A Dreary Start

One of my bad habits is grabbing my tablet first thing in the morning to check my e-mail, before I’ve quite gotten out of bed.  It’s usually advertising of various stripes: books or records or electronics.  Today Amazon was trying to tempt me with music.

They were selling  Lourde’s Pure Heroine at the low, low price of $3.99 (cheaper than vinyl records back in the day!).  I had heard reports that it was wonderful, and read about it in the newspaper, but never actually listened to Lourde herself.

Or maybe I did, but I just don’t remember it.

It’s that bad.  No, it’s worse.

Music is supposed to work by evoking an emotion in the listener.  But the songs of Pure Heroine evoke nothing, except a desire to change the channel.  I do not feel the earth move under my feet: I feel my neurons dying.

And Lourde is not a heroine, whatever she imagines herself to be.  She sings like a mouse.  The songs have too many words, and no space for a melody to take flight, or even work up a good waddle.

I don’t mean to be hard on Lourde.  She’s singing in the contemporary manner, and maybe it’s my fault that I don’t get it.  But it’s a disappointment.

Further wandering on Amazon brought me to the new Weird Al Yankovic album, Mandatory Fun, also well-reviewed in the newspaper.  I’ve always enjoyed Weird Al, but the input to the Weird Al process is the music of its time.  Would this be a case of ‘garbage in, garbage out’?

Sadly, it seems to be that way.  Some of the material seems worth another listen, but in general, it’s true to its title, ‘mandatory fun,’ which is to say that it’s no fun at all.

I got out of bed, went to the living room, and put on the Duran Duran song ‘Rio’ louder than I had a right to at 6:30 in the morning.

I had to clear the crap out of my head.

5 thoughts on “A Dreary Start”

  1. You might try looking at the videos from “Mandatory Fun”. I’m not familiar with the underlying songs. I particularly liked “Foil”, the parody of Lorde’s “Royals”.

  2. As music, period, Lorde rates about a 2.

    I think WA reached his peak in the 80s. Nothing was funnier than “King of Suede”

  3. When I had my colonoscopy they gave me Propanol, and I blacked out with the song “Beat It” going thru my head. Just before I woke up in recovery, I was dreaming that Michael Jackson was dancing, with his dance team, in front of me to “Beat It”. Needless to say, after I woke up, it soon turned into the song “Eat It”. :-). LOL.

  4. Sad to say most music doesn’t equal Rio, which is imo one of the best albums ever. I really enjoyed Duran Duran’s last album All You Need Is Now which brought them back to their roots. I love Duran Duran, followed them quite extensively (and by follow literally means follow them when they came to town)but have been disappointed when they decided to make a hip hop album but was happy when they switched back to their roots with All You Need Is Now.

    Anyway Weird Al is a genius (literally, he is smart)in many ways but I think part of it is the music isn’t as good. The 80’s when he was at his peak had better music. Today’s music is mostly crap from non talented people. I know people like Lorde but think she is overrated. I think most singers today are (though I do like Adele a lot).

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