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I like skyscrapers. I also find ice scrapers very useful at this time of year :-). But, I think it is sad that the new tower at Ground Zero was not made bigger and taller. I would have made its footprint ‘square’ the same square footage of the Twin Towers combined. I also would have made it 120 stories high just to make the statement to the world: We’re back!!!

NWP, And Her Romantic Misadventures.

I have a friend who is attracted to guys who end up being short term ‘flings’. The problem is that she is the one being ‘flung’ each time. NWP, get some counseling to change your ‘programing’. Also watch the Steve Harvey show, and read some of his books. As I said to my friend: ‘With a trend like you have with boyfriends, the problem is you’. Counseling is available in the Medicaid expansion in Illinois. Use it.


When you are older, unless the economy is very good, you are thrown away. So, do not beat yourself up because you are unemployed. It really is:(age) + (the bad economy) = (unemployment). But if you have not tried LinkedIn, please do.They have a lot more jobs listed now.

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  1. I heard on NPR that entrance into the 9/11 Museum was going to be about $28, and the announcer said that the reason for the relatively high admission fee was the lack of government funding for the museum to subsidize the cost of admission to the museum. I suspect that there will be coupons available to discount the cost of admission to the 9/11 Museum either in the paper or by buying half-price tickets in advance.

    We are seeing museums around the country close due to failing to collect enough in admission fees and donations to meet their operating costs. Two that come to mind are the Dime Museum and an Afro-American History museum, both located in Baltimore. The Dime Museum, which displayed various versions of freaks, closed about six years ago. I am a fan of the ten-in-one that used to be displayed at carnivals. I don’t know what happened with the other museum, A closure was announced in 2012, but may not have occurred. A ballot issue last year in my hometown that would have given a piece of a sales tax increase to support the local zoo failed, which is now threatening to close.

    A similar argument could be made for not building a building at least as large in terms of square footage and number of stories as the old twin towers: they have to be able to operate the building at a profit. It was several years from the time that the World Trade Center was completed that it was occupied sufficiently to be profitable.

    The interest in maintaining public space that is funded by taxpayers is declining. If it can’t make money on a stand-alone basis, it won’t be built or maintained.

  2. I don’t need counseling for my romantic misadventures, I just have bad luck when it comes to men. A fat underemployed (and not because of the economy)guy with kids who is interested in me just means he’s delusional that I would be interested in dating a loser like him. Anyway, I have pretty much accepted I will be alone the rest of my life and am okay with that if my choices are between men who are dads (yuck, hell no!), guys who are obese and guys who are 50 and work as cooks at McDonalds or being alone I take being alone any time! However, I did have a guy flirt with me at church so I am looking to see if he was being friendly or interested and if interested if he has kids. However if truth be told I am in love with Fred and getting involved with another man while he’s still there would be a bad idea so I take everything with whatever happens. Also, looking at the idea of finding men I can have fun with but not get serious or even date men I’m not interested in as long as they spend money on me because money does buy me happiness (however they need to be childless).

    Men with kids make me throw up. Fred might be an alcoholic and a mama’s boy but he is childless so that automatically makes him better than any loser dad. In fact when I did online and a loser dad contacted me (though my profile stated no dads)I took great thrill in being abusive. They were the idiot who responded and didn’t read so I threw it back to them and nope I don’t feel bad, they started it.

    I’m probably going back to school soon anyway and that’s more important than dating. Unless a never married Catholic childless man comes along, then who knows. When I met Fred I didn’t know he had a drinking problem I just thought he was nice. His mom likes me and my parents like him and we have a lot in common so it may happen eventually.

    Besides even if I went to counseling they would tell me to date dads. Remember this is a liberal state and they don’t care for religious people or anyone moderately conservative.

    1. Fred does have one big negative outside of his other problems: he doesn’t earn enough to support himself from the pet store, much less you. So, unless Mama Fred is going to have you move into her house after your marriage, or your parents plan to take in Fred, there is nowhere for you to go.

      If he is waiting for an inheritance, such as cash from the sale of the building where the pet shop is located or his mother’s home, long-term care for Mama Fred might wipe it out. Should Mama Fred need long-term nursing care that is paid by Medicaid, her estate is subject to attachment to recover those costs unless property is transferred to someone else at least FIVE years before the long-term care is needed. Obamacare enhances the ability of Medicare and Medicaid to go after people’s assets to recoup medical costs. States differ in their aggressiveness to recover costs, but I would guess that states that expand Medicaid will be more aggressive in recouping costs than those that don’t, particularly after they have to start taking over a part of Medicaid costs in 2017. I’m pretty sure that the Social Security death benefit is still $255.

      Good luck with “dating for presents”. You can shear a sheep many times, but skin him only once. The trouble is that the sheep gets to choose when he feels skinned, not you.

      1. Presents are the only reason I would date a man with kids, and since they can’t afford that, then nope no reason to date a loser like them. I do expect presents while dating because that is what I am used to. Men buy me things, and I definitely expect them during Christmas, my birthday and Valentines Day and I give them presents in return. A man with kids can’t afford to do this, so there is no way I would date a dad. I would date a man who didn’t buy me presents if he was nice to me (and btw presents to me could be as simple as making me a dinner or take me out).Not that I would anyway, as I refuse to play second after his kids and possibly the ex. Nor would I want to support his kids and ex wife and yep in Illinois they take in consideration the household income.

        Fred is actually doing decent with the pet shop and they do have money put aside. I do like him and it has nothing to do with his store. He is a great guy with morals (he doesn’t believe in sleeping around). Sure, maybe I will find someone else who has his morals, I always look for other options. However most men left at my age do not have morals.

        1. I’m more of a player of the long game. Why get involved with someone who is ultimately unacceptable just for stuff? At best, you will piss the guy off, and living in a small community as you do, word is likely to get around and kill any other prospects that you might have. You don’t need to have the reputation of being a user. If you have health problems, that is a very big negative for a lot of people to accommodate, and for some, it is at least as large a negative as having children is for you.

          Few people will accommodate changes in their lives willingly unless they view the new situation as significantly better than the old situation. Fred can see you at the American Legion or other places around town and isn’t going to be fired by his mother, so he has what he needs. You have this desire for someone to take you away from your current situation, frustrated by your inability to find a satisfactory job, and you are not clear about what you have, or even want, to offer in return. Being cute isn’t enough in the long run, because it fades, and your sense of entitlement will turn off many people quickly.

          I’d guess that Fred’s mother holds the purse strings, and has Fred on some sort of allowance rather than a regular salary because the money is needed to keep the business running, so even if Fred will date you, there might not be that many gifts in your future. I’ve written of what I call the Chinese restaurant business model, where family members work essentially for room, board, and a little pocket money to build the business. I wish you well, I truly do, but I do have one question: how moral is it to be a drunk? Long-time heavy drinkers routinely have erectile dysfunction problems, so that might explain his reluctance to sleep around. He might be making a virtue of necessity.

          1. My medical reasons are temporary due to the weather and once it warms up they go into remission. It’s why I am not dating now actually. In the spring I’m probably going back to school to find another job so I don’t need an “escape” from my current job situation by dating. In fact I don’t care about that right now. If I was to use a guy it wouldn’t be a guy from this area, but someone a little farther out there. What do I offer? I’m also educated and nice so that’s far more than most have. I wouldn’t want to get serious (as in engaged or married)until my job situation works out anyway.

            As for Fred I do like him and so does most people. He is a kind guy and I do have hope in time we will be together. If not I am okay being alone but I will continue to seek a man.

  3. Donald Trump had suggested building a slightly taller version of the Twin Towers, which seemed very appropriate to me. But we always saw the new World Trade Center building as a replacement for the Twin Towers, rather than as building in itself.

    Major museums in NYC charge over $20 for admission, so a fee of $28 for the 9/11 Museum doesn’t seem that outlandish. But I can’t bring myself to spend $28–or even $0.28–to contemplate the day we were caught with our pants down. (I can do that myself, for free!)

    1. If we had to have something in memory of 9/11, I would have preferred a monument in a small park, perhaps equal to the area that the planes would occupy when parked on the ground.

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