Evil or Stupid?

I’ve written in these pages that 11 September 2001 was the day we discovered our government was either stupid or evil, and to this day we’re afraid to find out which. Now we’re hearing that the terrorist group ISIS is already ensconced here in the US, just waiting for the right moment to strike.

Our leadership is trying hard to present themselves as ‘not stupid:’ if, indeed, there is a terrorist attack, we won’t be able to say they didn’t warn us.

But if they’re not stupid, then they would have to be….

Hold that thought for a moment.

We, the United States, built ISIS.

We built ISIS the same way we built al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and Saddam Hussein. They served our purpose… until they didn’t.

In the particular case of ISIS, we wanted to go after the Syrian government, but the political will for a direct military response wasn’t there. So we enlisted the help of the ‘moderate Syrian rebels,’ only later coming to understand that there was no such thing.

There are two rational ways to deal with ISIS:

  • Acknowledge (even if only to ourselves) that we’ve made a mistake, and do our best to undo it. That means not only ‘boots on the ground,’ but whatever it takes to grind them into oblivion, followed by an extended occupation so they don’t get back up.
  • Acknowledge further that whatever efforts to undo the situation will only make matters worse: resist the urge to do something in the face of ISIS atrocities, stop supporting them, and let them burn themselves out.

Of course, we’re doing neither of those, outsourcing the dirty work to ‘carefully vetted moderate’ rebels, even though that approach got us into this mess in the first place.

Maybe I just don’t understand things. Maybe sleazy geopolitical gamesmanship is simply the way of the world.

I do understand, however, that if ISIS commits terrorism here, it will also be an event of our own making, because, besides building ISIS, we neglected the simple imperative of securing the border.

I also understand that responsible leadership means forestalling crises, not encouraging them. ‘Never let a crisis go to waste’ is the cry of fearmongers and despots.

Evil or stupid?

I’m still not sure, and I don’t think I want to find out.

6 thoughts on “Evil or Stupid?”

  1. They are here and are either immigrants or homegrown. I say this because about 45 minutes from me is a huge mosque. This mosque was filtering money towards some pro Islam group that actually is a suicide bomber type group. Allegedly on 9/11 people at the Mosque were CHEERING for the bombers. One of the guys was convicted for something but the others haven’t. Here’s the thing and while it maybe un politically correct we can’t let in everyone and certainly not people who share our views. Remember the Boston Bomber? his family came here and never contributed. Instead they took welfare, his mom was a shoplifter and the two brothers killed and injured many. We don’t need anymore like them.

  2. Securing the border is only part of it. There are plenty of ways of smuggling illegals into this country, and not using some kind of funky underground tunnels, either.

    There doesn’t seem to be a big shit about SENDING ALL OF THEM BACK! We are welcoming them, imo — and freebies galore: housing, bilingual classes, free healthcare and free education in our schools, with a teacher who speaks ONLY their language!

    Bilingual signs are EVERYWHERE — this is bullshit too: if I moved to Spain or Germany or France or any other country, I would be expected to learn the language and adopt the customs. I have no problem with that — why have THEY got a problem with learning ENGLISH???

    They are not coming here with a good education, or a trade or some type of marketable skill! They are coming here with their hands out and their pants open, like that line from West Side Story goes: what do we get in return for this? More and more of them. Who infect that gene pool with the same congenital disease that their parents had: no education no skills and no background — the generation of drop outs repeats itself.

    The kids usually wind up getting in with the gangbangers or worse. Or at the ripe ole age of 15, they knock up another fair young lass.

    Now for the rest of my post:

    There is a very large contingency of Syrian refugees in my area.

    There seems to be a Syrian Orthodox church popping up on every corner….and this bunch sure has the money. One parish plans on taking what was a former Catholic outpost — I think it was a former priests’ residence or some kind of a mother house — and build this gargantuan complex where the nave of the church will easily hold 1500 parishioners.

    They already don’t get it that you cannot build a ginormous cathedral (because that is what it will be) in a tight residential neighborhood. They don’t keep traffic numbers in mind or what it will be like with all of those people coming and going all day on Saturday and Sunday.

    (The Coptic Orthodox bunch doesn’t get it either: they set up shop in a tight neighborhood in a neighboring town and bought what was a former synagogue. This bunch wants to build a huge underground garage and expand the church itself to about 3 or 4 times the size!

    Again, this is a tight residential neighborhood and there ain’t gonna be NOBODY losing their homes over this one — the idea got shot down at a counsel meeting.)

    There doesn’t seem to be a lack of jobs for the new Syrian immigrants, either — one hand washes the other and bingo; they’re employed! Usually by somebody from their community.

    I don’t want to throw stones but wow — how do we know who it is we are letting into this country from Syria? I am guessing the vast majority are decent people and hard working and will love to live in their new country — but what about the rest? How do we know who or what some of these people are?

    We can also expect a strong protest or more from the Syrians who are already here.

    I’ve said it before — said it when it was time for a town in our county to build a whoppingly huge new high school not far from me — due to the flood of everybody and their illegal uncle coming here from every company in South and Central America —- the building’s price tag is many milions of dollars — and I said it again when it came to the youth Hondurans coming here illegally and in droves — and I will say it again here:

    Sorry, the inn is full. Go HOME.

    We cannot accommodate any more new people.

    We simply don’t have the resources — and we simply do not know who we are letting in. Oh sure, you can mention Timmy McVie if you want but sorry: the INN is FULL. Protect our resources and our own interests.

    Getting back to that high school I just mentioned: the city originally had 2 high schools. THe population of the schools was busting at the seams; hence, this big brainstorm to build one gigantic high school and then turn the 2 high schools into middle schools…and take the 9th graders and put them into a freshman academy in the building that WAS the middle school.

    It’s awfully funny three was no talk about revamping and improving both the high schools when we were of high school age! was this some kind of weird bait and switch? or are they catering to a contingency??? Union Hill and Emerson high schools got no improvements over the years.

    1. We get a lot of Arab Muslim immigrants (not all Arabs are Muslim and not all Muslims are Arabs but this group is)and they have caused trouble. Because of the influx of these people we are getting a lot of uneducated ones who get welfare because they are “refugees”. The public aid is now requesting Arabic speakers, I kid you not. It’s bad enough they require the caseworkers to speak Spanish, now it’ll be Arabic. It goes without saying that the educated Arabs generally aren’t coming over here. The educated ones are staying where they are and they speak English. Most of the ones we are getting are unskilled and don’t speak English. Yet they pull the refugee card. Remember, the Boston Bomber was a refugee and we know how that worked out. A friend had kids in the same district where the Arabs are going and they are causing trouble such as asking the school to pull Christmas events and asking for a place for the kids to pray. I guarantee if I went to an Islamic country they would laugh at me or worse (including killing me in several countries)for asking Christian holidays to be added to their days.

      However, by far the worst problem we have are with illegals. Our state caters to them. The majority of them are on welfare here and yes caseworkers have to speak Spanish. I ALWAYS see “must be bilingual” on all sorts of jobs from marketing to warehouse. They are uneducated and are causing our uneducated Americans problems getting low skill jobs. I used to work in restaurants and most of the kitchen staff was Mexican and unable to speak Spanish.

      What makes me mad are the politicians who support this. I shouldn’t have to speak Spanish (I do btw)and taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay more in taxes due to the illegals who shouldn’t be here. Taxes are always going up for the kids and they never mentioned these are the kids they mean. While we do have a baby mama/baby daddy problem at least those are citizens.

  3. Winston Churchill said it best (from what I am told): “The Americans always do the right thing—after they have tried everything else!!!” The Nazis were evil. The USA is just stupid!!! USA=Unbelievably Stupid Americans. Still, it is better to be stupid, rather then evil.

    1. My Polish grandfather said that years ago: This is a stupid country.

      I have always gotten a kick out of how we have announced how we plan to attack this country or that one. I thought the idea was to plan it and then DO IT.

      The other “new immigrants” that this area is getting:

      *The Asian Indians. Ole story — they have been coming here since it was announced in the mid80s that there is a shortage of computer personnel.

      *Muslims, from various countries

      *Egyptians, usually the Coptic Orthodox

      *Syrians (covered that one already)

      *The Orthodox Jewis — long story and a pretty fetid one, what they’ve done to a town like Lakewood NJ.

      They are the “minority” — the town is mostly black and was financially sinking due to the demographic makeup before the OJs got there — but they have taken over the school board and have close to 20K of their kids attending non public schools.

      They are mostly welfare recipients. There is allegedly a loophole that allows you to collect public assistance if you can prove you “need” to pray as part of your daily regiment…..and therefore, you are ineligible to work!

      But yet, I have heard that somehow they have the money for big fancy cars and more than decent places to work! What do you suppose the ones that work are employed as, if it’s not yet another rabbii?? They never struck me as being a college bound/college educated bunch.

      And how much does a rabbi get paid? Who the heck is supporting so many rabbis??? Who actually PAYS them?

      *Anything and everything Central and South American, usually illegals

      And the last group:

      The born again Christians and fundies. This is a group who also does not send the kids to publich schools. They either buy up or rent out a defunct Catholic school and open up one of their “Christian” schools there or they homeschool or let the kids take on line academy classes.

      This is the demographic now.

  4. Per Dude’s comment: in many cases, it wasn’t necessary for us to actually attack: the mere thought that we might send in the Marines, or worse, left lesser nations quaking in their booties. Indeed, it worked against the Russians for over 40 years.

    But with Islamic terrorists, it is necessary to follow through with the attack, and even then it might not be enough. The enemy (let’s call them what they are) is more than happy to die for their cause, and the movement is capable of withstanding the measured effort (targets picked by committees of lawyers, etc., in the interest of waging war without committing war crimes) that characterizes modern American military efforts.

    This morning’s Daily News carried the front-page story of some Canadian guy who was looking forward to ISIS attacking New York City. I feel we’re being softened up so that if an attack occurs, the government will be able to say that they warned us. But would ISIS really attack? Despite the rhetoric, it isn’t in their interest to do that: it’s the one thing that might make us take the gloves off and fight them for real.

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