Illinois is a cesspool, I want to get out

I have been looking at the questions on the ballot in November and am horrified. The questions are about increasing money for bilingual education, outlawing certain types of guns and ammunition (not restricting them, outlawing them), medical marijuana, requiring employers to pay for birth control regardless of religious views, increasing minimum wage to $10 hour and a database that requires neighbors to know if a criminal moved in, just to name a few. I do not oppose all of these, in fact I support legalizing marijuana and requiring murderers to be in a registry like sex offenders (many of whom are offenders only because their boyfriend or girlfriend was a few years younger and the offender was just an adult like 18 or 19). In theory I support increasing the minimum wage but what will happen is many more companies will go to other states. Plus this is only for adult workers so many places instead will hire teens. The birth control I would support if there were religious exemptions but there aren’t. I don’t like guns but outlawing a few will lead to outlawing all and there are politicians where who want to outlaw all. I’m not a gun supporter but it is a right in the 2nd Amendment.

My parents in general are getting sick of this town. My dad got unfairly fired from the park district and the people here aren’t doing anything about the corruption. Not to mention all the backstabbing. Recently there was a couple who got married and were Legion members. My parents had been to parties at their house and assumed because they weren’t invited it was a small wedding. However, they found out it was a large wedding (about 700 people) and many people they knew (in fact most)were invited.  “Fred” was invited, which sent me into a tailspin because I figured he didn’t want to take me. However, maybe he assumed we were all invited.  Fred invites us to events and we invite him and his mother.  Honestly I wouldn’t have gone anyway but seeing all these women who backstab me posting all about the wedding on Facebook at the same time annoys me. The irony is I didn’t think they were close friends of the couple so who knows why they were invited. I wouldn’t even pay attention if it wasn’t on Facebook. It wasn’t the fact I wasn’t (and neither were my parents)invited but rather the fact that the backstabbers were and posting it. I’ve thought of unfriending them but instead I ignore their snide comments.

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  1. I lost my reply. Dammit.

    Cliques suck – they’re not just for middle school and junior high anymore.

    Sounds to me like somebody issued a blanket invitation and invited everybody from there to the Bayonne Bridge — I cannot imagine knowing 700 people. To me, you’d have to be somebody rather prominent — or come from an ethnic family where being Greek, Italian, Armenian or Egyptian means you ask every cousin and every relative, no questions asked.

    This “everybody is invited but YOU” baloney sounds like the same kind of crap that GF pulled on me several months ago. I have no itching and burning desire to meet any of “her” people; I do not have a relationship with her or her kid, or with Bro anymore, for that matter — wherever it is you are going, keep your mouth SHUT. By virtue of the fact you told me what was going on made you guilty as homemade sin. Don’t bust balls and don’t say it to get under somebody’s skin. This is real seventh grade bullshit, is what this is. Decent people do not act like this. Kind people do not act like this. Rotten people act like this.

    This is really very strange. If I got a wedding invitation from somebody I hardly knew, it is not likely that I would RSVP yes. What’s the point in it? Why are they inviting me? If I called the bride and asked, I’d expect an answer like “I always admired you and you were one of the first people to be nice to me when we were members of that club back in college” or something like it — before I RSVPed yes.

    I suggested a real long time ago that you find a hipper, more broadminded and friendlier locale to move to. What about the Pacific Northwest or the Southwest? Something a lot cheaper and where there are jobs.

    Find something cool with an art scene attached to it and someplace where there isn’t family after family, but a considerable amount of singles that aren’t old and decrepit.

    You have no ties and nothing to hold you there. That is to your benefit and advantage.

    Move on out…before you turn into one of them, like something out of a Richard Matheson novel.

    UGH; sounds like shitty snotnoses to me. You have my sympathies. People can really be pigs.

    PS: Too bad you didn’t crash that wedding. That would have been good for more than a few laughs.

    1. Yeah the clique does bother me and I know why I’m excluded. Most of the women in the Legion are jealous of me to be blunt. Other women I am close to (who would invite me to events and have)have gotten the same shoulder from the clique. Ironically I didn’t think the couple was part of the clique, which is why this was disturbing. One of those in the clique would literally bash anything I said on Facebook she didn’t agree with, like my distaste for single (never married)dads. She had two kids with her exboyfriend and when I make comments she gets nasty. I told her I’m not talking about her (as I have no plans to date her)but she makes it about her. Even Fred told me to ignore the women they are catty. I’m Facebook friends with all of these people (back when I actually got along with them)and I knew I was excluded about a year ago when several planned an event for the manager of the Legion, they claimed it was only a few people and turned out to be 20 or so people instead of the 4 they claimed. The couple posted the photos online so I saw who they invited and yes they seemed to invite everyone I know from the Legion. It’s possible some of these people were invited to the dance afterwards (which I heard is a tradition out here to invite people to a dance after the dinner) and perhaps my parents were an oversight but it just seems odd. Not that I would go, but still weird.

      I would move but the problem is I think my dating life would be even worse. If I struggle out here finding men (and there are a few as I get out more)it would be worse other places. I fear my pool of childless men would be zero in other places. I would have gotten along with more artistic people when I was younger but the extreme leftists would drive me nuts. I’m more of a Libertarian and would probably get along well in Texas but of course there is the situation with finding a job. Maybe I’d have better luck somewhere else but I can’t afford to move somewhere without a job and I doubt any place would pay for me to travel. Maybe 20 years ago but not now.

      1. There’s gotta be somewhere you can go where the climate, as it were, is a but more friendly for you.

        Lots of cities hve newspapers with “meet up” pages in them — some group will announce their activity and they usually give a contact number for you to call to see if you’d be interested in attending.

        I think your best bet is a mixed group of people — guys and girls — where you can do things together. You never know who brings a friend or knows somebody who is looking to meet somebody.

        My best experiences have been through groups: somebody will always vouch for the person who wants the introduction.

        YOu will know he’s not a flake or a luxh or some antisocial little nobody.:)

        Try a karaoke night — go to a bunch of places and see which crowd you like the best.

        There are also bars that offer country line dancing. Or perhaps swing dance lessons — and the newest thing now is an ‘art and wine” night — you pay a fee to do a painting and you get to commiserate with the rest of the “artists.”

        Trivia nights are also fun. Get a girlfriend or a guy pal and go.

  2. The minimum wage increase in Illinois is only an advisory question, so voters are more or less being polled about their support for a minumum wage increase. The outcome does not change current law.

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