I don’t think this is the place for me

I had an interview on Monday with a company that imports raw goods.

I was kind of leery when I saw the ad — “on the job training” was part of the copy — and to me, when you include that in a job advertisement, you are going to get the great unwashed sending a resume; generally they will have no experience or completely unrelated experience and will say “this is great; let me apply here because they will show me what to do.”

The company is comprised of 3 people, including the boss. Boss interviewed me.

This office is part of a main mother company that employs 15K people world wide and they also do major building projects overseas. This company has more money than you and I will be able to count in 50 lifetimes, yet this office I visited is in a no name burb and still has only 3 people employed there after 26 years?

I would think that there’d be at least 50 people there by now and they would be in a more prominent office park with at least one floor to themselves in the building. No?

The guy kept me for an hour. He says there is no central person who monitors the work and this place is, according to him, extremely busy. There has to be some sort of project manager; you mean the work is up for grabs??? Somebody central needs to know what is arriving in the way of product and what is being shipped and what is on the water and so forth, yet there is nobody who is in charge of that function there.

I do not like that at all. People are not perfect and somebody has to be there to be the “voice of reason” so to speak.

If one person drops the ball, that’s the end of the game, if you ask me.

There was a great deal more that happened at the interview (he doesn’t want bad attitudes or somebody coming in and discussing who won what reality show and desks have to be neat and that he doesn’t tolerate lateness or time wasting) — the job is open because somebody there for 16 years retired.

That also means that there are no promotions.

It also sounds like too much work for one person.

20 holidays and fully paid health insurance, but what the heck does the job pay, is what I’d like to know. I have always despised companies that have been so damn closed mouthed about the salary — this guy described a 55K a year job. You are to do all the shipping, all the documentation with imports and exports and all the bookkeeping, generate all the invoices and also be his assistant. Yes, this is a 55K a year job, at the minimum and “tops” it should pay close to 70K a year, if you have a pretty good chunk of experience.

I also don’t think Boss is the smartest dude going.

He is in no hurry to hire. There are second interviews next week and “we will put you in a situation and you will give us the answer.”  Cool beans for you, guy.

I am sick of sitting here and sick of being everybody’s nobody and I am driven to tears because I am here all day every day — but I do not think I should even take this job IF he somehow decides to offer it to me.

I am unhappy enough now and I don’t need any more rotten treatment nor do I need to find out that a job I just accepted is a lost damn cause. I feel like I’d be taking a chance.

And tiny teeny offices can be POISON. Suppose you simply do not get along with one of the employees? it happens. Suppose one or the both of them are time wasters or out a lot or are not all that great at what they do?

Even the payroll — he says nobody takes care of that and it is automatic.

Not really — what happens if somebody quits or is on maternity leave or is out on disability? Somebody’s gotta be in communication with the payroll company to give them what changes took place before the checks are generated. Maybe you are giving out commission and you need to let them know what amount needs to be given. So what is he talking about???

It all seems like there is “data missing” from this interview. He’s either left a lot out of this interview or he simply wasn’t forthcoming with the info.

I don’t think this job is for me.

Who knows what he will do? You know what?


And let’s face it: if you were a hiring manager and it turns out that a candidate is exactly what you need, wouldn’t you hire that person on the spot? And for sure you’d schedule the interview and hold off on scheduling other candidates, until you see what that person is like.

None of this makes any damn sense. They all want a miracle or some kind of living doll.

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  1. They probably have some sort of timekeeping system where time cards are sent to headquarters for payment. You can do it on paper or electronically, wth the boss validating the time. If someone is out, they either do timecards ahead of time or the boss does it for them. Of course, the company might not worry about someone missing a paycheck and having to give them back pay. I work weird hours for my job, and I know that I am quite motivated to turn in my time card well ahead of time, because there is no one on site to process my time card when I have to work on weekends.

    What I’d worry about is the backlog of work left behind by the person who is retiring and the delay between retirement and whoever starting the job. The boss might have the luxury of time in replacing the guy, if he is giving some months of notice before retirement.

    You’re finally in the running for a job that pays close to your bare minimum for surviving in New Jersey. Even if you work for them only a couple of months, it gives you a chance to buy fuel oil for the winter and get caught up on your medical treatments, provided that health insurance coverage begins on day one. Get the job first, then quit it if you must. Not having upward mobility at mid-level jobs is common. The best that I can hope for is a combined annual pay increase and bonus of about 2%.

    Where I work, the contract employees were granted a bunch of 30-day extensions while the new contract was negotiated. It took over a year to negotiate the new support contractor contract, and all but one of the people who worked for the old contractor were hired by the new contractor, though I don’t know the terms of the contract.

    Getting hired is no longer a simple thing. We are recruiting for an engineer to replace someone who left to work for another government agency, and I don’t expect to have anyone on site before March, then there is a couple of months of training that they have to take before they can do the job fully. Even fast food places are starting to have multi-level hiring processes to qualify people to spoon rice and beans into bowls.

    1. There can’t be much of a backlog in a business like that.

      Ports and ocean shipping are timely things — you have to pick up from the port when the item clears customs otherwise it goes into demurrage and then it’s a matter of removing the goods from where it is stored.

      I think there is a fee and a fine or both.

      bulk containers have to be shipped back whence they came; companies are on production schedules and whatever it is they need has to leave the warehouse and bet at the point of production on time.

      It may be a case wshere a quarterly batch of something is being made at a plant; if the goods don’t get there by a certain time, the plant and company is out of luck.

      I find it odd that there are only 4 people in a location and the parent comp[any is supposed to be filthy rich loaded. There for a number of years? They should have at least 12 or 15 people on site. Not 4.

      I do not think I am in the running. I’d have to see that tomorrow to believe it — and it looks to me like he’s inbterviewing too many people. Does this guy know what he is doing at all?

  2. Not looking for a miracle or some living doll — just LOOKING and has no clue what he is looking for.

    This is supposed to be a chemical industry. I get the idea that the retiree was an older person he trained on the job and it was likely the person had no college at all.

    The ad never said “professional” or “college degree preferred.” The ad did say “on the job training” which means that he merrily flung open the doorway for every unqualified great unwashed from here to Hesperia California to waltz their way in.. I will bet that the majority of his resumes were from people with no admin experience at all. Have a clue.

    “On the job training” may also be a way of saying “We will not pay much money.” The job is worth 55K (minus the education and experience of the hiree in which case you are to pay a good 5K and up more) but how many companies out there are paying competitive wage?

    Could pay $15 an hour, for all I know. I got the idea that nobody there is paid a lot of money.

    It is quarter of 11; no word from him. Probably won’t be, either.

  3. My conclusion:

    He wanted a raw beginner. That “on the job training” gave it away.

    If he wants that, good luck — if that job is anything like my last one, it will take the person 8 months to laarn the entire routine and longer than that to learn the actual process of everything involved.

    This guy is a fool for not asking for somebody experienced. His funeral, not mine.

    I never heard a sound out of him.

    Not one email not a phone call not a semaphore flag not anything, asking me to come in for a second interview.

    What the fudge?

    I am somebody with identical experience…And he did say “this is exactly what we want.”

    Yet he didn’t so much as fart in my direction.

    Well, you know what they say: when it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t right. Who knows what goes on over there on a day to day basis?

    I almost wish he would have asked me how much I was looking at. I’d have told him “A minimum of 65K, considering what is involved” and watched him fall off the chair.

  4. I think from now on, when you go to an interview, you should sit and let them ramble on about the job without interrupting. When they have finally finished talking you should then say: Based on the jobs duties, as you have described them, I think a salary of $80,000 is in order!!! Then, just sit back and enjoy the reaction. You should recognize that if they really are serious about you they will not discount you for saying this. But, if they are just wasting your time at least you will get some humorous entertainment for your job search efforts. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. :-).

    1. Good one!

      Judging by “she was here for 14 years and then retired” I am thinking he hired another older woman who had no education and no experience.

      Which means he is paying pennies. Just like the company I interviewed with about 5 weeks back.

      He also should have asked me about my very related experience immediately upon arrival! Wouldn’t you want to know what kind of goods they were, how many metric tons were shipped in a day and if I had Hazmat certification, for starters????

      There should be about 20 questions that need to ba asked; he asked none at all.

      No, he asked none at all — based on that alone, I wonder why he even called me in. Maybe this was another “let’s see what this person has to say” kind of thing.

  5. I don’t even get what these companies are thinking. I’ve gone on so many interviews where I had ALL of the requirements and ALL of the preferences and even ALL of the things they wanted but didn’t want to ask for, yet still got rejected. I remember one job wanted someone who had training experience in accounts payable, and a background in marketing for a communications company and even spoke Spanish. This fit me to a T and I thought they would hire me or at least get a second interview. Nope, instead they hired a dumb moron who could barely speak English. Many times I didn’t even get an interview for a job I was more than qualified for. One time I got rejected right away for a job I had everything they wanted and I sent back a blistering email telling them that they rejected me so I wasn’t ever going to use their service. I was probably blacklisted but I didn’t care. I had applied to this company several times and obviously they weren’t ever going to hire me.

    I don’t get it at all. We are both struggling while people who are dumber than a box of rocks get jobs. My neighbor who constantly goes to prison for stealing has better luck finding jobs than me. I’ve known people who were skilled professionals out of work for years.

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