Another great couple of job quests…

I actually had 3 interviews lined up for last Wednesday.

Interview 1 was for a nationally owned company but with one of their local offices.

I maybe should have seen where it was at with them when I called their telephone number after I spotted their job ad. There was no voicemail and no website either.

I got ahold of them the day after they rant he ad and they told me to send my resume.

I heard from them last Tuesday; the interview was set up for next day, a Wednesday.

I spent maybe 15 minutes with him. Very friendly, very upbeat; he even asked me what salary I was looking for and asked for references — I sent those to him the next day.

He told me that the start date for the new employee would be in 2 weeks and when I asked if I could call him to see if I got the job, he said yes.

None of my references were contacted. This is already bad news — and I am pissed because wow, this information is CONFIDENTIAL! I do not think my references would like their names and numbers “indiscriminently” disclosed, would you?

The second interview took place right after I left there; a new and local company right here in town was holding an open house.

The jobs offered were creative ones, like copywriter, stylist and so forth. I have more than a creative bent and I have experience I gained at other jobs; I’m just the thing they need.

I opened the door and went in — this was about 11:15….

And there were 40 people on line, with ONE interviewer!

And each person got 5 minutes of fame!

Perhaps when I saw this, I should have turned around and went the heck home — by the time I was interviewed it was 20 of 3.

Some people were sent to see another HR rep; some were sent home. The majority of the resumes went into a big cardboard box with a blue sticky note affixed to their resume.

I’d say that every 4th person was sent on to see an HR rep on the inside.

When I left there, there were 50 people behind me.

Now it’s quarter of 3. I had to rush to get to my house to call the third person since I didn’t have his telephone number on me…

I went to open my email to get the guy’s number…. whoops; here’s an email from him, sent to me at 10 of 11 while I was at Interview #1….

I open that email: he cancelled! said the job was filled.

I called him anyway. For the hell of it.

“Didn’t you get my email…” I lied and said no. “We filled that job last night.” So why didn’t ya tell me last night, then??? You’d have saved me the time and trouble of rushing home from that job fair; the telephone interview was between 1 and 3 and the guy told me to call him.

I don’t think so; when he set up the telephone interview, he asked me how much of a salary I was looking at; I think he cancelled because they had no intentions of paying “that” kind of money.

I have heard nothing from Interview #1 or Interview #2. Today at about 4pm, I called the first company. I asked for the gent who spoke to me — I had only his first name. He did not introduce himself to me at the interview using both names.

Guy wants to know “Is that Jim Brown, Jim Green or Jim White or Jim Blue?” Wow…give your last name when you speak to a job interviewee!

I said “It was the Jim who is doing the interviewing for the job…” “What’s your name?” “Dude Where’s My job.” Pause, then, “That job was already filled.”

I said thanks and hung up.

Now here is where I take umbrage. Not only did you NOT call me to tell me I didn’t get the job — and I’ve gotten rejection landlines before so ya can’t say it was that — but wow, why are you asking me for references when you know full well you will not be calling those people?

And what was all this exuberant nicey nicey stuff: an act too???

When I retain my voice — I am sick with the flu and I have a bad case of laryngitis as a result — I fully plan on going out there and saying a few things.

And tomorrow, I am taking a ride down to the open house company and asking them what’s what with the jobs we applied for.

They do not have a local telephone listing; evidently this is a new thing to do; the toll free number — the only one listed for the company on their website — is for the office in San Francisco.

I still can’t believe how dopey that is: ONE person for wow, what is going to be how many people on line??? Each one of us got 5 minutes; the open house was scheduled from 8am until 8 pm. 12 times 5 times 12 is what??? That’s 720 PEOPLE at the minimum! There was no way you could have at least 3 people doing the interviewing?

And next to the job apps — they insisted you complete the app, along with your resume — gee, is that a credit check request form that I saw??? I did NOT complete that page. Nobody did — and this is sad, too: one of the jobs open was for warehouse people. YOu can bet that the littlest of warehouse workers is going to have debt, thanks to the fact that they are making at best perhaps $10 or $12 an hour, tops.

This is more of wasted time. And I am nervous because of everything that is happening here. How in hell’s bells did it come down to this, for all of us? HOW?

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  1. The world has no place for most workers today. Even China has underemployed, and unemployed college grads. The best you can do is face your reality, and apply for SSDI. By showing how much effort you have put into your job search, without any employment offers, I think you are a shoe in for receiving it. As for your house: Do you think your house will get a $600,000 offer like the house that was subdivided did? If you could show Bro that possibility I think he would not mind selling the house after all.

    1. I would never get enough money to live on with SSDI. Not in this state and not in any other state, either.

      That would also take me YEARS to get.

      That house never was sold at all — I was only giving that price as an example of how prices got too out of hand in this state.

      There is a house up the block — it’s a one family with not much property that went for a bit over 500K not long ago.

      If you realistically looked at a house like that and didn’t count supply and demand and cost of living, etc, that house should have sold for perhaps 200K and that’s all.

      I already know how much we can get for this home. And even still, he has to face the music and just shut the F up and realize that there is nothing he can do about this. Every single last bit of this mess is his fault and not mine.

      ANd in the midst of all of this, I am thinking of replacing Atty. This has been a disappointment, all of it — too long for Bro to be served and it’s like everything fell through the cracks and every ball was dropped on every play. Even when I said “I want those keye” he replied “oh if you want” — wow, who says that to a client?

      I said “then if I cannot willingly get him to hand over the keys, then I will change both locks!” he said “oh well, you know you can’t do that…” OH? why CAN’T I? GF did it herself when she moved the hell in! Why was that allowed????

      I cannot get him to name what fees and prices I am looking forward to here on in — house closings cannot be cheap and I’m here way out in left field. I had no idea the case would still be in progress and nearly a year into the start of it. Nope; all of this should have been over way before Memorial Day. I am tired of the delays and tired of the dates that seemed to have been forgotten and tired of somebody using every excuse he can to put a delay into this entire case. Can’t somebody here be more proactive and aggressively put these 2 in their places???

      1. And apparently I am going to be getting silliness from the both of them.

        GF tells me today she is putting potted flowers outside ont he porch. Informed me that if I move them, she will “call somebody.”


        Am I crazy or is this some kind of harassment or low level micromanaging? What’s going on here?

      2. You can find out how much a house closing is in the following way: 6% of the sales price to the realtor, and call a title search company for how much they charge for seller’s title insurance for a house that is worth what yours is. It’s usually around 2% of the sales price.There’s probably $500-1000 to a lawyer for the actual closing. Some states allow the title search company to do the closing, and then it’s cheaper. Figure on losing 10% of the sales price to selling expenses.

  2. You’d think they would be honest but nope. I’ve found out that the reason many companies interviews lots of people is to cover themselves as in “see, we don’t discriminate against (insert race, age, gender) because we interviewed that person” I cancelled an interview because they wanted me to do a group interview like that and they said it could be hours of waiting. Did I mention this job wasn’t all that good? yeah.

    1. Come ON — who are they gonna “prove” this to???

      He probably interviewed everyone from there to Canada —- all you need for a job like that is perhaps 4 candidates.

      And this was a much older crowd of employees. All men and not one of them under 50.

      This was off the hook —- I indeed plan on returning there and asking this lunkhead why he even asked for my references. it was clear he had no plans to call any of them — and one of the people on that list is already hopping mad. “I don’t want my number lying around anywhere”? Who can blame him.

      YOu cannot tell what’s real and what’s not anymore. For all I know he already had somebody hired but I was scheduled anyway so what big deal is it to him to talk to me?

      1. Apparently they have to keep records of who they interview. Doesn’t stop the fact that many places of course do discriminate. I never understood the logic of interviewing people you know aren’t in the running. That has happened to me where i figured out I wasn’t even in the running yet they interviewed me. Why? only they know but they wasted my time and money.

        1. Every single guy there is well over 50.

          And I do not buy the discrimination thing. Unless you have definitely heard them say “we want somebody younger/older.”

          I had a boss who did just that — he interviewed somebody for a job that was open and at the top of that perons’ resume he wrote “TOO YOUNG.”

          Imagine if the interviewee got a hold of that resume with his little notation on it.

          None of this has made sense to me: just what is it these people do not want? It now the same approach: they act like they’re gladder than fudge to see you and then there is no job offer.

          It was NEVER like this in the past when I’ve been seeking a job. I got a fruitcake interviewer here and there but nothing like what I am getting now.

          Is there some other way I can get hiref by a company?

          Every single one of them now is using the same approach and treating me the same…and it all ends in no offer.

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