Back into Iraq?

One of my conservative friends sent me an item reminding us that in 2007, when then-President Bush pushed for the ‘surge’ in Iraq, he warned us that if we left Iraq prematurely, the same problems would be back, only worse.  Now we have ISIS (or whatever they’re calling themselves this week) taking over the place, and the armchair generals in Washington saying that we need to go back and hit them hard.

Well, maybe.

In 2007, we owned the mess in Iraq, and there really was no way that we could duck out honorably.  But once something resembling peace had been achieved, the next step would have been to negotiate an agreement by which we could maintain some forces in place in Iraq, to help keep the peace if trouble should flare up in the future.  But we didn’t do that: as far as I can tell, both the Americans and the Iraqis wanted us to leave.  So there was no agreement to maintain forces, and we left.

And our hands are not clean in this affair: we built ISIS when we decided, instead of going to war in Syria ourselves last year, to arm the ‘Syrian rebels’ to fight on our behalf.  But the rebels realized that actually fighting the Syrian government would be work: extending their reach across lightly armed Syrian and Iraqi territory, where the locals would either be happy to receive them or ashamed to admit otherwise, would be far easier and more rewarding.

‘But don’t you see it?’ my conservative friend implored.  ‘They’re like the Terminator: they won’t stop until we’re all dead.’

But they get their strength… from us!

We congratulate ourselves that we haven’t had another terrorist attack on the US since 11 September, but we don’t realize that the terrorists didn’t have to do anything.  They can roll on the floor of their caves laughing as we turn ourselves into a police state and blow trillions of dollars fighting a war that kills people and destroys buildings, but leaves the movement pretty much unscathed.

‘Where would you rather confront them?  There, or here?’

Well, if confronting them ultimately serves to strengthen them, and weaken us, what’s the point?

3 thoughts on “Back into Iraq?”

  1. Here’s the problem, they hate us for a variety of reasons and the hate is getting more obvious. Even our so called “friends” in that area hate us, but depend on us for things, most obvious is money for oil. I was opposed to Iraq, even Desert Storm, and the reason is because of Saddam Hussein. He wasn’t a good guy by any means, but he was a secular tyrant, not a religious one. Women didn’t have to wear chadors or scarves or anything like that and many were professionals. Yes he was a murderer but let’s not forget he was murdering the Kurds at the same time we were helping him win against Iran. Yet years later he was our enemy? It was oil. I knew when he was eliminated this would happen.

    History shows us that when you get rid of a secular leader in that area you don’t get democracy you get a religious wack job. It happened in Afghanistan where women at one time were educated and didn’t have to cover. Not long ago I saw photos of women in Afghanistan from the 1960’s and they looked like American women of that period. What happened? the king was overthrown and all that infighting led to the Taliban. Same thing happened in Iran (though women have more rights there than many others). I’m pretty sure the same thing will eventually happen in both Egypt and Syria. Both had secular leaders and are now fighting ISIS. I think this is also the case in Libya too. It doesn’t bode well for the other secular Muslim leaders in that area like Turkey and Jordan and I think they are next. That area is very unstable and anti western ideas are becoming more common. Let’s not forget many European countries like England and France are going more Islamic.

    Many of the issues we deal with now go back to the bible where Abraham had two sons Ishmael and Isaac. Ishmael was his son by his maid and is the leader of Islam, whereas Isaac was from his wife (if you don’t know this story, read it because it is very weird and oddly sexual)and is the leader of the Jews. Because the US allied with Israel this made enemies out of many Muslims since they traditionally hate Jews.

  2. Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, and the Taliban were all our bestest friends when they were fighting the Russians. And then the USSR imploded, everyone’s interests changed, and they became our enemies.

    The thing that mostly concerns me about going to fight the terrorists is that it is ultimately self-defeating. Attacking terrorists only makes them stronger. We can blow up buildings and kill people, but the underlying movement remains pretty much unscathed.

    We have to refrain from giving in to fear. But that would take character, and no politician can ask for that.

    Going to war is easier….

  3. Where there is religion ruling a company and wherever there are nutbags that use religion as a shield, you will never have any peace at all in a country like that.

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