Farewell, Collello’s Pizza…:(

One of my favorite eating spots is now a thing of the past.

They must have shut down at the start of the year; I was there the day after Christmas and I ate there.

It was a pretty popular pizza place; they served pizza, subs and hot emtrees — the usual fare of a small pizza shop — I wonder what happened?

They were also a bit less expensive per slice than the pizza place downtown that I like. There was never a lack of customers.

The area where the pizza place was is cordoned off and surrounded by white sheetrock; taped to the front of it where the entrance was is a notice stating that all the fixtures, the oven, etc is up for auction.

A couple was standing nearby me as I read the notice. “What a shame,” I said, “I really liked their pizza” and the gent replied nastily, “YAH…I guess they owed MONEY, then.” Mr. Fun and his female companion exited right after he made the remark.

Coincidentally, I found out that a Burger King that was downtown near the movies is also shut and gone. Again, they too must have shut up shop at the start of the year; they were in that locale for nearly 25 years.

If a successful pizza place shuts up and goes out of business, it’s saying a lot. Pizza is still one of the least expensive things to eat; the rest of the eateries in the mall food court are still going strong (though the Nathans closed and nothing replaced it). Shows you that the economy is still rancid — if a pizza place in business for years vanishes, it can’t be a good thing.

It could be that perhaps the owners retired or they simply bowed out of the business but I don’t think it’s likely.

Could also be this is a case of an owner who had that place plus a few others; that’s common in the industry; the ice cream shop down the corner from me is owned by a woman who has several other shops..

It is a shame. They were nice people and it was good pizza.

The whole point:

The economy is still dead.  If a successful pizza place struggles to stay open, it’s got to be  economy related.

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  1. I’ve been watching small businesses close in my area. More and more, it’s all big box, national chain whatever.

    A local paper noted that local businesses are closing because they are not lucrative enough for the children to take over. Most businesses have some value as a going concern, but unless you own the building, the going concern value of a restaurant might well be the value of the fixtures.

    People expect pizza to be cheap, but commodities have been going up steadily in price, masked by a reduction in the size of the bag. Industrial sizes of flour and yeast and tomato sauce are probably exceptions to the weight reduction plan. Unless the price of the pizza went up 30% or so over the last 3-4 years, they weren’t making money or their margin were reduced significantly. For a lot of fast food places, the highest margin item is soda.

  2. Figaro’s was a sports bar near my office. It wasn’t spectacular dining, but it was a practical spot for a business lunch or a quick dinner, and was always reasonably busy.

    I went there for lunch with my wife on New Year’s Eve, and found out that they would be closing for good that night. I suspect the landlord believed that he could get a better deal, and they weren’t able to renew their lease.

    A month later, the signs are still up advertising the space. But that’s hardly long enough: a storefront on Fifth Avenue near my office has been vacant for years.

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