Why such diffuculty with obtaining this letter….


Because Bro and his Atty CAN!

On Sunday night of last week, I wrote to my atty and told him that I wanted Bro’s atty to give Bro a letter.

In it he is to say that the house is being sold and Bro is to comply 100% with the transaction and everything “house sale” between now and the closing of the home — and that Bro is to hand over a copy of the keys — to his apartment and to that vestibule door — ASAP.

I want that letter so that in case Bro hollars wolf again and calls the cops, the letter will be on my person — and I wills how that letter to the police when they get here. This way they can’t go “let your attorneys handle it.”

This is going on Day 10 — counting when I requested it — and still no letter.

This is bullshit; the 2 of them are farting around and ekeing ot the time! what is this but yet another delay.

The thing is like that Mousetrap game we played as kids — only instead of the obstacles it’s “Bros’ atty is trying to reach Bro” and “he will try to find Bro” and “Atty is gone for the holidays. He won’t be back until Monday.”

Today I got “He is trying to reach Bro…”

Wot “try”???? There is EMAIL and A CELL PHONE!

This is excuses galore — “oh, I don’t see it that way; atty for Bro says he wants this to be over…”

“Really?” I replied. “So why isn’t he telling Bro to comply and shut up and that this is OVER?”

To this atty said nothing. I am stuck with Atty too — if I had the funds, I’d have replaced him months ago. I have gotten strung along — isn’t the idea of it to call this other atty and read him the riot act and tell his ass to get the eff on the stick???

I am sick of Bro and GF micromanaging this entire stay at this house, so to speak — there was another bullshitty little scene here yesterday; this from GF:

“I am going to plant flowers in planters out front; if you move them, I will call somebody. If I move any of your things, you can call somebody.”

She paused and added, ‘that is the agreement.”

“‘Agreement’?” I said. “What ‘agreement’? Are you making up stories again, GF?” To this she said nothing.

Who is going to put up with these little seventh grader shennannegans — from her especially???

I will say what I want and do what I want; she hasn’t got the alpha position and she is ONLY A GUEST HERE. So bleep her.

Here is the thing: this entire thing is being held up because of Bro — I specifically want that letter so I can approach him and if he hollars for the cops, I show them that letter.”

It is disturbing that he calls and calls — what if something happened out here ‘for real”? You think the cops are going to be willing to come out here???

Such a tough time getting a letter that should have been here last MONDAY AFTERNOON the latest….I am going to keep pushing for it.

$300 for a monthly premium for health insurance? QUite the bargain…


I am guessing this is a hospital-owned health insurance company. There is another local hospital that is doing the same.

The only catch: you have to use the hospitals’ physicians and use only their hospital. You cant go anywhere else.

Holy Name found their niche and they cashed in on it, so to speak. There is an enormous Korean population in that area and the Koreans are notorious for not being the kind of group that eagerly pays for health insurance. There are blocks and blocks of neighborhoods where nothing is spoken but Korean. There are nothing but Korean signs in widespread areas of the  commnity– this would be Leonia, Palisades Park, large parts of Teaneck and possibly Bogota and part of Fort Lee.

(there was also big controversy in Fort Lee where they wanted to commemorate the “comfort girls” — the Koreans wanted the memorial; the Japanese did not. The town has a large population of both)

This is a group who shows up at the hospital with a suitcase full of money, to pay for a medical procedure (it happened at that facility about 2 or 3 years ago) So as you can see, they don’t like health insurance; I believe they consider it to be bad luck.

They have Korean nurses, Korean medical staff members and I believe there is a full Korean menu available if they become inpatients.

This is great and all well and good — but when do we take care of our own???

I am also wondering about the data and who else might be getting that info…and that is a whole other thread. Informed consent? I wonder how far that will really get you.

Update on Fred

For those who post here probably know I have a friend I call “Fred” (not his real name) because someone here named him after Fred Astaire, both because he dances but also because he would stare. It did graduate to talking and getting together on a platonic level. I was invited to his mom’s big 80 year old bash and my mom had a few people over for my dad’s birthday and I invited him. We are friends but apparently nothing else. I’ve tried and nothing.  I’ve given up on him. I probably should have sooner to be honest but he kept dangling this carrot as in “maybe we’ll go out”.

So I am going to do online dating again but with a twist. No more looking for a relationship since it’ll never happen. Instead I am putting up photos and trying to get the most desperate men and use them for things. They deserve it and this is my way of getting revenge at all the men who have done me wrong.  It’s obvious men don’t look at me as relationship material so why bother? I have a young guy who thinks I’m hot so I’m going to have sex with him. I need sex and waiting for a relationship is stupid since God has decided I am not worthy. When I did online before all I got were pieces of trash. Mostly unwanted men and lots of dads. NOT interested in a dad, not interested in being a stepmother, YUCK.

I am so mad I got hurt again, THANKS GOD.

Another great couple of job quests…

I actually had 3 interviews lined up for last Wednesday.

Interview 1 was for a nationally owned company but with one of their local offices.

I maybe should have seen where it was at with them when I called their telephone number after I spotted their job ad. There was no voicemail and no website either.

I got ahold of them the day after they rant he ad and they told me to send my resume.

I heard from them last Tuesday; the interview was set up for next day, a Wednesday.

I spent maybe 15 minutes with him. Very friendly, very upbeat; he even asked me what salary I was looking for and asked for references — I sent those to him the next day.

He told me that the start date for the new employee would be in 2 weeks and when I asked if I could call him to see if I got the job, he said yes.

None of my references were contacted. This is already bad news — and I am pissed because wow, this information is CONFIDENTIAL! I do not think my references would like their names and numbers “indiscriminently” disclosed, would you?

The second interview took place right after I left there; a new and local company right here in town was holding an open house.

The jobs offered were creative ones, like copywriter, stylist and so forth. I have more than a creative bent and I have experience I gained at other jobs; I’m just the thing they need.

I opened the door and went in — this was about 11:15….

And there were 40 people on line, with ONE interviewer!

And each person got 5 minutes of fame!

Perhaps when I saw this, I should have turned around and went the heck home — by the time I was interviewed it was 20 of 3.

Some people were sent to see another HR rep; some were sent home. The majority of the resumes went into a big cardboard box with a blue sticky note affixed to their resume.

I’d say that every 4th person was sent on to see an HR rep on the inside.

When I left there, there were 50 people behind me.

Now it’s quarter of 3. I had to rush to get to my house to call the third person since I didn’t have his telephone number on me…

I went to open my email to get the guy’s number…. whoops; here’s an email from him, sent to me at 10 of 11 while I was at Interview #1….

I open that email: he cancelled! said the job was filled.

I called him anyway. For the hell of it.

“Didn’t you get my email…” I lied and said no. “We filled that job last night.” So why didn’t ya tell me last night, then??? You’d have saved me the time and trouble of rushing home from that job fair; the telephone interview was between 1 and 3 and the guy told me to call him.

I don’t think so; when he set up the telephone interview, he asked me how much of a salary I was looking at; I think he cancelled because they had no intentions of paying “that” kind of money.

I have heard nothing from Interview #1 or Interview #2. Today at about 4pm, I called the first company. I asked for the gent who spoke to me — I had only his first name. He did not introduce himself to me at the interview using both names.

Guy wants to know “Is that Jim Brown, Jim Green or Jim White or Jim Blue?” Wow…give your last name when you speak to a job interviewee!

I said “It was the Jim who is doing the interviewing for the job…” “What’s your name?” “Dude Where’s My job.” Pause, then, “That job was already filled.”

I said thanks and hung up.

Now here is where I take umbrage. Not only did you NOT call me to tell me I didn’t get the job — and I’ve gotten rejection landlines before so ya can’t say it was that — but wow, why are you asking me for references when you know full well you will not be calling those people?

And what was all this exuberant nicey nicey stuff: an act too???

When I retain my voice — I am sick with the flu and I have a bad case of laryngitis as a result — I fully plan on going out there and saying a few things.

And tomorrow, I am taking a ride down to the open house company and asking them what’s what with the jobs we applied for.

They do not have a local telephone listing; evidently this is a new thing to do; the toll free number — the only one listed for the company on their website — is for the office in San Francisco.

I still can’t believe how dopey that is: ONE person for wow, what is going to be how many people on line??? Each one of us got 5 minutes; the open house was scheduled from 8am until 8 pm. 12 times 5 times 12 is what??? That’s 720 PEOPLE at the minimum! There was no way you could have at least 3 people doing the interviewing?

And next to the job apps — they insisted you complete the app, along with your resume — gee, is that a credit check request form that I saw??? I did NOT complete that page. Nobody did — and this is sad, too: one of the jobs open was for warehouse people. YOu can bet that the littlest of warehouse workers is going to have debt, thanks to the fact that they are making at best perhaps $10 or $12 an hour, tops.

This is more of wasted time. And I am nervous because of everything that is happening here. How in hell’s bells did it come down to this, for all of us? HOW?

Evil or Stupid?

I’ve written in these pages that 11 September 2001 was the day we discovered our government was either stupid or evil, and to this day we’re afraid to find out which. Now we’re hearing that the terrorist group ISIS is already ensconced here in the US, just waiting for the right moment to strike.

Our leadership is trying hard to present themselves as ‘not stupid:’ if, indeed, there is a terrorist attack, we won’t be able to say they didn’t warn us.

But if they’re not stupid, then they would have to be….

Hold that thought for a moment.

We, the United States, built ISIS.

We built ISIS the same way we built al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and Saddam Hussein. They served our purpose… until they didn’t.

In the particular case of ISIS, we wanted to go after the Syrian government, but the political will for a direct military response wasn’t there. So we enlisted the help of the ‘moderate Syrian rebels,’ only later coming to understand that there was no such thing.

There are two rational ways to deal with ISIS:

  • Acknowledge (even if only to ourselves) that we’ve made a mistake, and do our best to undo it. That means not only ‘boots on the ground,’ but whatever it takes to grind them into oblivion, followed by an extended occupation so they don’t get back up.
  • Acknowledge further that whatever efforts to undo the situation will only make matters worse: resist the urge to do something in the face of ISIS atrocities, stop supporting them, and let them burn themselves out.

Of course, we’re doing neither of those, outsourcing the dirty work to ‘carefully vetted moderate’ rebels, even though that approach got us into this mess in the first place.

Maybe I just don’t understand things. Maybe sleazy geopolitical gamesmanship is simply the way of the world.

I do understand, however, that if ISIS commits terrorism here, it will also be an event of our own making, because, besides building ISIS, we neglected the simple imperative of securing the border.

I also understand that responsible leadership means forestalling crises, not encouraging them. ‘Never let a crisis go to waste’ is the cry of fearmongers and despots.

Evil or stupid?

I’m still not sure, and I don’t think I want to find out.

Too expensive to live in this state; if you make less than 60K, you’re finished.

I am wondering how it got to  be so expensive to live in our state.

If you are single with no dependents and you make well under 60K, how do you get by and survive?

Who do we pin this on? The teachers making far too much, incentives for projects that went bad? What’s the cause of it?

We were stupid enough to give Revel 300M to build a casino and hotel — we know how that turned out. And we were dumb enough to lend a Catholic healthcare network 275M to buy a hospital in Newark.

The deal for the hospital’s gone bad and now we are stuck picking up the tab. We will be stuck with the tab for Revel too.

There are other deals that went bad, like a meadowlands project and we have a shell of a building that is supposed to be a brand new mall.

We have a mess of a hospital system. A good 10 have closed in the last 10 years.  There may be more to come if the investors that are getting involved blank up the entire deal.

We had other deals that went bad; all of them involved incentives and loans — it is hospitals and more. We are on the hook for everything.

I say all of that was parceled over to the taxpayer.

And now we are expected to be a lifeboat for Honduran youth. What a mess.

We also have too many school districts. We need consolidation and in a hurry.

I have seen rents go off the charts — it was not that expensive 10 years ago to live here — the average rent is at least $1800 for a one bedroom apartment. How do you afford it if you do not make a decent salary?

I am wondering where I am going, both literally and figuratively — where will I be living? I don’t even know if this house will sell (but there is a home up the block that was razed and now evidently a bigger house is being accommodated: who is building the house, I don’t know and I am going to find out and blast the town counsel on Tuesday…that is another story.  I am pretty sure somebody  bought that house and if the owners who currently own that home are building new and have plans on living in the brand new house, it’s very doubtful.

Around here you build a gargantuan home with the hopes of charging at least 800K for the home. The house is in a one family zone and the houses themselves were build somewhere around the mid-50s.

This is a mess.

I never saw any of this coming down the pike, including how expensive it is to live in this state: We do not have ammenites and to spend the day down the shore in peak season is costly. Take your family of 4 and you will spend at least $200 on a day trip, factoring in tolls and gas and beach passes ($10!) and eating somewhere during the day.  And the per-night charge for a room in a tiny little hotel is at least $275 a night!

How did everything get so expensive?

We will be stuck with the tab for the out of work casino employees in more ways than one. ATlantic City is nowhere near a state college — there might be a community college there, or over in the next county — you are  given  $4,000 for training and that money has to be spent at a county community college or at a state run college.

That money will not take you far for retraining for anything. And you are not even guaranteed a job once you’re finished with your coursework; who is hiring??? — what a mess.

Where are you planning on sending over 10,000 to retrain??? These are service people with not much of a background and I am sure that there are many in the bunch that would up with a casino job…. because the “real” job they had is now history.

How can I even afford to live here? THis mess with Bro is one thing — the cost of living is skyrocketing and because of that alone, the day was coming when the house would have to be sold.

I never expected any of this to happen. In the wrong place at the wrong time — I can’t see how many of my neighbors are going to make it.  Maybe they have kids who are fiunancially aiding them — I can only guess.

(I say to take Revel and turn it into a VA hospital: they badly need one in that area.)

As for me, I am hoping for the best. I never saw any of this coming, economy wise and job wise. And your job means everything.


Back into Iraq?

One of my conservative friends sent me an item reminding us that in 2007, when then-President Bush pushed for the ‘surge’ in Iraq, he warned us that if we left Iraq prematurely, the same problems would be back, only worse.  Now we have ISIS (or whatever they’re calling themselves this week) taking over the place, and the armchair generals in Washington saying that we need to go back and hit them hard.

Well, maybe.

In 2007, we owned the mess in Iraq, and there really was no way that we could duck out honorably.  But once something resembling peace had been achieved, the next step would have been to negotiate an agreement by which we could maintain some forces in place in Iraq, to help keep the peace if trouble should flare up in the future.  But we didn’t do that: as far as I can tell, both the Americans and the Iraqis wanted us to leave.  So there was no agreement to maintain forces, and we left.

And our hands are not clean in this affair: we built ISIS when we decided, instead of going to war in Syria ourselves last year, to arm the ‘Syrian rebels’ to fight on our behalf.  But the rebels realized that actually fighting the Syrian government would be work: extending their reach across lightly armed Syrian and Iraqi territory, where the locals would either be happy to receive them or ashamed to admit otherwise, would be far easier and more rewarding.

‘But don’t you see it?’ my conservative friend implored.  ‘They’re like the Terminator: they won’t stop until we’re all dead.’

But they get their strength… from us!

We congratulate ourselves that we haven’t had another terrorist attack on the US since 11 September, but we don’t realize that the terrorists didn’t have to do anything.  They can roll on the floor of their caves laughing as we turn ourselves into a police state and blow trillions of dollars fighting a war that kills people and destroys buildings, but leaves the movement pretty much unscathed.

‘Where would you rather confront them?  There, or here?’

Well, if confronting them ultimately serves to strengthen them, and weaken us, what’s the point?

My tough choice…and yes, he called the cops again….

Yesterday to the atty: to tell him I wanted the house to be sold.

It is going to happen anyway — a judge will be reviewing the case and he will decide what the damages are. Right now it looks like I will be lucky if I get half of the monetary damages.

I said to Atty, is it okay I tell Bro first?

He said yes. Atty is getting a letter sent on Monday; I am resuing, more or less, and the atty will be the one to get the summons. It is going by mail — as per my request.

At 4 pm I knocked on Bro’s door. He was there alone.

He told me to come in.

I told him the house was being sold and could I also please have the keys to both doors whyere the locks were changed last fall.

“NO!” he said. “Speak to my atty about this!”

I told him his will be getting a letter and I wanted Bro to know first in person by me.

“NO, I will not allow that.   I am going to keep living here!  And get out of MY house.” This from him.

I said, “And while you are at it, could you please give me a copy of the keys from the locks changed last fall?”

He refused. “I don’t have to give you anything! Get out of MY house!”

I said “Sure, go call. Whatever you want…”

He called after me “You came at me with balled up fists!” No I did not….this is the same shit he told the cops 6 months ago.

And true to type — I knew he would do it and I forewarmed my atty before I left yesterday that Bro would call the cops  — he called the cops again.

He whips out his cell phone and announces to me, “911 BABY! I’m gonna call the cops on you; you came at me with balled up fists. I am getting an RO out on you.”

Not true about the fists…same shit he told the cops in March.

I said, “Sure, go call.” I leave.

I heard him tell the cops “…and she demanded my keys and told me to get out.” NOT TRUE!

I went downstairs and immediately told my atty what happened; I left a message for atty  immediately after Bro said he was calling the cops, just to put it on record.

; I just got off the phone with atty — it’s now about 5 pm.

The whole conversation between Bro and I took perhaps 30 seconds.

The cops come. They heard me out and told me to go.

While we were waiting for the cops he bragged, “911 baby! The cops are coming!!!”

And when the cops left, he called GF, I guess and more or less bragged he called the cops and then he called a second person and did the same. “Well, I did it. I called the cops AGAIN….”

The cops heard my side of the story….again — and then the cop said, “Let the attys take care of this.” I said that they were and bro got some bad news he didn’t want to hear. And that is why he called.

I am guessing that second call went to GF #2. Holy crap….how much more silly does it get than this???

Then he got into his car and left,  after the cops were gone, presumably to file a restraining order against me — yeah, he said he was going to do that too. He told me while we were waiting for the cops. (and I guess this is the part where I beg him tearfully not to do it? I am guessing also this might also be part of his  way of getting me to call off the lawsuit completrely.

This is another Boy Who Cried Wolf thing to me — but wow, how many times am I going to get this shit from him???

A judge is only going to move that this house be sold. It’s inevitable — I made the decision for my own good. Better I decide than have him do it, you know? Woldn’t you want to do the smart thing and perhaps get a jump on the game and look for places to live, clean out your apartment in advance, etc????

“I will remain HERE! I am not going anywhere!” Really, Bro?

When the second cop spoke to me, I told him what was happening and that Bro will probably be a frequent flier while the duration of the lawsuit is in process — and that Bro will probably be calling cops clear up until the day he is to be out of here when the sale of the house is final.

How many damn phone calls is he going to make? What do the cops do in a case like this?

Just another shitty day in paradise….

He is insisting he paid up all the taxes; not true. I got a delinquent notice for the 3rd quarter; that was last Friday. Atty has a copy of it. (this would be the quarter payable August 1) I told him no and he is STILL telling me yes. This is a fantasyland this guy is in…unless another Dude and Bro with the same last name live in this house too and the delinquent notice is really for THEM… I dunno….

I did not tell him he was more or less being re-sued for the damages and whre there will be lien put on his part of the property. I did not tell him any of that — I did say “it’s inevitable; better you know now.”

This is his  only ammunition: calling the cops.

And oh yeah, he said to me — this is while the cops were wating, “I will have you thrown out of here and removed from the premises.” Go ahead and try to scare me.

On Monday I will ask for a copy of that police report. I will probably have to wait for a week or so because the prosecutor has to redact parts of it, the same as they did with March’s police report.

You know that since September I have been avoiding Bro and only talking to him when needed.  Why even bother to talk to him when it is not a necessity? I have no more “use” for him; he’s going to be gone and why should I even want a relationship with somebody who’s lied to me and lied about me and has a resentment issue with me for years? I am fussier than that, try.

He also said “She’s been out of work for 6 years. What damn effing business is that fo theirs? I didn’t hear the rest. No doubt he told them he had to support me or something.

There is no way he could keep this house for himself — he is on part time status where he works and it is retail. He has a 2 and one half day schedule. Who is he trying to kid?

I know Bro like a  book — I was right on the money when I said yesterday that Bro will probably call the cops again when he gets the good news. And what was he waiting for? For  me to cry “no no don’t do that”??? This is manipulation and almost a mild form of harassment. “Oh, I’ll say shit and make her look really bad” is what he is thinking? Making me look bad is also perjury. A crime punishable by jail time, I believe.

I wanted to get things moving here: basement cleaned out, realtor here to advise if we should sell as is or fix what needs to be fixed and so forth — but looks to me now that isn’t going to happen until a judge decrees the house is to be sold.  And I take a hit on the damages, too.

And I want a judge to say to him at the hearing that he is NOT to hold up or impede the sale in any way at all.  As it is right now he is putting up a roadblock in every possible way.

I am ready to snap — I want this house sold and gone and have this little bleep out of my life as soon as possible — and even then, that’s not going to make my money come back or erase years of damage HE has caused. The lying alone is sick enough. Too damn bad this house wasn’t sold years ago. When I had time and a job and money on my hands; be done with him and this home and move on.

Volunteering often the same crap as paid work

As I’ve mentioned I’ve been doing lots of volunteering at the church and the American Legion but am starting to deal with the same backstabbing and cliquish behavior I dealt with at work. I am so disgusted about this.

The American Legion has a program that helps people going into the military, when they get out and in the military. They will have potlucks for these people and a ceremony.  It’s hard to explain but it’s a really nice way to help people. As my brother is currently serving and most of my relatives served (I did but was medically discharged)so the military is near and dear to me. When this particular program started it was a lot of fun hanging out with these people chatting and whatnot. It really was a social event. I volunteered for two years in a row for the county fair and literally was there all weekend.  However, about a year ago things started to change. First, the person who started this had a family medical crisis and a few people decided to start a fundraiser. Nothing wrong with this except I was told they didn’t want my help because they wanted to keep it small. Okay I get not wanting to tell a lot of people beforehand so the person doesn’t know but I found out many people were organizing this event, including people not even involved in the organization. To say I was hurt is an understatement and ever since then I had been sort of distant but still involved. I just generally avoided those who excluded me from the organization committee.

However, the story continues. I would go to the potlucks and help out there and several made comments that I wasn’t doing enough. One of the comments was that I was coming for the meal because I wasn’t bringing anything. First off, I didn’t always eat there, and second I would run the souvenir table (where you can buy stuff like shirts and sweat shirts)from the time before the event until after, then clean up. Many people were coming just for the meal, then leaving and not bringing anything. These people weren’t even volunteers or involved, just people finding out about the free dinners. Then people were giving me a hard time about Fred (not his name) being drunk. He’s not allowed there until he stops drinking (he’s working on it). People were blaming me because someone said we were dating. I love him and would date him but he’s either not interested or not interested now but we are friends.  We get together and are more often. However my point is we are just friends and they are blaming me. On top of it, several are Facebook friends and have been arguing with me over posts I make. If you don’t like don’t read. The final straw has been I found out the organization at the Legion created several committees with other volunteers in charge and this made me quit. My dad is a member and they like him but not me, or rather I’m not in with the cool people. Others have quit because of this.

Then we get to church. I do a lot at church, from cantoring to choir to chair person of the Shrove dinner, to religious teacher to general volunteer. I’m the one they call when they need a cantor or a volunteer. For the last three years I have been a teacher for 1st grade and love it. I’d love to be a teacher. The parents always give me compliments and the director confides in me. I’ve known her 10 years outside of church and have gone places with her outside of church.

For the last three years I have had assistants, both teen girls (11 and 17). Last year my older helper went to college, a teaching position opened at the church and I recommended her. This year she is teaching kindergarten. I pick up the bulletin and it listed my name as a teacher with someone else. To say I was angry is an understatement. I called the director about this and she assured me she was just an assistant. The reason she wants to teach is because her daughter is in my class and she doesn’t want to be left alone. Okay, then I get to the meeting and this woman started talking about plans she has for “her” class. I confront the director and she then said “look at it as she’s my co pilot”.  Sorry but I don’t want a co pilot, an assistant is fine. I don’t even need that as I don’t have many kids. The 2nd grade has a lot yet that teacher doesn’t have a co teacher.  The way they were talking to her at the meeting really isn’t how you chat with assistants. She was then asking for the syllabus and changes she wants to make, etc. The director was asking how much she can do in class, like she was testing me. I then spoke to another teacher who had the same issue and she ended up quitting because the parent was obnoxious. If this woman was so much into volunteering why didn’t she before now?

I am so sick about this because I love teaching. I’ve found out she is an actual teacher (not sure how long)and will an actual teacher be content assisting? Doubtful. Some have suggested people are trying to kick me out but why me? I do more than most, I was absent twice last year and told them ahead of time. Sure I’m not an actual teacher but have taught before in colleges and employers, and this is still more than the other catechists. Some don’t even have college degrees. I think it has to do with a hovering mother and the director being a pushover. I keep emailing her and get no response.

I’ve had horrible experience with volunteering in the past so I’m always on alert. I taught ESL students English and had a teacher hit me because she was jealous (she was old, fat, short and ugly while I was thin, pretty, young and taller than her). I’ve been used by political people, including working a full time position for free and I was paid for this by being told I wasn’t good enough to get a paid position or even a management position during the election.


Why There Are Fewer And Fewer Good Jobs

I have a friend from the gym I used to be a member of, and he writes a blog. His latest entry explains why there are fewer, and ever fewer good jobs. The title of his blog is BizSinc-Bringing Business To Life. His latest entry is titled Can’t Refuse. His name is Thomas W. Smith. His other entries are worth reading, as well. Google the entry (especially you Dude).