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The beat is still going on with me.

Still waiting to see what happens with Bro. I had to obtain copies of my personal checks to prove he did not pay a penny.

I am also convinced all of the admin assistant jobs in our immediate area have dried up, phased out or absorbed into other jobs that exist with their current companies. Not even in the best and worst times have I seen the admin ads nearly nonexistent.

In 1992 when my company closed and when everyone was losing their jobs there were at least 4 ads for admins in any given week. Same for 2002 and pre-June 2007. In August of that year when I picked up the ads to start looking again (because work at my new company was dry and I wasn’t sure what would happen to my job) there were no ads.

The trend stayed on: if an ad appears now, it happens anywhere from a month  to every several weeks or more — and usually there is only one appearing that week. I’ve seen it go 3 or 4 months without an ad being available for “the public” to pursue — and when you critically need a job, how can you even cut it with odds like these?

Try to reach the company after you sent your resume and usually the company doing the hiring cannot be reached, or it’s an anonymous ad or I rarely get a call to come in for an interview.

I do not reply to anonymous ads. Waste of time.

It used to be I got a call to come in to interview within 3 days of sending my resume; often as not I’d immediately be contacted.  Those days are long over so you know there’s gotta be a problem with the system and NOT YOU.

And when that call to come in for an interview happens, the interview is fruitless and it’s all the same: these people go through the motions and I get a token bunch of idiotic questions, like “How is your English?”

I cannot pin my hopes on what clearly does not exist. Are you here to do business or are you here to waste my time??? What kind of a reputable and intelligent interviewer asks questions like these? How idiotic and how shallow. Then again, when you don’t want the candidate, does it matter what you ask that person?

Yes, it DOES matter what you ask, because you are the one who is putting yourself — and your company — in a bad light. You’re also being a first class doosh.

Several weeks ago I had a conversation with somebody (not an interview) and what this guy said to me crossed my mind more than once during the last many months. That was the wake up call for me — whether I like it or not I have started a business of my own. Slow going so far; I have several contacts and several prospects but I don’t know if they are going to “stick.”

What can I do?

Either I keep on pursuing something that no longer is pursuable or existent or I do nothing or I start a business. None of these are a guarantee but I can see what happens with a business.

It really really sucks and it is a heartbreak. I finally admitted the job market is done — how do you think I feel about that?

Pursue the ads?

Not good for your mental well being or your ego. This will get under your skin and will do so in ways you never knew existed.

Besides, in regard to what I have seen at interviews: these people are pigs; they do not care how you are treated. Who in God’s name tells a person who sent a resume “My HR department from Israel will call you for an interview” when you know full well that no such interview will happen?! What kind of a disgusting thing and no -class move is that, really?

Gee, and when I sent that person who said it an email telling him “gee I got no call where do we go from here” I got no reply back. How about I puke on the entire bunch of you, all at once? How vile and wow, how sickening. Why did you tell me your HR department would call, then????

When you interviewed and the interviewer was not interested, it used to be that you were treated with business courtesy and with dignity. Rarely did you get some whackall job contact running the show — now it seems to be all of them are nuts or just plain inconsiderate and I am not saying this because I am sour grapes I did not get their job.

Something stunk on ice and was rotten in Denmark from the very start of my job search.

So that is where I am at.

I am better off pursuing my art and entering the business world that way. There are no more admin jobs; those are done.

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  1. Yes, I faced this back in the early 1990’s. It is a bummer, but when the world has no pre-existing place for you, one must create a place for themselves. It is rotten luck to have to do that later in life during The Great Recession, but that is how it worked out for you. I have to apply for SSDI again now that I have developed another health problem. Still, at least it gives me something to do! LOL. :-).

  2. Admin jobs may well be “done” due to the pushback of clerical work onto technical staff that I’ve mentioned in the past., which goes back about 30 years. We have 2 admins at my office, and I’m not sure what they do, but the trend has been to add other duties to their jobs. For instance, one of the admins is responsible to maintaining our training records.

    I believe that other factors in the decline of the admins are ineffective delegation and a decline in routine tasks.

    About a year ago, we started practicing to do shift work at the plant. I went back to my old habit of carrying a lab notebook so that I could take notes, and was stunned by how bad my handwriting had gotten and how difficult it was to write by hand for more than a couple of minutes. We started round-the-clock coverage in April.

  3. I cannot figure out where all the ads for admins went.

    As I said, even in the best of time people were hiring and there were plenty of ads to go around.

    Now they’ve all vanished, or so it seems.

    I am not happy that I have to find my own way. I have very limited funds to start this business and I can’t spend it all on advertising and getting the word out.

    And as we know, it is always slow going to get a business started (though yesterday at a great big art show, a guy there sold a full life size sculpture for a very extravagant price. He sold 2 of them, as far as I know.

    I am tired and drained out. I don’t even know if I am doing the right thing — but I can’t just sit here and do nothing and I can’t just sit here and chase what apparently no longer exists.

    And I am thinking too that at least some of these people want a kid — maybe they want somebody young and dumb who won’t question silly little things like a ridiculously low wage or why Boss seems to be so uh scattered or why the company never gives our raises or why the benefits are so lousy. Maybe they want somebody to eagerly follow Boss around; I have seen that in a thousand places a thousand times over.

    In October, in one company, the interview was over immediately. I am thinking he wanted a kid for the job. Guy asked me a silly question — “how is your English” and he did it, I think, to stall and fill up time. After that, he talked about nothing…and I was out of there in maybe 12 more minutes.

    I’ve had it. I’m heartbroken; who ever heard of no job in the corporate world??? (I am classifying all companies and outfits with 2-2 trillion employees the “corporate world”) Who ever heard of going from interview to interview and getting nothing for your time, effort and trouble?

    Gas wasted, time wasted, paper wasted, ink wasted — forget it.

    What else was I going to do? It’s like you plunge blindly on with the job search because you “have to” or “somebody” said to do it. And as for being stupid enough to think the odds would somehow yield a job for you…. yes, this is sick. What can I tell you?

    Something infected “us” in the space of time between May 2007 and August 2007. I knew a recession was coming — I told you guys about that — I saw the whole supply line collapse when I was working at that company. All of a sudden, there were nearly zero orders; the only orders we had were from some new clients looking for this or that from some Chinese mill or from regular customers who had standing orders for goods they had in a warehouse of ours already.

    Something “Got” us and got us good. And now we are still paying for it, what ever it is that did “get” us. God help us all. What a disaster this is.

  4. I was talking to Fred’s mother and she was telling me they may be hiring so if that happens I have a good chance because his mother likes me a lot. However whether they can or not remains to be seen and meanwhile I am racking my brains. I am printing flyers to pass around town for computer services because that is my only choice at this point. Fred doesn’t think any company will hire me, not because of my qualifications but because of everything else. He’s being realistic (he knows he wouldn’t get hired if their store was forced to close ether). So in addition to looking at freelance I am checking into disability and also considering massage therapy.

    I don’t get these interviews. I recently had an interview I felt so positive about. At the end the woman told me I was so far the lead for the job but she had two more interviewees. I got rejected. Why, is it because lately my credit isn’t perfect or is it because one of the last interviewees was better or did someone’s kid need a job? Then last week I had an interview for a marketing job but the woman interviewing me told me it had other duties but didn’t tell me what those were. After the last few years I have discovered “extra duties” can be anything, including washing windows. I could tell she was bored of some questions I answered and the interview was about 10 minutes, never a good sign.

  5. Dawn, why don’t you indeed do it? GO into business for yourself.

    There’s tons you can do — what about computer produced artwork? If Warhol did it with an Amiga computer, you can do the same with your computer — there are tons of graphic arts aritsts out there — I saw many of them this past weekend at a huge art exhibit I took part in. There had to be a couple thousand artists there showing their work.:)

    Try restaurants and try nightclubs. Try coffee shops and try other venues where there’d be art to be seen by a customer.

    Try churches! Try everywhere you can think of where there will be art on display at the venue.

    1. It’s one of the things I am checking into now. I see a need with some of what I can offer such as computer training and marketing. I think it’s my only option now.

  6. It sucks all around and nothing IS like it used to be.

    Even if I was still in my first career, at the first place I worked at — the hospital has been bought out by a group of investors that is going to buy out 2 other floundering Catholic hospitals.

    There were layoffs before this bunch officially took the keys and I am sure that they will lay off more people than that in the days to come — the layoffs were not just the ordinary Joes but department heads and managers, there for many years. They will bring in their own head honchos and to hell with who has been running the department for 35 years.

    If I was still there, I will bet my days would have been numbered. Imagine working in only one place and in only one career your whole life — what the blank do you do now, at this stage of your life???

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