Why such diffuculty with obtaining this letter….


Because Bro and his Atty CAN!

On Sunday night of last week, I wrote to my atty and told him that I wanted Bro’s atty to give Bro a letter.

In it he is to say that the house is being sold and Bro is to comply 100% with the transaction and everything “house sale” between now and the closing of the home — and that Bro is to hand over a copy of the keys — to his apartment and to that vestibule door — ASAP.

I want that letter so that in case Bro hollars wolf again and calls the cops, the letter will be on my person — and I wills how that letter to the police when they get here. This way they can’t go “let your attorneys handle it.”

This is going on Day 10 — counting when I requested it — and still no letter.

This is bullshit; the 2 of them are farting around and ekeing ot the time! what is this but yet another delay.

The thing is like that Mousetrap game we played as kids — only instead of the obstacles it’s “Bros’ atty is trying to reach Bro” and “he will try to find Bro” and “Atty is gone for the holidays. He won’t be back until Monday.”

Today I got “He is trying to reach Bro…”

Wot “try”???? There is EMAIL and A CELL PHONE!

This is excuses galore — “oh, I don’t see it that way; atty for Bro says he wants this to be over…”

“Really?” I replied. “So why isn’t he telling Bro to comply and shut up and that this is OVER?”

To this atty said nothing. I am stuck with Atty too — if I had the funds, I’d have replaced him months ago. I have gotten strung along — isn’t the idea of it to call this other atty and read him the riot act and tell his ass to get the eff on the stick???

I am sick of Bro and GF micromanaging this entire stay at this house, so to speak — there was another bullshitty little scene here yesterday; this from GF:

“I am going to plant flowers in planters out front; if you move them, I will call somebody. If I move any of your things, you can call somebody.”

She paused and added, ‘that is the agreement.”

“‘Agreement’?” I said. “What ‘agreement’? Are you making up stories again, GF?” To this she said nothing.

Who is going to put up with these little seventh grader shennannegans — from her especially???

I will say what I want and do what I want; she hasn’t got the alpha position and she is ONLY A GUEST HERE. So bleep her.

Here is the thing: this entire thing is being held up because of Bro — I specifically want that letter so I can approach him and if he hollars for the cops, I show them that letter.”

It is disturbing that he calls and calls — what if something happened out here ‘for real”? You think the cops are going to be willing to come out here???

Such a tough time getting a letter that should have been here last MONDAY AFTERNOON the latest….I am going to keep pushing for it.

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  1. Until you have the partition order, that letter is worthless. What you need is for the judge to order the things that you want as part of the partition order. The judge will do that for free, where you run up a bill with the lawyer to get a worthless letter. Where the lawyer can be helpful is to include the conditions that you want in the petition for partition.

    Remember, it’s “contempt of court” not “contempt of lawyer”. Unless a judge orders it, any direction that Bro is given has no effect under the law, and even then, it isn’t a sure thing that the “party of the first part” who is ordered to do X will be prosecuted for contempt of court. You’ve been divorced. There were certain things that you and your ex were supposed to do according to the divorce decree. If you didn’t do them, you could be hauled into court for non-compliance.

  2. Why I want the letter: so the cops can look at it and see “the attorneys are to handle it.” This way, he can’t holler for the cops: he is told to comply as per his atty.

    This is the pettiness and micromanaging that it’s turned into with the 2 of them.

    Really? You are truly and really going to call “somebody” if your stuff is moved.

    How much more petty does it get than this?

    I like none of this. I don’t like the fact this has gone on too long and I don’t like it that Atty is being so lackadaisical about this entire mess. he is supposed to be fighting FOR ME, not going “ohhh let’s see and wait a few more days until Bro is reached…” Dagnabit: everybody’s got email and a cell phone — can’t he see this is farting around???

    THis isn’t even what I want as part of the partition roder per se: this is common sense. Anybody else, even the bitterest of defendents, would see that the jig is up and he or she might as well cooperate.

    That would be easy and this is preaching to the choir, yeah — but can’t you see what kind of a bullshitty mess I have now, with the 2 of them acting in concert? Like I said, this is petty, and mircromanaging and perhaps it is even harassment on a very low level: simply refusing to cooperate and hollering cop, literally: yes, it’s low level harassment.

    Get your acts together and face the music. Your kid has her eye on 3 or 4 schools in this area for next year: keep her in mind: want her to be uprooted because you’re moving and now she may not be able to attend the school anymore because the commute is now too long and it wouldn’t make sense to even try to stay in that school?

  3. Until there is a partition order, there is no non-compliance issue for Bro. It’s just a family argument. The best that you can hope for is that the police write in their report that the sale of the house is being litigated and that they can expect annoyance calls from your address. Bro’s lawyer has the best chance of getting paid if the house is sold.

    Every day that Bro and GF can postpone having to pay the costs of maintaining the house is a good day for them because they think that they are living rent-free. When the house is finally sold, you will have to deduct money from the money that you get for selling the house to pay the property taxes to the date of the sale. Were I you, I’d be focusing on buying some heating oil for yourself so that you don’t freeze this winter. It’s the time of year to apply for heating aid if you haven’t already.

    Have you contacted Legal Aid in your area? You meet the income limits for free legal help. The question is whether they will handle a civil matter beyond writing a limited power of attorney or some other relatively simple matter.

    1. How terrible for me.

      And wow, I had no idea this would go on this long.

      This, in addition to the basket of problems of my own that I have here. It’s too much to take.

      I am going to look into legal aid in this county. As a friend of mine just said, this guy’s been weak and as another one said, I’ve been string along.

  4. I called legal aid. They do not cover cases like mine and the county bar says there are no pro bono attorneys who will do it.

    Legal aid only covers things like getting housing for Section 8 and other related matters.

    So sad — maybe I was simply better off having this house put up for sale last year. I don’t even know what’s the best solution anymore.

    It’s like I am up against a wall and I can’t go any further. And these 2 are coming and going and nobody seems to be fighting FOR ME. I cant seem to get that atty to push that other bastard to get me that letter — or at least say to me “here is what he said” and forward the letter/message and then say to me “I suggest that we just go right to the judge, etc…” I can’t even seem to get that, either.

    If there is any way I can represent myself at this point I will do it. I wonder if you really “need” an attorney for a house closing?

  5. The letter isn’t coming.

    And that is likely because Bro’s atty never told Bro “I want this to be over; comply or a judge will make you do so. It’s easier of you just comply right now.”

    There will be no letter. There will be world peace before there is a letter.

    And this entire case has congealed into a fetid stinking mess. It’s just going around and around and it is going nowhere.

    “I’ll write him another letter and tell him he’s getting until Tuesday”?

    Uh huh…you’re giving it until October 7 — that is 16 days after the original request on Sunday, September 21.

    I also cannot get copies of the keys: the one to Bro’s apartment and the one for the vestibule door: I can’t have them because he is part owner. And I cannot call a sherirff to get him to hand them over…because I just can’t.

    But it’s okay for a guest to change the locks. How come there is no legal repercussions for her?

    What freaking sense does any of this make? Don’t I have any rights at all???

    I am speaking to another atty on Monday; it is a free consulatation. If I can, I think I am changing horses — this guy has effed this up and big time. How come he can’t be more proactive about all of this?? How come he never stayed on top of this?

    I like none of it: I don’t like the changing information I don’t like the way the ball got dropped. For God’s Sake: this is IMPORTANT and I am in enough trouble now as it is.

    1. One option that you do have is to call a locksmith to have keys that are exactly alike to the present locks made. It will take a housecall, and depending on rates in your area, will probably cost somewhere around $150. It is the most straightforward way of getting the keys when they will not be surrendered. I can see the case for safety for you to have a key to Bro’s area, but you should not be deprived of a key to your own house.

      IT is not too late to submit a police report on GF for changing the locks.

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