For your personal edification: The Barbara E board finally bit the dust, officially…

I was cleaning out my “bookmarks” and before I canned hers, I clicked on it to see what would happen.


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7 thoughts on “For your personal edification: The Barbara E board finally bit the dust, officially…”

  1. Very sad. I often wonder what happened to Barbara E. I have not heard anything from her, of late. I am so thankful that this blog exists. It is so hard to find anywhere else on the net worth visiting regularly. R.I.P. Barbara E ‘s board.

  2. This is fairly common, to snuff a board.

    I remember when the HotJobs people did it — we had a good group going and then when I tried to come back to it maybe 3 years later….’twas gone.

    That’s life in the big internet, I guess.

    I wonder where Haxciz Gar went….haha, remember him/ her? that was the “handle” of one of the spambots.

  3. There are a few I miss who didn’t end up here. One of my faves was Wordsmithy who was also on another board I went to often called Monster. I keep in touch with several from there on Facebook but many more disappeared. Message board disappear often, sometimes it’s a good thing. I used to post on a message board devoted to a popular band and the flaming there was horrible. The group pulled it because of it.

    1. I liked the old HotJobs board and that too, was eliminated, a real long time ago.

      It’s just one of those things. Management decides not to keep the board and they take it down.

      I remember what a pain that old Monster board used to be — it did not post in real time; a mod had to read all the posts before they were approved and published.

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