Trying to figure out where else I can go…

Yesterday I spent 31/2 hours visiting outlet stores and other companies in that vicinity, in hopes that the stores were in need of holiday help and to see if the companies I visited need fulltime office help.

I visited 4 outlet stores. I completed apps for all 4 of them and dropped them off yesterday.

I followed up today in person.

2 of the 4 stores are a no go. They are not hiring.

They weren’t even officially hiring, but it is just about holiday season and usually, don’t they need temporary help?

I  visited 2 stores; the third was busy with customers (I left) and as for the 4th one, nobody called me.

At the 4th store yesterday, I was told they needed somebody for one day a week. He couldn’t say “I’ll interview you” talk to me for 10 mintues, hire me and then say to me “here’s the app; when you report to work bring it with you”?

I also knocked on the door of that company that had the open house in September– this is the company where I stood in line for 3 hours to talk to one person for 5 minutes.

I saw somebody walking around in the lobby. According to her, most of the jobs are filled.

No phone call no call back from that company — and I have done creative work. Nobody contacted me for a “real” interview.

They were open to day for business; they are open on Saturdays. More cars are in their lot and already it was a give away to me that more people have been hired.

What are you supposed to do when you need a salary fast???

I guess next I can try working in a fast food joint. Who is going to hire me?

I have many many bills to pay. My problem is like everybody else’s on this forum: Too many bills and not enough money to pay them. I still need an eye exam and I still need to go to the dentist.

This is sick and this is crazy. A retail job used to be for anybody who wanted one. They spent about 20 minutes talking to you and you’d get the job on the spot. Not anymore.

I also did not hear back from Sears. (I finally got “through” to their real website and applied for seasonal hours; that was on Thursday night). There is an application that takes a half hour to complete and then there is an assessment, both ‘written” and “verbal.” Both sections took 35 minutes.

I am guessing none of my answers were what they wanted. I couldn’t figure out which one “was” the best. Lots of the “replies” were things I would never say to a client — or say to a stranger — so I don’t see how they decide who is suitable enough to be called back for an interview.

You will hear from one of those stores immediately if you pass their test. “Your Next Step” is what the email will say. I didn’t hear shit; crossing them off the list.

It may also be possible that nobody has “seen” the results. Who the F knows anymore??

I am still shaking my head over what was behind the register at Tommy Hilfiger — both girls were wearing jeans and as they rang up the items, nobody unfolded the shirts and shook them out! Maybe the customer tucked something into it  and will be making off with a stolen item!

If I was the manager, I’d tell these girls “no blue jeans; neat ‘casual friday’ slacks, preferably in black or navy blue or dark grey and you are to inspect all items before you ring them up.”  And you don’t need no “assessment” test to figure that one out.

The offices back there are now filled with little “no name” outfits:

One of these buildings held the front office operation of Pierre Deux at one time; PD is no longer there. (I believe they have gone out of business)   A furniture company is now using the whole warehouse to hold couches.

Nobody is there to man the front. I hear forklifts going. I hollered twice “hello? Any body home?” I waited for 2 minutes; nobody came to see who or what I was; I left.

That building also holds another separate warehouse with attached front office space; you have to drive all the way to the back of the parking lot to access that part of the building.

On the door were the names of several types of apparel; I am guessing some type of apparel company is back there.

I walked in. Nobody is up front; all the offices are empty. I found a guy in there; I told him what I wanted…wow, that town fire department needs to inspect that warehouse; there are boxes and boxes and boxes — hundreds of them — on tables, on the floor, on shelves; the boxes were everywhere you looked — and several tired Hispanics and Asian Indians were working there.

What we have here: the dregs of the “corporate world.” My God — this is a wasteland. Silly little nothing outfits that are wannabe companies. And you KNOW that whoever is working there is earning minimum wage at best.

What floors me is that at both these places, I simply walked in. Isn’t anybody concerned about security? you don’t have a lock to keep outsiders out and you don’t have a buzzer for a visitor to buzz. Nope; not these 2 buildings. Not equipped with it. At the very least you need somebody to sit by the front door or sit in the lobby to make sure no undesirables get in there.

Where do you go when you have literally tried everything and every place? What do I do now? run my self ragged going to the last 3 outlet stores left and try the hotels around here — see if they have a clerk’s job or something?

Where do you go when every other possibility is exhausted or shot to hell?

I did go and ask the guy from last month — the one with the chemical company — why I did not get the second interview. He said “I hired somebody more qualified.” I said “I asked you why I didn’t get the second, not why was I not hired…” and he took me out into the hall and gave me  the rough end of his tongue! “I do not appreciate you coming here and questioning me at my office”? Tough TIT.

I kindly reminded him he never asked me about my direct experience so how could he say “the other person was more qualified”?  Who the hell dot hey think they are fooling? Do they think we’re some kind of little kids they can con and lie to?

Where do you go when all possibilities are shot and no longer in the mix for you?  This is an emergency and I don’t know what else to do. Disability? File for it…and you will wait wow, who knows how long. I do not think there is any such thing as an emergency application and how much would I be entitled to? Not enough to live on. Suppose I really did need it and badly? How do they expect you to survive and pay for every day things????

Today I also found out there is another problem with Bro —- holy crap; what a big big shockeroo that is, eh — and I can’t even begin to cope with that one: I am important and I come in first here and always.

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  1. Haha. I should have shown those 2 dumb girls up in front of those customers:

    “Unfold that shirt and shake it out before you ring it up. Maybe a customer is stealing an item and he’s tucked it into the folded up shirt!”

    Stupid little girls, very young guys or older women. That’s what they seem to have at these stores.

    I was better off saying I had a high school education and my last job was 25 years ago when I worked in a warehouse. Maybe they don’t want college educated people. Who knows???

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