The beat goes on…and on…more of my “Most Embarrasing Moments”

I came back from social services with a bag of food and some chicken and other freezables.

I went there with the purpose of getting a Walmart card — I still have my blood pressure med prescription there since it’s $4 or a month’s supply of them — but the woman who ran the department was on vacation.

Whether I wanted to or not, I wound up speaking to a woman — I’ll call her Jane — who I know rather personally from a joint venture we both are volunteers with.  I was not comfortable speaking with her because of that reason. Nobody else was available. So lucky lucky me.

I said to Jane, “I am here for a Walmart card.” — this was after I asked for the head of SS and she told me that person was on vacation.

She said “Well what do you need that for?”

I said “for food” — and I guess I sounded like I was in a hurry or upset or something — she actually gave me a dirty look.

She then said — and my friend thought this was way out of line — “Sit down, take a deep breath and tell me what’s going on.”

Do you think I liked telling this person what is happening with me? You don’t shit where you eat! This is way close for comfort.

Make a long story short: I guess now I have to apply for food stamps — I still need bread and milk and fruit and cash is nearly nonexistent. See why I was so upset about that UPS job — and that gig at Bloomingdales — not happening? I’d have had money to carry me through to at least next week.

I don’t even have the money from a holiday season job.

I got “Oh jobs are hard to come by” from jane — Jane is over 65 and NEEDS TO RETIRE. I can only imagine what she is being paid at that job; this is a great gig, working with this town! You work 6 hours a day, you get fantastic benefits and you are paid more than you are worth. Why should a social services manager for an 18,,000 person town make 75K???

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  1. As you say, you can only guess at what Jane makes, and to guess will just frustrate you. Similarly, though she “needs to retire” in your opinion, you can only guess at her circumstances, and her retirement is unlikely to help you directly, such as having her old job given to you.

    There may be job announcements for your town that list the pay range. You also don’t know the area that the social services department covers. Social services are managed at the county rather than town level in New Jersey, so the pool of people who they might serve is larger. Unfortunately, social work has become increasingly credentialized, so you might need a bachelor’s or master’s degree in social work to get a job that used to be filled with on-the-job training. I used to work with a woman who had her doctorate in social work, and the money working as a GS-13 for the federal government was far better and the people less annoying even in the early to mid-1990s.

    I am really surprised that you did not apply for food stamps when you first learned that you were probably eligible, which was probably a year ago. If nothing else, having the food stamps would allow you to conserve that much in cash to pay other bills. One can apply for food stamps on line, but there might be an in-person interview required to verify your documentation.

    1. You wonder when this is going to end.

      The only thing that is going to save this for me:

      Somebody throws a very large sum of money at me — enough so I can be able to buy a home in some distant state and then do something on my own employment wise

      Or somebody in these parts offers me a full time job and one that pays well.

      What a mess.

      And all of this is because nobody hired me. yeah, and include the fact somebody else made a mess ouot of things that added to my entire mess; I should have divested in him the second this house came into the picture. Never trusted him is where this should have been at; he’s been a problem since he was a kid and that problem has lasted all the way up to now.

  2. When I left on Friday, I was told “Come back Monday; they will be here to fill out the claim for you.”


    I wound u talking to the same woman.

    “Do you have a lawsuit pending…” and theyw ant to know how much it is for! Do I tell them how much this house was appraiased for or what? They weren’t clear on that — and they want the date it will be settled.

    Great. Now this blanking town has all of my business.

    And all this over what? A damn stupid job I should have had MONTHS ago???

    They want the name of an emergency contact: who do I put down? I have no other immediate family and I have cousins who are scattered. Who do I give as a name???

    All of this because of no job and all of this because nobody said yes. How sad is right.

    The best I can hope for:

    That this house sells in a hurry so I can get the F out of this state and start over where nobody knows me or what happened to me. There’s nothing for me anymore at all, at least not here anyway..

  3. New Jersey has eliminated the asset test to qualify for Medicaid and SNAP (food stamps), but still has an asset test for TANF (temporary aid to needy families), which will give you some cash . New Jersey calls TANF “Work First”.

    One way around it is to ask for only SNAP and Medicaid, because those are based only on income. You may fail to qualify for TANF due to owning half a house, even though your car,if you own one, is exempted from the asset test. You may also find youself in a situation like I did when I had to prove legal presence in Virginia to get a driver’s license and register my car, and had no utilty bills yet that proved that I was renting an apartment in the area. They would not accept the lease, even though the lease stated that the only utilities that I had to pay were my phone and cable bills. They would need to check the state income tax return records to learn that you haven’t been required to file a return for years.

    They are bureaucrats. Answer only the questions that they ask, and don’t volunteer information. If they ask the amount of the lawsuit with your brother, tell them, but also tell them what you expect to pay in legal fees, both to date and in the future, should you reach a settlement.

  4. And they “need” a dollar figure.:(

    He is not going to cooperate with the real estate people coming here — he cancelled the meeting with them very last minute and claimed he was not going to be here and he also said “I will not turn over my keys to anybody. I don’t care who needs them; let them come when I am here. I will not give in to your bleeping demands.”

    I got a pretty good cussing out and a wish that “I hope you fall through the chair you are sitting on and you break your spine you bleep” — the bleep in question is the one that begins with a c and has 4 letters.

    This is nice? you wish harm on somebody?

    This is pretty sick, if you ask me.

    Don’t ask what else he said to me. It’s all pretty sick indeed.

    He called the cops again — this was after I told him a judge would order him to turn over the keys; all this went on during the same conversation when he told me he’d need a morning appointment for the brokers and not one for 3pm — and when I said that, it was like he knew reality was here and he could no longer fight what’s going on.

    When the cops got here, he told them I was verbally harassing him — and how cute; he referred to me as the “tenant.” He demanded the cops remove me from the premises. He was told they could not do that, being I was part owner.

    He told me he would not be here at 3 yesterday for when the brokers came and that he’d need a morning appointment.

    That kid was home from school again yesterday — he got into his car with the kid at maybe 2:30 and returned shortly after 3 — I think the reason why he cancelled is because it is probably very likely that kid knows nothing about an eventual move for the 3 of them and they want to keep that from her; who knows why?

    (I also asked him why that kid is not permitted to leave the house alone — he wants to know “Where is she going to go?”

    Where? To a movie, to Wendy’s, to the downtown area to window shop, to the teen center, maybe to the rec center to take kid swim lessons, to the library where there are also a ton of teen and tween activities, to the local dance school for dance lessons, out for a walk, to sit on the porch and read a book when it’s nice outside, to a rec football game in the fall when they have ’em, to watch a rec basketball team game —that’s to name a few.

    I have my hands full.

    I am sorry I never divested in him long before any house of any kind appeared on the scene. This is almost like what you do with a drunken friend or relative: you detach and you do not associate with this person, unless they clean up their act.

    And he still says that he doesn’t owe me one cent, he was all paid up on the taxes and that I’m nothing but a bleeping liar. This from a guy who is the past master of all liars and has been since fifth grade.

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