This and That

I haven’t been online all that much the last few months for many reasons. For one I have been sick and also busy. I suffer from psoriatic arthritis along with psoriasis and this weather also saw me get severe bronchitis. Of course we had a brutal winter which meant it was worse.  There were days I was in and out of bed and it was rough. I would have fevers then be fine then be sick again and on and on.  I sing every other Sunday at church followed by religious ed so I would sing, go teach then come home and sleep. Once the weather gets warmer as it is, my arthritis will go into remission as it always seems to do in warm weather.  However because I do have a legit disease I have applied for disability.  However if the weather gets better who knows.

On the jobs front, I just had an interview that looks promising. It’s part time but may become full time in the future. The woman interviewing me told me she was impressed by me and my skills are what they need. However, been there done that so unless I get the job I’ll assume she was being nice. Otherwise have had a string of rejections but what else is new?

Fred is a mess and though I love him I can only be his friend unless he changes. Honestly I don’t know if he will change or even if he will want to date if he does. I had an interesting situation come up at church with this guy possibly flirting with me. The church was selling incense and he offered to buy me some. However I take it as being friendly unless he asks me out. Not attracted to him but who knows what would happen.

We have a governors race in Illinois that is looking to be interesting. Our governor is being challenged by someone who has never been in politics, and is a moderate Republican (or he claims). I will probably vote for him because I despise the current governor. He cut funding for elderly and disabled while increasing it for welfare.

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