — what the heck are we paying these people in town for? The head of SS never called back? Wow — maybe I have another kind of problem.

      I am getting the distinct impression that I am being seen as a nuisance at this point. Know what? Let ’em bloody keep it, then. What good is any of this to me?

      I guess when I said that the repair was costly — guy last night said anywhere from $800 to a thou — Mike decided it was a good idea not to get involved.

      We got robbed of everything: the right to consideration and robbed by the people who decided these do-nothings should have the jobs they have right now.

      yeah, and you and I are tearing our eyebrows and eyelashes out, vying for a job that REALLY is supposed to be ours, within perhaps 6 weeks tops of beginning our job searches!

      And oh, I nearly forgot ….

      I got told off by The Secretary of Labor, aka my brother.

      When the realtor left (2 came today and they looked around; more in another post, maybe) I exploded and let him have it.

      I blew sky high and I let loose. And he got it but good.

      And that was when he told me “you have no skills and you can’t do anything at all. You’re a pile of dogshit.”

      Didn’t like it when I told you I hated you and hated that thing you are with and that neither one of you belonged here and that I wouldn’t let her teach people to cross an empty street????

      He is also the director of the MOMA, too: told me “your art is weak and you have no talent. Anybody who buys anything from you must be doing it out of pity.”

      Screw him.

      And after I told him off….my splitting headache vanished!

      Maybe this is what I needed: to tell him where to go. This is 16 months of keeping my mouth shut more or less; too damn bad for him.

  3. I am still shaking my head.

    Social services should have rung back. maybe I have an entirely new question.

    And as for that heating company, forget ’em — I was more or less politely told to take a walk, by virtue of them not showing up yesterday or calling me to follow up yesterday afternoon — wow! Suppsoe there was an incident here???

    Show up to note the internal temperature here, make note of it and cover your asses, at the very least. This is a litigation-crazy age we live in; wanna leave the door open to get sued, people??? How do you know I might NOT sue your hides???

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