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It’s a beautiful clear morning. I’m out for a morning ride, the endorphins are flowing, and I pause at the former Grand Street ferry landing (now a charming little park) to write a few lines.

I recently started playing with, er, testing, Microsoft Office 365, which comes with an app for my phone with pocket versions of Word, Excel, etc. So let’s give it a shot, I thought.

I had tried opening a couple of files that I had stored on OneDrive (Microsoft’s cloud service) with no problem, but couldn’t find out how to create a new document.

Some frantic Googling revealed the answer: from the very first Office screen, tap the symbol with the plus sign somewhere in it. If it had been a simple plus sign, I would have figured it out with no trouble.

It’s so simple, so very simple, that only a child can do it….

But typing on my phone actually works better than I expected. I’ve always found answering e-mails on my phone to be annoying and clunky, but Word on my phone just seems to work.

I only hope that I can retrieve this when I get back home to post it….

2 thoughts on “Learning Something New”

  1. I am glad Microsoft is finally doing things right. Do you think it is because they got rid of Steve Balmer? They certainly could have made better products during his tenure. Or was that really Bill gates behind the scenes? The park you mention, is it the only place you can access a view of the river? I looked at some photos of it, and it is indeed lovely. Also, have you seen a documentary titled, My Brooklyn? I saw it on PBS, and it was about gentrification. You may be able to watch it on the PBS website. I would love to hear your views on its observations.

  2. I don’t know what Steve Ballmer did or did not do. For my part, I made my peace with Windows 8 when I came to understand that the Start menu, which used to take up a corner of the screen, is now a screen unto itself. I have a pair of Windows 8 desktops running an exotic application that I’m testing, and they just work. Microsoft has tweaked its business model a bit, moved into services and hardware, but for both the good and the bad, they seem to me about the same as they ever were.

    There are many places in Brooklyn with a view of the river. I like this one (besides its other charms) because it’s about 30 minutes from my home, and therefore a good turning point for a morning ride.

    I’ll look up ‘My Brooklyn,’ but I’ve always believed that gentrification doesn’t improve neighborhoods: it overlays a new neighborhood on the old one. Sometimes they can coexist fruitfully, and in time become one neighborhood again; more often one drives out the other.

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