The Cause Of Our Problem by Barbsright

I recently read an interesting article from the NY Times titled (I think): As Robots Get Smarter, Workers Struggle To Keep Up. The title says to me that our employment problem is really caused by the obsolescence of the average, and above average human being. I encourage you all to read the article. If the article is correct, and I think it is, we will all be on SSDI because machines do better work in comparison to people.

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  1. I can see using automation for tedious and/or potentially debilitating tasks but other than that, ban ’em all.

    What about robots to perform surgery?Right now we need surgeons to operate them but who is to say that in the future it won’t be another story?

  2. The New York Times report can be viewed at:

    Somehow I’m compelled to update the old wisecrack:

    In Soviet Union, robots operate you!

    The subject has been a matter for some discussion in my technical journals. At the current pace of technology, it seems likely that in maybe 15 years, it will be possible to buy, at a reasonable cost, a car capable of driving itself. It won’t be completely safe–nothing ever is–but will be demonstrably safer than human drivers.

    So now you’re barreling down the highway in your robot car, when it perceives an unsafe condition. And it determines something like, ‘there is a multi-car pileup that can be avoided if I drive myself off the road into a tree.’ And it does, and you die.

    On the other hand, if you had been driving personally, you might have slammed on the brakes in the same condition. You would have skidded, and perhaps a half-dozen cars would have been banged up. But everyone would have been able to walk away from the scene.

    When I was in my 20s, and I thought about life 40 of 50 years hence, I had a dim sense of foreboding. The future wouldn’t be that wonderful place that we, as Americans, always assumed it would be.

    Now I know why.

  3. Remember that any machine with a computer program is only as smart as the person who is providing the information.

    And remember that machines and automation are not failsafe.

    1. This is quite true. We don’t have automation support on nights and weekends, and we just lost three days of training for our plant operators because they wouldn’t call in people to troubleshoot the problem.

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