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Last Thursday, President Obama announced a plan to grant residency to those illegal immigrants who had been here for five years and had citizen or permanent resident children.  I missed his speech on Thursday night, but tuned in to some of the commentary on the Spanish television networks.  They all thought it was a really good idea, and were looking forward to more action in the same vein.

On the other hand, one of my conservative colleagues sent me the following:

Each and Every Illegal Alien Is a Criminal

Well, maybe.

Illegal immigration, as the name implies, is against the law.

So is murder.

And so is speeding.

And in the continuum of breaking the law, illegal immigration is closer to speeding than murder.  And an appropriate punishment is closer to speeding than murder: pay a fine, face an administrative penalty (points on one’s driver’s license for speeding; something similarly relevant for illegal immigration), and be done with it.  For the moment, I’m not addressing other crimes that one might commit on top of being an illegal alien: that’s a different kettle of fish, and one I’ll get back to at the end of this post.

Meanwhile, the President struck back with this item:

White House Immigration

On the surface, it seems a perfectly reasonable approach.  It is, indeed, such a reasonable approach that we tried it in the 1980s.  We provided a path to residence and citizenship for those already here, together with allegedly better border enforcement and penalties for employers who hired illegal aliens.  But we didn’t follow through on that last part, so instead of 4 million illegal aliens, we now have 12 million.

There’s nothing to suggest that this time wouldn’t be different.  From past events this year, it’s difficult to imagine the Obama administration actually working to secure the border.  It seems to be in their interest to keep the ‘humanitarian crisis’ going.  But, again from past experience, I don’t see that someone else would do much better.

Beyond that, Obama has incrementally used executive action to get around the  law in progressively larger steps.  Besides the scandals, there was the tweaking of Affordable Care Act requirements to make his administration politically palatable.  This move on immigration is the biggest and boldest yet, and if we let it stand, further usurpations of power are inevitable, not only by Obama, but future Presidents as well.

Should I write to my Congressman or Senator?  It seems pointless: they’re all total Democrats who worship the ground our President walks on.  I should save my breath to cool my porridge.

But the bottom line:

  • Our immigration system is broken.  Despite all the rhetoric, in fact, both parties like it that way and want to keep it.  The Democrats like it because immigrant families are part of their power base; the Republicans like it because illegal immigrants push wages down for everybody.
  • For that reason, it’s hard to believe that our leadership will enact real immigration reform.
  • And if they do, whether that reform will be actually implemented, without backfiring on itself, is even more doubtful.
  • I noted earlier that merely coming here illegally is closer to speeding than murder.  But if someone here illegally commits other crimes, we should throw the book at him.  But too often, our leadership seems to wink at it.  One of our ongoing scandals is that of illegal immigrant families claiming not only their own families as dependents on tax returns, but also their relatives back in their homeland, and our leadership doesn’t seem to care.  We have to start caring.
  • The Republicans will moan for a few months about Obama’s abuse of executive authority, but they’ll ultimately let it stand.  After all, they wouldn’t want the Democrats to come after a Republican President doing the same thing.

The illegal immigrants aren’t the problem.  It’s the bloody politicians.


7 thoughts on “Immigration Executive Action”

  1. Much more than Central and South Americans who are here illegally.

    It’s Asian Indians, Chinese, Vietnamese and more.

    What’s his big plan for stopping that from happening and what’s the big plan for cracking down on human trafficking?

    I’ve mentioned this before: Paterson got a very large influx of Brahmin Indians — this was perhaps 4 or 5 years ago. Spoke only their own native tougue which I am sure was a dialect — and did not read or write a language of any kind.

    They had to be here illegally.

    Why didn’t somebody in authority in Paterson ask for a green card or proof of alien residency — ad if they produced nothing, pick up the damn phone, call ICE and get them out of there and back to their own country????

    We are compelled to house that bunch, feed that bunch, school that bunch and pay for that bunch.

    Find them housing in a city where resources are thin and put them into schools that are already bursting at the seams — why should we??? By virtue of the fact “they are here”?


    1. And look at the last bulletpoint on the list.

      Speed up immigration for who with what skills???

      What the F about US — those of us who are BORN HERE and need a job????

      It’s always about them. isn’t it???

  2. I don’t believe our President, or indeed anyone, has a ‘big plan’ for stopping illegal immigration. The best we can do is to properly secure the border, but nobody–Democrat or Republican–seems to want to actually do that.

    States and localities have some discretion about how they deal with the illegal immigrants in their midst. Arizona took a hard line, and while everyone else called them nasty names, it seems to have worked. New York’s state constitution requires the state to help the needy; between that and our quasi-communist mayor, we’re pretty much screwed.

    But a state or locality can’t actually deport anyone: only the Feds can do that. And if the Feds won’t help, what a state or locality can do is limited.

    And you’re right–I hadn’t quite thought of that–‘high-skilled workers’ is a polite way of saying ‘foreign college graduates who will work for cheap.’ Bleah.

    1. When Italy got a big influx of Albanian refugees, the Albanians were turned away. Italy said they had no room to accommodate more people.

      Why are we everybody’s Room At The Inn???

      WHY are we everybody’s shoulder to lean on?

      There are more ways than just a border to sneak people in, o via some tunnel somewhere. Nobody wants to send back the undocumented: that’s where this is at.

  3. And in Canada it is the law that anybdy who resides there speak French Canadian.

    Rightfully so.

    It would be expected of us, if we moved to Canada or France or Spain or whatever country it is, that we fluently read and write their language. Again, rightfully so.

    Why that is not thecase here is because we are pussies.

    We don’t have the guts to make English the official languae and we don’t have the guts to require everybody who lives here to fluently read and write the language.

    So here is where this country is going:

    We are splitting our country up in pie wedges: Spanish, Hindi, Urdu, Gajarat, Chinese, Vietnamese, Tagalog and many others.

    Not to mention the pie is divided up even more when you throw in dialects that are spoken in South and Central America, in India and in many other countries. Not every national from Mexico, Honduras, India, etc can and will speak their “national” language.

    How much more of this bullshit are we going to permit? How many more classrooms with teachers speaking “THEIR” language and not “ours” are we going to pay for? How many more signs in stores, airports, public buildings, labels on products, etc will start to feature who knows how many more of ‘their” languages?

    How may more “Press X for _______” are we going to permit???

    It is also passed on to the consumer: evry single one of those bilingual signs you see posted is a cost to YOU.

    Those trilingual labels: Passed on to the consumer — there is more ink involved and more in labor production.

    We are paying for their free lunch again. Bullshit.

    These illegals may also be on drugs, have problems with the law or be mentally ill or pregnant. Why should we be the ones to get stuck holding the bag???

    They are also NOT skilled workers.

    They are not educated. They do not know a trade. They are not masons, or skilled workers, nor do they show any motivation to get up off their arses and LEARN a trade or a skill — we give them the okay to live here nd it is the okay for what — to collect benefits? To work under the table at some job like housecleaning or kitchen work at a restaurant or day labor work, all off the books???

    Why in tarnation do we want to buy into a dead end future like that one????

    When our grandparents got here, sure — there were neighborhoods that spoke Russian, Polish, German, Italian and so forth — GREAT — and there were churches (and even parish schools) that began to accommodate Polish Masses, Italian Masses and more (and lots of churches still do) — but the first thing our grandparents did when they got here:


    And rightfully so.

    We will pay for this mess in many ways: This bnch sends money home. That’s bullshit tht needs to stop, also — it all adds up and it is putting a dent in OUR economy, whether it is local, state or national. Right into banks where it cannot be taxed by the IRS or a State Department of Taxation.

    And what about a crafty bunch like the Orthodox jews — buying out parcels of land and turningthem into “towns” and enclaves (all land is now tax free status, I am sure) —- how many of these people are born-here Americans?? And even if they are born here, they have dual citizenship: end that also. You cannot serve 2 masters — and you can bet there’s a nice little loophole with that, al. Send more of their money to Israelian banks, keep that money away from the IRS. End that, also — end the days of dual citizenship. I am sure converts attain the dual thingy, too — and that really IS bullshit.

    SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE!!! End all these loopholes and end them now.

    5 years ago when that bribery scam broke in New Jersey, they showed some of the houses that these people lived in in Deal, New Jersey which is tony to begin with (Solomon Dwek got busted and the press went to some of the homes, in hopes of getting footage, interviews, etc.) My goodness: the fancy homes these people we in — all part of another bullshitty “enclave” and all tax free!

    Let the shit hit the fan; who cares. Let it be a national law that learning English is REQUIRED — and if “they” do not like it, they may bloody take leave of our borders. Case closed

  4. If you want to throw the book at someone who is here illegally, be it illegal entry or overstaying a visa, who commits a felony-level crime, what do you propose, imprisonment or immediate deportation without any appeal rights?

    A problem that the immigration law system has is that it is not entirely separate from the criminal law system. Unless you plead guilty to a crime, you have a right to appeal the verdict. Whether that right to appeal the verdict overrides the ability of ICE to deport you is another question.

  5. Dude, you are so correct. This whole thing horrifies me and yes will prevent me from voting Democratic again, though the Republicans aren’t much better. The reality is this: most illegals are unskilled and do a horrible thing to our economy. They either cause wages to severely decrease (construction comes to mind)and most receive welfare to some extent. In fact in Illinois the public aid case workers have to speak Spanish. So not only do we give them money they didn’t pay into, we cater to them. It is a disgrace for those who came legally. My paternal grandmother was married to an American (my paternal grandfather)who was serving in the army yet she had to jump through hoops. Why is it easier for illegals? Illegal means against the law. What I’d like to see is deport everyone here illegally and those who commit crimes, use welfare and take jobs that Amerians would do should be front of the line. If one can prove that they take jobs Americans don’t want I may change my opinion but that is a small minority.

    Obama is a disgrace and anti American.

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