The beat goes on…

Bro is being resuied. It’s the same thing as last time, but the only difference: I am asking for the house to be sold.

His atty knows already.  I may tell Bro myself tomorrow to rub it in.

This will take another 6 months until a judge declares the partition and that the house needs to be sold.

In the meanwhile, I am worried sick about the garage, the roof on this house and the front porch.

I am still angry at myself for not taking care of this house years ago: the second it came into possestion, tell Bro I wanted it sold. I wasted too much time and somehow I buried my head in the sand. I knew what he was but somehow I thought owning a house with him was going to work.

It’s all such a mess. My life consists of living in a battle zone, thanks to this mess with him and living in another battle zone: that of trying to find a way to bring an income into my possession.

I get nothing but dead ends. THis state sucks: it is full of horrible little holes in the wall that are owned by nobodies who have other nobodies working for the owner nobody.

I can’t name the last time I was actually excited about sending my resume to a company and I can’t name the last time I actually had an interview with a good company I was excited to get an interview with.

Somebody here suggested applying for disability: what good is that? it will not be enough to live on, unless I want to go to Timbuktu to live.

I don’t know what other choice I have: it’s either keep applying to (horrible) places or choosing to do nothing at all.

And starting a company? It takes luck and clients. I don’t know how to publicize my company for free. I would probably have a better chance if it was a brick and mortar company but for an endeavor like the one I want to pursue, no brick and mortar company visible to the public is necessary. It makes no sense.

The bottom like is that you have no idea how everything is the way it is or how it got to be that way. Who ever heard of no job for an intelligent and experienced person? It’s an impossibility, right? If you’re smart and able bodied and you can do the job, you HAVE a job. Right? So what happened here? I don’t know and neither do any of you.

It was like some kind of negative seduction: One said no, this one said no, that one said no and the NOs never seemed to end. Before you knew it, weeks were gone and there was no change of plan in sight.

And the worst part of it is you don’t know how to stop it. Where can you go where you will be interviewed and actually get an offer?

It makes me wish I had an uncle or an aunt or a friend or cousin or somebody — somebody who could get me a job at their company. That seems to be the only way I’d actually get a job I can keep.

Christmas season is coming; what am I supposed to be? Excited that I can go to the same place I was at last year for year end? I got a scant 2 weeks out of the deal. They hired everyone too quickly and they couldn’t seem to figure out what they were doing once we all were hired.

I didn’t get any hours until the second week in December.

And as for the personnel you work with???

That was sickening. The evening person was demanding that I change my lunch hour — this was on my second day there — “There is no sense in you standing around while I take my dinner hour” (what’s it to you, chick? is my salary coming out of YOUR pocket???) and the guy who was on the day shift cut himself on my first day on their shift — he got blood all over the package and he had the damn frigging nerve to put that box on the conveyor and into the shipping flow.

Guy, ever heard of the term “potentially infectious”??? Or the phrase “blood to blood contact” or “bodily fluid exchange”??

Shit, if I was a supervisor, I’d have made him open that box, repackage the contents using a fresh box from the back — and run another label — and make sure HE pays for the box and the new shipping label — and then I’d have suspended him for at least a day.

And if you are the customer, do you want to receive a bloody package? There were 4 or 5 nice sized blood stains on the package — and it also gives a very sloppy image to the company who SENT it.

I did NOT ask to have my dinner hour rescheduled — the next day I was assigned to the day shift at the customer desk. The evening person who made that demand got another helper assigned to her shift, so I was rid of that nasty little %*#$*#$…but I still encountered her when she started her shift at 4 pm; my hours were from 9-5.

There was never a lead person or a supervisor assigned to the customer desk department and that is the whole problem. Somebody needs to be in charge to oversee people like that nasty little dame and the guy who bloodied up that package. There was never anybody there for that; a supervisor “sort of” came around on his travels — he was in charge of 2 or 3 other areas, too — and that in itself makes no sense.

For the fact there can be an incident in that room, or an unsafe condition or something unforeseen, like a customer getting very out of hand — there needs to be somebody in there all the time watching that shift and that department.

The pig who bloodied the package retired. He was a driver and was there for years; this is a customer desk where the “real” value of the job is $15 an hour — I will bet he was good for at least 65K a year. Imagine working a customer desk and just answering questions and retrieving packages from that back room for that kind of money. Life of Reilly.

That another whole year has gone by since that temporary assignment ended makes me sick to my stomach indeed. I feel like I am in a nightmare and I can’t wake up and get out of it.

How do you get a salary and get one that is full time and permanent?

Out of 18 companies whose ads I responded to since the start of the year, I got 6 responses.

Out of the 6, there was one cancellation of the interview they set up.

OUt of the 5 left, I got this:

Company 1: Paid $15 an hour and was part time.

Company 2: $600/week, which works out to $17 an hour. She more or less told me “We are old fashioned here” — this was after I told her I could develop an electronic version of any document she desired.

Companies 3 , 4 and 5: Company 3 and Company 4 asked me how much money I was interested in. I told the both of them low to mid 30s.(About 15K a year less than what I need to get by on but I figured I’d ask for that amount for “safety’s sake.” ) Both companies assured me I was qualified…and I never heard from either one again.  (Company 3 was having a second interview; I never got called in for one. I strongly suspect I asked for too much money.

The both of the interviewers also assured me that I was indeed “in the right ballpark” for money but hey….that could have been a line of shit I was handed. 10 years ago it was believable; not in 2014. Believe nothing they say.

Company 5 you know about; that was last week’s interview. I never heard back from the guy.

It is interesting to note that Company 4 and Company 5 had an employee that retired, after working there over 14 years. I suspect strongly they hired a much older candidate who had no college education and therefore worked for a cheap shit salary.

These 2 companies are not likely to resort to another play, being that that play worked like a charm all along. So why should I be hired??? I’m already too young and too overeducated!

18 ads in wow, how long? I remember a time not long ago when  there would be anywhere from 4 to 8 ads on line or in the paper per week that I could apply to! Not any more.

At this point, I want a retail job and/or a restaurant job and to hell with them all.  I can’t see any other way out;  what is in the paper sucks. And smart people like us are not qualified. This is all pretty effed up and shot to hades. I am still trying to figure out what happened here — to me, to NWP, to the job market, to everything.  THis ain’t the world we knew and this ain’t the job market we knew.

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  1. Yes, it is all messed up. This is because the wealthy have all the money, and will not pay for fixing the country. This is a worldwide phenomenon. The Arab Spring started in Tunisa because of economic inequality. The Future will be very bleak unless people finally wake up, and realize it is better to be average middle class in reality rather than trying to become rich but only in ones dreams. People are idolaters. They worship money. The Bible is right when it says: “For the love of money is the root of all evil.” A lot of very hard working, middle class people are suffering because of that evil love!!! Talk with your lawyer about SSDI. I am working though the local welfare office here in ‘Amish Country’ to try to get it for myself. There comes a point when one has to realize that society has thrown them away, and they must take their ‘rightful place’ in the ‘has been’ gang. I am getting Medicaid, and Food Stamps. I never, ever thought I would be washed up after such a short and under-employed working career. And, yet here I sit receiving my little ‘diverdend’ for been an honest and law abiding citizen of this Great Society.

    1. THis is now about 6 years since I was diagnosed. In fact, I was in the hospital at this time 6 years ago — my heart rate climbed to about 140 and was still climbing….and that’s when I started to think “Gee, maybe my hide better get to an ER fast.”:(

      Stupid me.

      I sat here for nearly 5 days with a heart rate of 100 because my damn doctor told me “you are dehydrated go home.” The dirty bleep got it all wrong. ALL of it.

      I could have gotten an embolism, had a stroke or simply burned out my heart valve.

      All of this is a lot for me to take. How much of this are you supposed to handle by yourself???

      I don’t even know what the maximum amount would be for me.

      And now I am hearing — I overheard it, actually: “We are saving for a house… we got this a lot cheaper…” THis was for GF, yesterday as she and Bro were coming up the stairs with some kind of grocery bags; I could hear the bags rustling. I was sitting on the couch andI heard what she said.

      HA HA. I guess you think I made all of this up, eh? and you want to buy a home with this jerk, after what happened to me????

  2. Yes, it is all messed up. This is because the wealthy have all the money, and will not pay for fixing the country. This is a worldwide phenomenon. The Arab Spring started in Tunisa because of economic inequality. The Future will be very bleak unless people finally wake up, and realize it is better to be average middle class in reality rather than trying to become rich but only in ones dreams.
    We are seeing everything vanish before our eyes.

    Dammnit — even groceries — HOW much for a kiddie seat-full of necessities? $20!

    Can’t anybody see what is happening? This is supposed to be a middle class state — yet the price of everything is out of control. Who the F is going to be left here? The somewhat well heeled (those with pensions up the wazoo and solid investments like gold; these are the ones who managed to keep their good jobs) and the rest on the dole or looking for a handout, like the illegals and other ne’er do wells that are coming into the area.

    This is going to be a Mad Max state, not the Garden State.

    The ones who have investments and good jobs and the ones who will leave their heirs with zero, thanks to the tier system and 16% of the estate up for grabs by the feds.

    It’s vanishing before our eyes; the shittiest of no name colleges are now a minimum of 30K a year to attend, exclusive of all other fees.

    Everybody better wake up is right: those of us with no jobs are now on our own. I told you this a long long time ago. You’ll have to find your own way to bring money into your table and a way to put food onto it also.

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