So much for who you know

I volunteer at the church A LOT to the point when there is an activity people call me. I have become involved as have been the go to person.  So when the secretary decided to retire I applied for the job. I had all the qualifications but many others applied as well. I figured at least I would get an interview because they would look at my volunteering and my skills. Nope, in fact I got rejected off the bat. I am so disgusted that if I find out the new secretary is someone off the street not involved with the church I am completely done volunteering, including teaching CCD and cantoring. However several of the other CCD teachers also applied and to be honest if one of them got the job I would be okay with that.

A month or so ago I applied for the secretary job at the vet, which is across the street from me. I know several there as I take my animals there, including the wife of one of my dad’s best friends. In fact when my last dog died they made a donation in her name to University of Illinois’ vet school. I got an interview there but then nothing.

I am so sick with this and I have come to the conclusion my only choices are to work a minimum wage job the rest of my life or to kill myself. Nothing else is going good in my life either, such as the guy I really want doesn’t want a relationship with me now (or forever who knows)and I suffer from a severe attack of psoriasis that is bad with stress. I really want to die at this point because I don’t see things getting better. Honestly if I can’t even get an interview where I have connections this means I will never work again.

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  1. Could it be an issue of appearances, such as you being a lot younger than the pastor or whoever the secretary would serve? It’s also possible that they figure that if you already work for them for free, there is no need to hire you for a paying position.

    You’re fighting a situation where there are three people out of work for every available job. Right now, and for at least a couple of years into the future, employers will have their pick, regardless of how weird their standards might seem to be to you and me.

    1. I know, the whole volunteer thing is depending on who they hired. If it’s another volunteer (several applied)I will continue to do so, but someone off the street means I never volunteer again. I didn’t volunteer for the possibility of a job but I’ll take it that way. No, the priest is probably mid 50’s or so. That’s not why they didn’t hire me.

      1. It would be interesting if it turns out that the new secretary is the child of a big donor in the parish who is just out of rehab or jail.

        We tend to overrate the strength of our connections.

        1. Yeah I am going to be watching very closely. I have seen that scenario all too often, like my next door neighbor. He has connections to the machine having been a big union official and his loser thief felon son who has been in an out of prison always has a job waiting for him.

          1. Maybe you are dating the wrong guy. Is befriending the neighbor in the hope of being placed in a job impossible? this sounds more cynical than I usually am, but if we are in a world where it is necessary for someone to vouch for you in order for you to be hired, this seems to be a logical extension.

  2. You mean my neighbor the deacon? I don’t think his wife would appreciate that. Neither would I as he’s my dad’s age.

    An interesting update though. I happen to be in choir with the woman who used to be the director of the church until she retired. She still has connections so she’s going to ask why they didn’t even hire me. She was mad that they ignored me because she knows I would do a good job.

    1. No, I was referring to the former union guy who gets his son jobs. Merely being on good terms with him might help.

      Don’t be too quick to be mad at the church and burn your bridges. Maybe the new person won’t work out.

      1. I’ve calmed down until I find the reason. I went to teach today and they had a Christmas gift for me and so did a couple of my students and they told me they appreciated me. I am glad I watched what I said. In fact I only mentioned it to the one woman but not as a nasty thing. I downplayed it actually and she’s the one who said it sounds wrong.

  3. Okay I found the reason and am happy with the explanation. I went to the women’s Christmas party tonight and the priest was there. He started talking about the new person who got the job and it is someone more involved with the church with more experience. She is a communion minister, head of the women’s group and so much more. I feel better knowing who it was.

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