When does this end???

I will make a long story short:

My apartment is without oil.

The day before Bro was served, he paid for 100 gallons of oil for me.

The oil lasted about a month. Last Wednesday it ran out.

I have been without oil since then.

We have had temps colder than usual all month. it is now 27 degrees; the temperature in here is 44 degrees.

Worsening the no heat problem is this:

Bro has known that I am without heat; I told him last Friday that I have no heat and the oil ran out.

To that he said “Now you know how I feel when I co uldn’t afford oil all those years.”

I saw red and felt like hanging him by his thumbs.

This morning he left on vacation; he the gf and her daughter left here at 5 am.

He did not tell me he was going. He will be gone for a week; I found this out when I called his place of work at 11am this morning.

I do NOT have a key to his apartment. He had the lock changed in October and did NOT forward a key to me.

Before they left, they took the thermostat and turned the heat down; they had to — because their furnace has not been running. the switch is not turned to OFF; the switches for the furnaces are located in the basement.

I don’t understand why the heat is not running — the temp now is 27 degrees and nothing has been happening.

I have a chronic illness and a dog and 3 small birds. I am fighting to stay warm and if something happens to those animals, he is going to be held culpable.

He is already culpable for running off to Florida and making sure his heat is off — if I had the key, I’d turn that thermostat to at least 65 degrees: When the heat upstairs is not running, the whole house is cold!

Tomorrow — without fail at 9am — I am calling my attorney and telling him what happened.

And I am going to the police station or wherever it is I have to go to get a sheriff out here to open his door so I can turn up the heat in his place.

What a rotten thing to do. Rotten, just rotten and wow, how irresponsible.

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  1. Did you look into low-income heating assistance? Here is one program that serves New Jersey:


    According to the fact sheet, you can have up to $1915/month income for one person under the NJ limits and $1676/month under the federal limits. The phone number is 1-800-510-3102. Another related website is http://www.energyassistance.nj.gov .

    Though the heating assistance does not cover fuel oil, you would at least get a credit on your electric bill that would let you use a space heater. If you owe more than $60 on your electric bill when you apply for the USF, that bill can be forgiven under the fresh start program.

    Citizens Energy is a source of at least discounted heating oil.

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