What hapenned to applying via your store website…

And being ablet to do only that, minus being assailled by offers for shitty proprietary schools I have never heard of??

I tried to apply for a Sears holiday job.

After providing my name, address, email and phone number — and AGE!!! is this even LEGAL??? They asked what year you graduated from high school/attained a GED! — I got about 6 screens from various proprietary schools asking me if I was interested. I hit NO on all of them…and I still never got access to the official Sears dot com/apply website.

Searsdotcom/apply does not take you to their website –after all these proprietary school screens, you are taken to a generic page that gives you a list of places to search for the Sears jobs: it’s stuff like findmeajob dot com and other websites I’ve never heard from. So help me, the names sound made up.

You cannot access the jobs minus giving your okay for these crap schools to contact you, either. “By checking YES you give permission for Rufus T Firefly University, The Follicle. Cutcle and Shaft Hair  Institute of Technology, Just Say Ohm Electronics School and College, White Eagle University, Akbar and Jeff’s Dog Catching University, The Kramden Norton Institute, Eraserhead College of Hair Design and Pedicures, Medical Assistants R Us Techological College and The Dagwood Bumstead Institute of Sandwich Creation Artistry to contact you….”

WOW…it’s sickening.

When do I get to apply to SEARS????

And if I check off yes, I get the possibility of getting an avalanche of emails, snail mail solicitation and probably phone calls, too??? BULLSHIT.

There is NO option to check NO!

So what good is applying for a job there, even for the holiday??? For the sake of a holiday job, I am supposed to let every single proprietary school have my personal info???

And in the midst of this, who knows if anybody from Sears will even see my application???

Speaking of which, I just went back to TJ Maxx and Big Lots! to see what became of an application I left at both those places 3 weeks ago.

When I was at TJ Maxx a week and a half ago, a hiring manager told me “I will review all the applications at the end of the week.” I went back today to find out what was what.

This time I got (from a very young girl maybe 21 tops), “She only calls who she wants to call.”

Screw ’em.

At Big Lots, I got this (from another kid manager): “We have so many applications we are still going through them all. We want people with the most experience.”

How much experience can YOU have, buddy?

Your store is also staffed by mostly young people. Very young people. So you want a miracle? Keep waiting for it; you won’t GET it.

The store is in an enterprise zone. The area is also on the impoverished side. So you won’t be getting the best selection when it comes to the pool of applicants.

Most probably could not read the application itself: the entire population of that town is now comprised of Central and South American natives. And I couldn’t get SHIT from you?

I must have looked pissed when he said what he said — uh, what do you expect; I’m not gonna be PISSED??? — because he blurted out something like “Good luck I hope you get a call.” Great.

This does not hold a good portent for me.

I already got nothing from these 2 stores. What about the rest of them?

Tomorrow I am going to try the company stores and outlets that still remain open in this town — and I’m also going to try the hotels that are here to see if they even need maybe a nighttime desk clerk’s job.

What the fudge happened here?

Retail jobs used to go to pretty much anybody who wanted them — you’d speak to the store manager for maybe 20 minutes and the job would be yours pretty much.

Now it’s demanding experience in an area where the demographic isn’t going to give you anybody intelligent or anybody with a work ethic — and it’s being picky and fussy and deciding who is worth your while??? I wonder what criteria that chick in that TJ Maxx is going to use to determine whether or not to call Mary Smith in or to give John Doe a call???

Every department store had a PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT — and that is what they need to RETURN TO. None of this bullshit with applying on line anymore. You never even find out if your application was seen — and it is just as bad with stores like TJ Maxx where you can drop the application off at a store. You have no idea if and when it was seen.

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  1. PS: Speaking of proprietary schools:

    Shut the bums the hell DOWN.

    Most are nothing but promise makers and they have no intention of coming through with what they promised.

    They are popping up on every corner — this is thanks to greasing the political monkey and then setting up shop. How else do you think they get permission to open up a school?

    We do not NEED anymore post secondary schools in this area. We have 4 state colleges within an hour’s drive of each other and we have 7 private colleges all within an hour’s drive of each other — that’s 11 colleges within a 25 mile radius. And 2 of those private colleges have a couple of campuses in this same area.

  2. I hate the Sears/KMart website. If you manage to get through, it’ll be hours of answering stupid questions. The Kmart near me was hiring overnight stocking, a job I did for many months (well years actually but months at a time). I am good at overnight stocking and it’s a job that requires little contact with customers (I generally don’t like dealing with customers). Anyway after I applied for over an hour the system said I wasn’t qualified. HOW COULD SOMEONE WITH YEARS OF EXPERIENCE NOT BE QUALIFIED? I was mad and called Kmart to which I was informed that yes I had experience but it was old, close to 15 years ago. Yes it was old but what changed? maybe dealing with the computer more but I can handle that since I am technologically savvy. In other words I was too old. Maybe too educated, Wal-Mart told me they automatically delete the resumes of anyone with a college degree.

    I worked at two retail chains: Venture and Borders and ironically both are defunct. At both places I applied inside the store and then in the case of Venture called me in to do a test, likely to see if I had half a brain. I did and got the job. At Borders, the manager asked me questions about my book and music interest and pretty much told me I had the job. Borders hired based on your actual interest in music, books and movies, although most were very young (but I was young too, I wasn’t even 30). I hated Venture but loved Borders. Anyway, recently Barnes and Noble was hiring and you’d think they’d be thrilled to hire someone like me who worked at Borders close to a year (and would have stayed longer if they didn’t cut my hours, my mom was sick and needed to help her and going back to school). I was a good worker there and had great managers. Instead never got a call back. Likely hired a college kid.

    1. Nothing has changed! A sale is a sale and retail is still retail.

      This is bullshit.

      I got turned down from 2 pet stores — I could never figure out why the first guy never hired me. His final words to me were “Let’s see how the drug screen you took comes out and we will go from there.” I never heard from them again.

      And last year, nothing: The store manager was maybe 24. I am guessing she is interested in hiring her own friends.

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