$300 for a monthly premium for health insurance? QUite the bargain…


I am guessing this is a hospital-owned health insurance company. There is another local hospital that is doing the same.

The only catch: you have to use the hospitals’ physicians and use only their hospital. You cant go anywhere else.

Holy Name found their niche and they cashed in on it, so to speak. There is an enormous Korean population in that area and the Koreans are notorious for not being the kind of group that eagerly pays for health insurance. There are blocks and blocks of neighborhoods where nothing is spoken but Korean. There are nothing but Korean signs in widespread areas of theĀ  commnity– this would be Leonia, Palisades Park, large parts of Teaneck and possibly Bogota and part of Fort Lee.

(there was also big controversy in Fort Lee where they wanted to commemorate the “comfort girls” — the Koreans wanted the memorial; the Japanese did not. The town has a large population of both)

This is a group who shows up at the hospital with a suitcase full of money, to pay for a medical procedure (it happened at that facility about 2 or 3 years ago) So as you can see, they don’t like health insurance; I believe they consider it to be bad luck.

They have Korean nurses, Korean medical staff members and I believe there is a full Korean menu available if they become inpatients.

This is great and all well and good — but when do we take care of our own???

I am also wondering about the data and who else might be getting that info…and that is a whole other thread. Informed consent? I wonder how far that will really get you.

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