How do you do it?

I don’t even know what to say anymore. Yesterday I told Bro we needed to collaborate on the house sale.

I will not repeat what he said to me. He is a pig and nothing more — and until this house is sold, I am stuck with him.

I don’t even know when the house will sell. We have many houses here for sale — it is like this in the entire area: there is no rapid turn around rate for the sale of houses.

Houses far better than this one — and none of them are selling.

Some of them are even up for grabs 2 or 3 years after the first sale.

Nothing is selling — and the prices they want for some of these dwellings is outrageous. There is a condo development about 8 blocks from here, right on the river. No amenities with the condo; it’s just 2 bedrooms and a living room and dining room and kitchen and probably 1 1/2 baths, no garage, just a driveway. Somebody wants 243K for it.

That condo is worth maybe 60K, not four times as much.

Other than that, everything is the same. I am guessing everything is the same with all of you: shitty.

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  1. It would be useful to look at comparable properties to know if that condo is actually worth however much the person is asking. This is is fairly easy to do in a development. Generally, condos are the last to appreciate and the first to decline in value.

    You may be in a position where you have to price the house aggressively, 10% or more below the current assessed value. Over the last six years or so, the rental market has done better than the sales market, because a lot of people either can’t aafford to buy a house or don’t want one for whatever reason. I was a renter from late 2004 until early 2012, even though I could have afforded to buy a house or condo where I lived. In northern Virgina and Maryland, renting was cheaper than buying equivalent space, even with tax deductions taken into consideration.

  2. I am pretty sure a judge is going to have to intervene. And I want that judge to tell Bro that farting around when it comes to what taker gets the house is not an option.

    That is to say: I get the feeling he is going to put the kibosh on all of the prospective buyers: “I don’t like the Kramdens…don’t like the Nortons…don’t like the Flintstones…don’t like the Jetsons…I don’t like the Gravesytes…I don’t like the Simpsons…” just for the sake of drawing this thing out for as long as HE wants to draw it out. That’s not going to be permitted to happen.

    It would make no sense, considering how threadbare the market is. Why would he want to do that, yeah – but you know he ain’t gonna go down minus a fight. And then some.

    My head is spinning. I even went to a priest yesterday, to talk about the mess I am in — not just this one – I zeroed in on what kind of trouble he is giving me and what he said to me a few days ago – but the rest of the mess where I feel like I’m sinking and will never get out from under.

    The real bitch part of is it having nobody. My parents are gone, the both of them, a long time – I have one pair of cousins I do not keep in touch with and another pair that’s over in California. There’s a third set of them that never interacted with any of us at all. I don’t have a boyfriend or a companion and I am not married. I have no kids. So I am all alone in all of this. (and why that is is a whole other thread altogether)

    What a rotten thing to say to me – I am wondering if it is a terroristic threat — my former husband never even dared to say anything as bad as that to me when we were on the outs. Guy never once raised his voice to me and I get that from that no good SOB. Man.

  3. As someone who never married, I would argue that “having someone” is valuable only if your husband or boyfriend is on your side, gainfully employed and contributing substantially to household costs. The reason that partition actions exist is for situations precisely like yours where one person doesn’t want to sell and the other does.

    One possibility is for Girlfriend and Bro to buy you out. He has some sort of inheritance that he cannot access, but might be allowed to access by the court were it used to buy out your interest in the house. If he and Girlfriend look like some sort of long-term relationship, maybe they could buy you out with Bro eventually getting 70% of the house and Girlfriend getting a mortgage to buy out the other 30%. A problem with this approach is that Girlfriend would be unwilling to pay for what she is currrently getting rent-free but not cost-free, because it sounds like she is paying for utilities and cable.

    Even though it is clear based on the information that you have presented that the house will eventually be lost to tax liens or some other adverse event, it isn’t reasonable to expect Bro to say, “Take my house, please!” Expecting someone who has long been irresponsible to suddenly wake up and do right is a path to frustration. He has gotten away with sticking you with the bills for a long time, and doesn’t want that gravy train to stop. With Girlfriend in the picture as another person to drain, he bought himself time that you don’t have.

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