The Freedom Tower.

I am glad some ‘base jumpers’ parachuted off The Freedom Tower recently, but I still feel it represents the decline of the U.S.A. because it seems like such a small ‘gesture’ in its symbolism. It is the triumph of the philosophy of “knowing the cost of everything, and the value of nothing” that now dominates this once inspirational country. Very sad.

My Friend Jim.

I first met Jim though mutual friends, who I had become acquainted with in ninth grade, when I first started high school. Jim was a good, honest, and well intentioned guy. He ‘friended’ me on Facebook a few years back, and I caught up with what was going on in his life. He was an avid sports fan, and posted a lot about local minor league teams; As well as Philly teams. He even had just looked into purchasing season tickets to a local minor league team. Then one day, about six weeks ago, I went on Facebook and the mutual friend who had introduced me to Jim many yeas ago had posted about Jim’s sudden, untimely death. Jim died in his sleep at the age of 53. I miss his posts, but he was fortunate because he never outlived his joy of life. Everyone should be so blessed.

Crimea (A River?).

Is Crimea a river that will lead to WWIII. It seems a lot like the pre-WWI, or pre-WWII period in Europe currently. I, at first thought President (Boorish) Putin just wanted that little part of Ukraine but now he seems very Hitlerian in his goals. He just wants to steal everything!!! It makes no sense, unless you realize that he is ‘nuts’. Then it makes perfect sense!!! :-).

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