This reeks, and badly…

And my answer to this one is NO.

I got a communique yesterday from my atty.

Bro’s atty says that Bro is asking for an 18 month delay for the house sale because there is no way “he or I” would be able to buy anything with those kind of proceeds.

He says that Bro is also requesting that he and I figure out who owes what per month and that we each pay half of what we are supposed to contribute.

All of this is in the upcoming 18 months.

This delay will also give both of us a chance to save some money.


Two months ago, Bro’s atty suggested that Bro and I each pay what we are supposed to pay per month. Uh, this is what Bro was SUPPOSED TO BE DOING ALL ALONG and he refused to comply, starting 8 and a half years ago.

And this “Bro says it will give the both of you time to save money” — wow, since when is he so hell bent and caring about ME?

This is going to be met with a NO from me.


1-Bro works part time only.

Where is he going to be getting enough money to save, with that crappy salary???

Exactly how much is he proposing to save within the next 18 months???

2-I do not trust Bro. I would not trust him with a dollar to buy the local daily. Any credibility or honesty he had was shot to hell decades ago, not just 81/2 years ago when he started this nonsense with the house.

3-Who would monitor what Bro is paying per month? Me? A court? Who?

4-What happens if Bro refuses to hold up his end of the bargain regarding what he is to pay?

5-What kind of legal water does this agreement hold? Again, who monitors it?

6-What happens when 18 months is up? he could say “I never agreed to anything like this” or “No, I refuse to sell this house”. I can’t take a chance.

7- He’s got a ton of debt. Not likely he will save any money, so what’s he talking about?

Wow, just what does he think this house will sell for?

With the proceeds he can buy a cheapie little no frills condo — and isn’t he living with somebody who makes more than a good salary?? Uh, I thought for sure you and GF would be buying something together.

He can also move out of state and buy something there. he’s got nothing holding him here; he can get a transfer to a store in that state. That chain of stores has presence in every state of the union.

Nope; I refuse to say yes to this nonsense. I cannot take chances, and yes, it reeks. Just like Bro.

3 thoughts on “This reeks, and badly…”

  1. I just asked him how much he thought the house would go for. He replies “I don’t know” (Yeah but he does *know* that the proceeds won’t give him enough to buy another place of some kind)

    I named the price I am going to ask and I got “this is not important now” and he hung up.

    Apparently he doesn’t care or he’s not listening to reason.

  2. The good part about this “offer” is that you now have it in writing that Bro refuses to sell the house. This should allow you to move forward on the partition action because the mediation has failed. There is no satisfactory resolution to which both of you can agree.

    I believe that you are correct when you note that there is no enforcement mechanism. An escrow account is the usual way that this kind of payment is managed. Both of you would have to make monthly payments equal to half of the annual payment divided by 12. A similar thing happens when a mortgage is in place on a house. An escrow account is created to pay the property taxes and homeowner’s insurance, and you are charged a 1/12th of whatever the annual total is on your monthly payment. There is usually some initial payment required of at least a few hundred dollars to offset any increases in the property tax or insurance.

    1. All of a sudden Bro is agreeing to…what he should have been doing all along with no questions asked.

      See why I despise him so much?

      Forget it. I want it to be MY way this time. I willnot make any kind of allowance for him.

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