The Miracle Jobs I Have Gotten

The Miracle Jobs…Yes, these are true and bona fide stories.:)

I thought I’d bring something new to this board, and perhaps a lot of us, if not all of us, would like to read about something uplifting.

“I swear that I am up to no good…”:) Yes, these stories of how these jobs came to be are entirely true…

Miracle Job #1…May 1980

I did not accept this job! I was too chicken to try! Stupid youth…I was only 22!:)

Here is how I acquired the job offer: I was a student at the med tech school and our lab sent our class to the neighboring hospital (had 600 beds) to see what their chemistry lab was like and how things were done there, since our smaller hospital didn’t perform those types of procedures. Four of us spent a week there, 2 of us sent one week and then the next, the other 2.

Our  time was divvied up between the general chem lab (the big thing then was the automated SMA1260 with the 12” floppy disk!) and then in the electrophoresis lab for the other half of the week. The woman who ran the electrophoresis lab – ran serum specimens to see if a heart attack did occur – told us (me and my lab partner) that she did not like the way the other 2 lab students sent there did things.

During our session, my lab partner broke the little pipette. The pipette delivered a very small amount of sample, perhaps half a very small drop and it took a little derring do to apply it to the trough in the gelatin media.

The lady who ran the lab liked the way I worked. She literally jumped on me to work for her – she offered me the job 3 times…I said no.:( In latter years, I was sorry I did not take the job.

This was a big teaching hospital and not some tiny little chicken coop like the lab we were in.:(

Miracle Job #2:  October 1996

I’d gone on many job interviews with no success.

This one morning the phone rang; my mother got the phone. Handed it to me and told me it who  was on the line.

My mother fubared the name of the company which is why I didn’t know who this could have been…when I got on the line, I found out. It was Jane, a woman I interviewed with in very early August.

She had a receptionist job open but I did not get the job. When she called me that morning, she explained to me that the reason why she didn’t give me the job is that she thought I‘d get bored and quit on her.

Here is why she was calling 2 and one half months later:

She first asked me if I remembered her. I said I did; she explained what she wanted — she knew of a job opportunity that was available immediately — assistant to a CEO – and would I be interested.

She said she thought she’d ask me first to see it it was okay with me before she called the gent who needed the admin. I told her it would be fine. She said she’d call him and have him call me.

The admin unexpectedly quit that morning, about an hour before Jane called me; no notice given; the admin just took off — and that is why the job was open.

He needed a replacement for Lisa and immediately, as he was due to go away for about a month on business duties for the company — and he needed somebody in her place to pick up the ball asap. The company was entering their busy season in about a month.

Maybe 2 hours passed; the gent called me. Gave me the directions to the company and told me if I could be there at about 3, it would be great. ‘

I was more or less hired sight unseen. I went to the company; I met with him and several others of his team and by 6 pm I had the job.:)

The job lasted for 7 months — I got laid off (I knew the company was financially ailing and the CEO was honest about that when I was hired —- and to tell you the truth, I didn’t care; this was an opportunity to learn something real new so what did I have to lose.) and unfortunately for the rest of the company, they got laid off,  too – cut to half time the day after I got laid off.  ( I swear that this man did me a favor; I lost my mother in late February and I am pretty certain he waited until I was eligible to collect unemployment before he laid me off) I got the better of the deal — less than a week later, I had another job offer; when I got to that job, the owner asked me if I knew anybody who needed a job and to have them come on down.

I immediately passed the word on to my ole company; some of the ladies showed up (and told me things were not good over there) – he never did hire anybody; I don’t know why… but I at least thought of them. I learned plenty over there and it was still one of the most interesting jobs I held.

Miracle Job #3….December 1992

in the midst of everybody and their uncle Stanislaw losing their jobs… This was a receptionist job — I answered the ad on the day of the nor’easter.

I was out of work 10 months at the time. Our company was Chapter 11 and our distribution center was phased out and closed.

The company I called was still open at about noon — I think the office manager told me they were about to close and send everyone home — the interview was set up for Monday, the 14th.

I had the interview and spoke to about 4 people over there — 2 were casual “hellos” and there was an interview with the office manager; the other person I spoke to was a casual VP who talked to me for about 5 minutes, just to be friendly.

I think I was there for an hour, all told. Told me they would decide by the end of the week.

Zoom ahead to Wednesday the 16th, about quarter of 7 in the evening.

I was up on a stepladder, hanging a Christmas wreath and was on the last “BANG” of the hammer when the phone rang. At the end was Casual VP…with the job offer.

His first question after he made the offer  was “are you sure you will not be bored?”   I told him no…and when I got there, no, I was never bored.

I remember how nice that first day was; there was a phone rep there who made 4 wooden reindeer for her department mates; she had one reindeer for herself and handed it to me when she saw I was new staff.:)  The bunch of us ladies also got a bouquet of roses on Christmas eve; there was another gift – I think it was candy, but I am not sure.

These were some of the nicest people I ever met. I can think of other jobs that were “miracle jobs” – there are perhaps 3 more – but these 3 are the most outstanding.

Maybe we need some uplifting stories on this board.:) How times have changed.

May a Miracle Job come to each and every one of you, unbidden and fabulous and spectacular.:)

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