This sure figures…

Out of ideas and out of suggestions.

I never did hear back from Bloomingdales, not even after I left my telephone number there last Wednesday.

I went back to UPS on Sunday. There were maybe 6 or 7 of us there – I figured maybe see if I can get my assignment at the customer desk back (there were 2 of us there last year).

I spoke to somebody in HR and she made copies of my IDs. I told her I’d be interested in going back to the customer desk. “It’s late in the season and there is already somebody there,” she said.

As I was leaving she said “I will call you tomorrow.”

No call ever came. Not even today.

There is no landline number available where I can call and find out what’s the story — I would have to go there in person and find out – but wow, should I be going through this kind of effort?? She should have called me indeed.

I have heard nothing. Do I go to orientation again or what — she didn’t say. (She did say “when I run your background checks, if you want to stay around for a half hour, I’ll set you up with orientation tomorrow”)  What about my ID? Do I go back and have my photo take and get the actual ID? Do I or do I not get my spot back at that customer desk or do I go elsewhere with a driver? Is this a no go or what’s the story?

What’s going on here???

I am going through this time and trouble and tearing my hair out for exactly $880 dollars…and that’s if I get 2 weeks of work from tomorrow up until Christmas Eve — my hours were over on Christmas Eve last year.

I am out of suggestions and out of ideas. Other than UPS and retail stores in need of holiday help (yeah, if you can get the retail hours) I cannot name anybody who is hiring for year end people — ADP used to have year end temp jobs but ADP in my area is looooong gone. Both parcels of land that they stood on in Clifton were sold off to other concerns a good 20 years ago and the buildings were demolished.

Nobody seems to be busting a move to call me — I should have been called and told yes or no, no? Holy shit…trouble from this dumb bunch of klutzes, too…haha. That sure figures.

ETA: it is Wednesday and I have the update; this one’s a real lulu.

And holy cow.:(

I went to UPS and said to the guy in the guard shack “Is there any way I can sp eak to somebody in HR? I am trying to find out the status of a helper’s job.”

He dials HR and somebody switched me to the extension of the person who interviewed me.  Candy did not answer.

I called HR again and said “I just spoke to somebody in HR and I cannot reach Candy; is there any way you can find out what the status of my application is?”

She said “Let me check on that” and  put me hold.

One minute goes by, then 2, then 3, then 4 — and you KNOW this cannot be good — and then she got back on the line.

“Candy decided you were not suitable for that position. I don’t know what transpired in the time you spoke to her…”

I said “I talked to her for about a minute and then she said she’d call me on Monday. Why didn’t anybody call me to tell me?” I must have asked her 3  times “Why didn’t anybody call me?”

Then she says “Well we have other positions…there is preload…”

That’s  4 am until 9am and it’s all lifting.

I said  “I can’t lift anything heavy” and said thanks and I hung up.

Holy cow — why did this person decide NO on ME???  “I remember you from last year…” Really? What the hell happened here???

I tend to think when somebody rejects you immediately they do not like you. For love of all holy, this is a 2 week assignment and I will have no contact with you: what happened here?

She decided no?. I can’t even blame this on perhaps the 2 jerky phone calls to the cops that my brother made where maybe somehow those 2 calls worked their way into the background check. I cannot blame this on him. I blame this on Candy?

No — I am pretty sure that at the end of our time there, each driver or whoever it was who the helper worked with was asked to review their performance. And the question of “would you rehire this driver’s helper” was asked.

Don’t be so sure that we were NOT reviewed. We most likely were.

I blame Ralph, one of 2 guys who worked at the customer desk. On my first day there he yelled at me and did this in front of about 10 people who were lined up to pick up items.  He did so periodically all though my stay — he also ordered me NOT to get the landline that was at the customer desk (I made the mistake of getting the phone and some guy was asking about picking up an item — he kept talking and talking and I couldn’t get a word in edgewise. Finally I said “I don’t know; I  will  find out” and gave the phone to  Ralph. When Ralph hung up, he said “Do not get that phone anymore; I will answer it or you get Tom.”

Maybe Ralph was the one who gave me a lousy review. What does he care? He retired! he has been gone since March!

Something told me not to bother applying this year but I did anyway. Maybe I should have listened to my gut. But if I never called, I’d have been kicking myself wondering if I lost out by not applying — damned you do and damned you don’t. Man.

I am tired of not having a job — any job — of some kind. Maybe I would have been right to not apply there at all this year. I don’t know. I try to do the right thing and I am trying every route that is available —  looks like I was wrong again.

And you people never told us there are reviews, if indeed there were any — this in itself is bad. Maybe one of the full timers has a vendetta against the helper or maybe “Mary Smith” got “Jim Jones'” review and it got keyed into Mary’s file. Maybe the information in the review is wrong. Who knows?

They are acting like the helper’s job is some kind of a great big time gig. Lots of big companies are vanquishing the “employee yearly review.” Outmoded and not needed, is what’s been decided.

There is some kind of connection between this year and why I cannot come back as  a helper, yet you are telling me “Wait.. .we have other jobs…there is preload  from 4am until 9am…” Something is very weird here indeed and this is why I tend to think there was a review of me by one of the full timers in that department.

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  1. Preload might be a high-turnover job. The hours are lousy, and you don’t get a full shift. It’s permament part-time. I used to see UPS ads for the night shift all the time when I used to take the local paper.

    I always thought, possibly in error, that if you wanted to work for UPS, the way in was the lousy loader job.

    1. We had students in our computer room who worked there nights this was years ago — they gt tuition reimbursement and one of them is still with the company, all these years later.

      He was something else…that’s a thread for some other day.

      I am desparate. I don’t even know what to do at this point: I need a job that I can have pretty much tomorrow with no big hoopla attached to it when they hire me.

      I am going see that guy later on this afternoon. See wha he can suggest.

      A friend of mine thinks it might be a credit report that is holding me back from a job. They cannot obtain it unless they have your social — nobody’s got it.

      1. It’s still worthwhile to review your credit report. Information is recorded incorrectly, and hard to get corrected. Go to for one of the three free credit reports, one from each of the major reporting agencies, that you can get every year. I’d expect the tax lien that you had on your house to still be on the credit report. They should remove it, but often don’t.

        1. We never had a tax lien. The only thing there is are few quarters of taxes that were not paid.

          And that is going to be for Bro to take care of. Not ME.

          1. Don’t forget joint and separable (sometimes several) liability. Though you hope and expect Bro to pay the money, you are still on the hook for it as a co-owner. New Jersey allows the municipality to charge 18% per annum interest on unpaid taxes.

            Many towns auction off their interest in delinquent property taxes annually. If I purchase a tax lien in New Jersey, I acquire all of the rights that the municipality had against the delinquent property owner including the right to charge and collect interest (up to 18% per year) on the amount I paid to acquire the tax lien. I also acquire the right to foreclose on the property. In addition to the interest, if the lien amount is greater than $200, the winning bidder is entitled to a surcharge of up to 6%. In other words, if I am the successful bidder, I can charge the delinquent propertyowner up to 24% in the first year!

    2. This would have been temporary for year end.

      Oye….the whole thing is like something out of a Stanley Kubrick movie: you don’t know who said what or what it involved or wow, even if it is correct or not — I object to the fact whatever was said was done minus my knowledge. There is no way you can defend yourself or even get to review what was said

      This is a disgusting way to run a business.

  2. I did preload for about a month and it was horrible. I didn’t want that job, in fact I applied for several other jobs. They told me if I scored 100% on state capitals I would be considered for voicing, especially since I have a broadcasting background. I didn’t get it. In fact I was the only woman offered the preloading job, no idea why. I ended up getting hurt and I believe this is where my back arthritis came from. I hated this job.

    1. And they push you when you are loading any kind of trucks and push you whenever any kind of consolidation is taking place.

      This is true of any warehouse anyplace and been like that for years– in our computer room, there was an application that a manager could view where he’d be shown how many pieces left the Building — a manager from consolidation came into our room on an hourly basis and “checked the numbers.”

      This whole thing that happened to me is like something straight out of a Stanley Kubrick movie: you don’t know who said what or if it was true or when it was said or why or what precipitated it.

      You have NO information, except you are not getting a chance to come back for what you did last year.

      How do I know what was said? Maybe it is damaging to ME! I will never find out!

      It is my guess that somebody said something or does not like me.

      I should have reported the 4 of them: one told me to change in the back of the truck!!! Another one was sarcastic and rude and just met me — and was openly nasty to me (and she told me to split up my dinner hour; who is she to even THINK of doing that? A rule is rule [and by Monday, was on that day shift at that desk so that was the end of working wit her directly]) aother guy yelled at me in front of a dozen people and the 4th guy was preachy: who are you to say “Do you go to church?” This is illegal!

      Reported the 4 of them and maybe rethought even bothering with any of their year end jobs.

      And now I can’t come back to the desk and the reason is such a mystery? Rotate on wood, all of you.

      I am down to trying local restaurants and fast food places. I need money coming in and what’s in my local papers is garbage — 2 ads are running and both these companies ran the ads close to a month ago; nobody has been hired over there yet.

      Either they are in no hurry or they do not know what they are doing.

      1. Ironically when you said push I thought you meant literally. The reason is because I fell when I worked the job and long suspected I was pushed. The reason was that they could get rid of me. They wanted me gone because I wasn’t as strong or fast as the men (well, duh, I am a woman)and I was the only woman in the department. When I fell they had me sign that I wouldn’t sue if they sent me to their doctor. I agreed, went to the doctor and was fired the next day.They claimed I intentionally fell to get sympathy. Yeah, like most sane people would fall several feet. At the time my best male friend (he later came out as gay though I knew it)worked there and often told me how this happened a few times.

        Regarding credit, I used to have immaculate credit but this unemployment has done a number. I suspect several jobs rejected me because of the credit. One was a bank and they were so gung ho on me and the woman told me I was by far the best applicant they ever had for the position. I then got rejected. A few weeks later they were hiring another marketing job at the same place, I applied and was rejected off the bat. Why?

        1. How many helpers d’ya suppose they hire???

          They hire MANY — when I was at orientation last year there had to be close to 200 people in that room. There was more than one orientation session. So it is more than 200 hires.

          For argument’s sake, let us say it is 100.

          There are not 100 trucks. I am sure of it. and there are not
          100 little brown box trucks that go to residential areas.

          Therefore, they have a surplus of helpers.

          If I was “so bad” wouldn’t it follow that they could pick up the horn and phone any one of the surplus helpers who don’t have hours, and tell ’em to come to the customer desk…and tell me to take a hike?

          I say somebody in there didn’t like me. That was probably where it was at — made up a complaint and poof that’s that.

          I do not like this — I have no knowledge of what was said or who said it or why it was said. This is what the egregious part of it is. The whole thing is unsettling. And it is just wrong; is this any way to treat an employee??? I think not.

          1. The helper job makes no sense, though I might be misunderstanding what the helper does. UPS goes to great lengths to minimize the amount of fuel that a truck will consume by varying the route that the truck takes, so why they would hire extra people to be on the truck makes no sense to me. If they expect lots of extra deliveries, it would make more sense to load extra trucks that a driver could just depart in after they returned from a route, with all the paperwork ready, the load checked, and all the prep work done.

        2. Did they not ask you for permission to conduct a credit check on you?

          This is why you should NOT give your SSN to any employer unless you are HIRED.

          To my knowledge the only way a credit check can be run is if they get your SSN.

          I have never supplied it, on any job app, not even 35 years ago when I was applying for med tech jobs.

          No HR or personnel department has ever asked for it.

  3. The idea of the helper: to have 2 people distribute the packages.

    One gets the odd side and the other the even side. There is only one diad and I think the driver does the scanning of them all.

    They aren’t supposed to be back until everything has been dropped off. They give it 3 tries for the package (if the package absolutey has to be signed for by the recipient otherwise it is left at the door of the customer) and if there is nothing there by third try, it goes to the room where the customer has to come to pick up the item in person at the customer counter. The customer gets a postcard telling them to come to pick it up.

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