Vent: Thanks a lot for lying to me! $&%&#!

There has to be an em effing law.

And one in my favor.

I am really pretty mad. Boiling mad, in fact, because once again, I got lied to — not by one person but two: Bro and his live in girlfriend.

To recap: Maybe I mentioned what happened when bro’s GF moved in at the end of Setpember — there was a fire and he decided to accommodate her.

There was no need for him to do this and I told him that flat out the day the fire happened; about 10 minutes after the fire, he told me she was moving in with him.

He called me FROM the site of the fire, as it was going on and told me she was coming here— he did not belong there, being the area is dangerous and the public was told the area was cordoned off. Imagine that; he calls from the fire itself to tell me.

Back in October — this is the Friday after the fire, the day she changed the lock on that front door —, GF told me “I will only be staying here until the end of the school year.”

I never liked that at all. I knew then that this was probably not going to happen and I had more or less a permanent fixture here upstairs. No way was she leaving. There was new furniture coming into his apartment upstairs — I was told by Bro “She will be taking it with her when she leaves.”

All of this was said to me start of October.


Being she DID say she was going and being this is now end of March and school lets out in 2 months, it’s time for her (or them) to look for rooms, no?

So I just asked her when she is going.

I was right:

GF: “We’re not moving.”
Me: So why was I told at the start of October by you that you would be leaving at the end of June, then? The game plan changed and nobody informed me otherwise?
GF: Why is this important to you?
Me: Because I can get tenants up here instead of you 2 being here.

She didn’t like this. “Listen, I am a paralegal and I know all about this; you should speak with him about this.

It is also the fact that neither one of you upheld your word — and if there was not going to be anybody moving out I should have been told. Isn’t this the decent thing to do?

I say that this was a lie from the start and this is why I’m so pissed.

Me: This has nothing at all to do with the lawsuit. You said in the fall you were leaving and I am merely asking you when you plan on leaving. It’s end of March; if you were going to be leaving you should be looking for rooms right about now.

GF: I see you’re not in a good place now and you’re hostile —
Me (raising voice to about 100 decibels): Kindly cut out the clich├ęs. Talk lke this is the reall world.
GF: You should really talk to your brother….
Me: Uh huh. That will be of no use. Thanks to the both of you for lying to me.

And I left.

There has to be a law. This shouldn’t be a case of “his part and parcel” as the attorney told me in October when I went for a consultation — at the time, I also wanted to evict her, being she really has no reason to be here — there are tons of rooms for rent anywhere in this area.

By law, he was supposed to discuss her living with him with me — being each of us own this property – and we were to agree on a rent for her. That didn’t happen.

What happened here is that I was lied to from the get go.

And that’s bullshit and just plain wrong.

And I do not appreciate that. Nobody can be grown up and be straight here with me — what were they so afraid of? I’d get mad? Well, bugger — I’m mad NOW!

Or did they just think there was no reason to tell me the real story?

Sooner or later it was going to come out in the wash so why not make it sooner?

And how dare I be treated like a tenth class citizen in my own home.

I asked her, “Do you know exactly what kind of deep shit he is in with me?” To this she said nothing.

The 2 of them are eventually going to be out of here. But the thing is this: I don’t even have a court date yet. it took forever to serve him; 21/2 months — that is how slow the wheel of justice turns in this county.

To top this off, Bro’s attorney keeps sending my atty communiques — his atty is telling mine that Bro wants to come to an agreement to sell the house. Huh? NOT what I filed a lawsuit against him for! I told my atty to tell Bro’s atty that there will be no sale and that this caswe will be reviewed in a court of law.

Nope…now the same guy wants to know do I want to buy him out and how much I want to buy Bro out for!

What the eff is this atty of Bro’s doing? Playing a game? Stalling??? What????

And when I asked Bro about this yesterday, he claimed he never even encroached the topic with his attorney. So I guess they must mean another Edward…and somehow I got the MESSAGE????? SHIT!

I said to Bro, “So you never mentioned anything about wanting this house to be sold? And you never mentioned me buying you out?” To this I got a snippy “NO I have to talk to my attorney BYE!!!”

This mess is going on now for nearly 7 months, counting from the start of September when I realized this little bastard was taking me for all that I had and he was riding my coattails. That’s when I woke up and started to legally do something about this mess.

I don’t know when he will legally be gone — and I don’t know what the status will be; it could be that I’ll buy him out OR that this house may have to be sold.

He cannot keep getting away with murder. I am farking sick of hearing “I don’t have any money for you” whenever I ask him for property tax money, home owners insurance money or money for the water bill.

Game OVER, bro: that bullshit with you ended on Labor Day weekend.

Bugger him — I should have gotten rid of him WHEN this mess began 8 years ago. When I still had time on my side.

The whole point is this:
These 2 lied to me from the get go and I don’t appreciate that. I more or less got taken advantage of and yes there ought to be a law: if he and I cannot come to an agreement for X, then X should not be permitted to happen and he needs to live with that.

5 thoughts on “Vent: Thanks a lot for lying to me! $&%&#!”

  1. You could tell Bro’s lawyer that you are willing to offer him $1 for his interest in the house and Bro and Girlfriend’s immediate departure. You would then sell the house and keep all of the money.

    I don’t see a scenario where you avoid selling the house because you can’t afford to pay its expenses with or without Bro present. A tenant might provide sufficient income to pay the house’s expenses, but not get you out of arrears with the property tax and any other bills due. You also have to deal with nonpayment of the rent by the tenant, which would leave you in about as bad a place as you are now.

  2. Should Bro and GF vacate the house while he retains an ownership interest in the house, he is legally entitled to a pro-rata share of any rent, net of expenses. Say that he still owns 25% of the house after the court case in exchange for the debt. You would owe him 25% of the rent less expenses.

  3. URGH! The whole thing that gets me: They didn’t tell the truth! What the fudge???? it’s going to come out eventually anyway and why not say so from the start??? I can’t evict either one of you for lying anyway, so wow, be adults.

    1. As you tell it, Bro has been lying to you for quite a number of years, so to expect him to be honest all of a sudden is somewhat foolish. The rewards for him are on the side of getting Girlfriend to contribute whatever money that he can get out of her while continuing to put financial pressure on you. Bro has to know that you have no money to buy out his share of the house, nor any prospects of being able to borrow enough to buy him out, even if the debt is deducted from the value of half of the house.

      Some people are just not bothered by owing other people money, or by doing whatever they can to shift costs onto a co-owner. You need to begin preparing yourself mentally for losing the house and getting some money in exchange for your ownership interest, which hopefully will be large enough to make you whole from Bro’s debts plus give you half of the house’s market value net of selling costs.

  4. I got a “server not available” message when I tried to post here a few days back. Did anyone else have that problem?

    As for your ‘bro’: Tell your lawyer to get this thing heard by a judge ASAP! Your brother is trying to run up your legal bills. So the sooner it goes before a judge, the better.

    As for your brother’s girlfriend: Tell her you just want the money, and that is all this is about. No matter what she answers, just say: “Show me the money.” Do your best Cuba Gooding (sp.?), Jr. imitation when you you say that line!!! :-).

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