I Have Been Having Problems With WordPress


I keep having to change my password to post here. Is this some sort of safety measure? Has anyone else had this problem. I also get a ‘server has problem’ message. What is going on? Will the engineers please comment. Thanks. :-).


I am corresponding with a woman I met on OKCupid. She is a teacher. Perhaps you, NWP, can meet some nice guys on that site. It beats Fred Astare! Love that name! What is happening with his DUI. That can be a very expensive problem. Here in PA someone has set up a taxi service for drunks, so they do not have to drive their car home. The service has a driver return their car to their home for them, and then the service picks up the driver at the drunks home. Maybe Fred Astare can sign up with a similar service so he can avoid future DUIs.

My Friend Mike.

My friend Mike is a nice guy. In college he was very talkative, and bright. He got his degree in Meteorology, and served in the US Navy for six years using his meteorological training. Then he worked, for four more years in the private sector using those same skills. Now he works nights at a ‘big box’ hardware store. I caught up with him on Facebook, but he did not seem the same guy I knew in college. I mentioned this, and other things I had noticed in my correspondence with Mike, to my mom and she said it may be early dementia. I was shocked, but I had seen the same thing with a close relative. I think Mike is about to turn 50. It is so sad the way people deteriorate. But I guess that is just life.

David Letterman.

Yesterday (4/03/2014) David Letterman announced he would retire sometime in 2015. I am not a late night talk show watcher, but I do recognize Mr. Letterman was a good interviewer. His training at a regional radio, and later his working at a regional TV station, obviously helped him develop his talent. He probably could have gone into journalism if he had not chosen comedy. That multifaceted talent is what made him different from all his peers. Johnny Carson wanted ‘Dave’ to be his replacement hosting The Tonight Show, but NBC chose Jay Leno instead. I think, considering what has happened to NBC, Mr.Letterman definitely ended up with the better deal. I look at this as a ‘flipping’ point’. This is my term which I use to ‘describe a sudden culture change which has been slowly building’. After David Letterman retires all the major late night talk show hosts will be people who were born after 1968, as far as I know. My college generation watched ‘Dave’. Then they graduated, and watched David Letterman. Their parents generation watched Johnny Carson. Now the next working (if anyone is ‘working’ in this economy!) generation has taken over, and they will watch the late night talk show hosts they watched in college. If anything says ones generation is been shunted of the stage of life, it is no longer seeing your generation represented on TV by the late night talk show hosts you were watching as a young adult in college.

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  1. My computer has been weird too. I have tried OkCupid but I seemed to mostly find divorced dads, though a couple of never married childless men contacted me. I have an interesting thing going on in church where this guy may or may not be flirting with me. This guy offered to buy me incense awhile back and seems to be talking to me. However he hasn’t gone further so who knows. Fred (love that name too and of course not his real name)is still dealing with his DUI. Oh we are friends and plan to get together to go out but knowing him he will forget or make an excuse. We did go to a concert in November along with his mom and my parents and he was drunk.

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