This is a major company??? Hard to believe

I am wondering if I am wasting my time and wondering if anybody over there cares at all.

I am referring to the helper’s job I got at UPS.

Yesterday they called at 7:20 and told me they had a driver to set me up with. They gave his cell phone number and told me to call at 9.

I called at 9. I could barely understand “John”. He had a heavy Hispanic accent and I had to keep asking him to repeat what he said.

He said, “Do you know where Party City is?” I told him yes. “You can meet me there but I am not there yet…call me at 10 am.”

I waited the hour. He told me to meet him at a warehouse about 10 or 15 minutes from here.

I got to the site and he had the uniform. I also had with me a booklet they told us to give to the driver we are working with; in there is a checklist for the helper to see if he complies with rules: did the helper wear steet tip shoes, do they follow rules when exiting the truck, etc.

He said no. He said to me, “Go to Toys R Us and meet me there in about 20 minutes.”

It’s about quarter of 11 at this point.

He showed up at about 11:15. And told me I could change into my uniform in back of the truck!

I told him I’d go inside the store to change into the uniform, which I did.

He asked me if I knew how to use the scanner. We were shown nothing in orientation — we were told to be there at 7 am the next day and the bunch of us wound up waiting in a waiting room until they called us one by one to have a photo taken for the ID; we were seen in order of arrival — so by the time I got into the orientation meeting itself I missed a good 45 minutes of what was said! And the guys who came into the meeting after me missed more than I did.

Have us sit for the photos AFTER the meeting! How does that sound????

I worked with John for about 20 minutes when 2 more trucks with drivers pulled up — I don’t know what was up with that —and a third, with the guy who ran the orientation session.

“These guys will be working together. You can go home; we don’t want you out on a commercial route. We will call you at 3 pm and a driver will be assigned to you; you’ll do the residential area in your town,” he said.

So all told — including the wait from 9 until 10 and the time it took me to drive to the first site and the little bit of work I did with him — I worked 2 and a half hours.

I got no call at 3 yesterday and none today at 3.

I also still have not seen a check for orientation. Nobody seems to know where it is; the only answer I got was “it will be in the mail.” This is an orientation period that took place nearly 3 weeks ago! Why wasn’t this check dropped into the mail????

This is breaking about at least 2 or 3 labor laws. By law that paycheck needed to be given out within the week; I think that is the rule, anyway. (I will bet you that no check for me was cut and they only realized it today)

Today they told me it would be on the way. I called again and after playing Dodgephones with 2 or 3 people at the main office, I finally got somebody who said the check would be mailed.  Should have been put into the mail 2 weeks ago when the pay period ended on the 20th.

She then said, “are you still interested in being a driver helper.”

Isn’t there any sidenote or notation or log on your end that shows I was out on the road with a driver, albeit for a very short time period, yesterday morning? What’s going on over there?

I have no idea how they will “mark” the hours I was in the mix yesterday. I would say that it should be 21/2 hours, starting with the call I made at 9am to see where I’d meet him. I saw no time card, no sheet with my name on it, no nothing. How is this any way to run a railroad???

None of this is well planned, nor well thought out.   I will bet you that the main players on this board and I could run that company by ourselves in a far better way.

In other news:

Another dud interview. Very bad news. Wasted my time.

An email from atty today; the sheriff was coming out today. Bro left for work at 12:30; I saw no sheriff here at all and I am a nervous wreck.

Life sure SUCKS. I am at wit’s end here and I am racing against time.

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  1. UPS is a sucky company. I was hired years ago with the intent of doing small sort (packages that weigh less than 10 pounds)or some admin work. Instead they give me the heavy loading with all these 6 foot tall big guys and me. There was no other women and at the time I was pretty thin at 5’7 or so. I couldn’t lift what the guys could and they would complain but I would tell them I never wanted that job! Then I fell off the conveyor belt and was accused of doing it to injure myself (though my boss said otherwise). They sent me to a doctor and in return I had to sign a contract stating I wouldn’t sue no matter what. The next day I was fired. From that day forward I now have arthritis in the back and have serious back issues.

    I don’t even know anymore. I recently applied for a secretary position at church, thinking that was my best bet because I am known and have the experience. However today I saw they had a lot of responses. The secretary showed me the stack and it’s large. All for a part time job not even paying benefits. In theory I should get this job, but in theory I should have had a job years ago. I’ve already decided if I don’t get it I am pretty worthless and am going to apply at McDonald’s as a part time cashier. I shouldn’t even consider jobs like this but no one else seems to want me.

  2. I cannot figure out what happened here.

    It is like a bomb went off and we got the fallout and aftermath of the bomb: unemployment and good people who cant get hired.

    I can’t understand any of this — how in heck are you supposed to support yourself with essentials if you have NO MONEY? There does not seem to be an end to any of this; it’s like a bad nightmare that won’t end.

    My life now is chasing after a stupid little shitty paycheck not even totaling 20 bucks and living in fear of mostly everything. I can’t seem to move forward on any of this — and wow, should it even BE this difficult??? THEY should be the ones who have this hours thing all squared away over there; gee, I have to pick up the pieces on that one, too?

    I had NO idea how bad this was going to be. Maybe on my last day there, I should have put up a fight and made it a vehement one — fought her for all it was worth the second she told me I was getting laid off.

    I am going to try the privately owned diner and restaurants here in town; maybe I can get some kind of waitressing work. I tried the ice cream shop about 2 months ago; if the gent who owned it still was the owner, I’d probably have gotten some hours out of it (a woman now owns it; she owns 4 other stores, they told me)

    I still have to go for blood tests — I can’t afford to pay on my own. I don’t have coverage now; in September, I unelected it because I had no more money to pay the monthly premium.

    We don’t even have a chance at employment even if we say “I will work for free for a week.” There are many other suckers who are saying precisely that to a prospective employer — everybody and their Uncle Frank is saying it — and the one time I tried it a couple years back, the interviewer told me “don’t undersell yourself.”

    1. I simply don’t get it either. I know some real winners who manage to find jobs, like a guy who admitted he spent college drunk all the time and barely graduated, a drug addict, and several other losers. Yet I can’t get a break and have been unemployed 6 years.

  3. Dude: I’ll bet the use of time sheets for getting paid, along with the scanner, was discussed during orientation while you were getting your picture taken. Oh, bother. I’d expect them to have an orientation guide with all this stuff written down, but that was the old, competent UPS, not the clowns you seem to be dealing with now.

    More practically, if you’re working irregular hours, keep a little notebook and write down the hours that you work. Even if ‘the system’ magically and perfectly accounts for each and every minute you work, you still want to keep an independent record.

    NWP: alas, at this point, getting a job seems to be all about the ‘fit.’ Actually being able to do the job is secondary. But you knew that….

    1. Sadly that is true. I don’t even know what the “fit” means anymore because I know so many companies who let go someone who seemed to have the fit but couldn’t do the work.

    2. If time sheets were discussed, then where the heck was mine??? He didn’t have my time sheet on him at all.

      This whole thing is just skewed and just badly run. In all the years they have been doing this, why isn’t the way it’s being run right now a lot more efficient?

      There is an orientation guide — that is the booklet with the check sheet inside it. THe driver told me he didn’t want the check sheet.

  4. Just what kind of a “fit” are they looking for? Most of the companies hiring are small — under 20 people. What do they want, some kind of a Superwoman to come in and fit the bill?

    I have seen something that I would describe as a “company image.” You know the thing I am talking about — you get to the company and you have nothing there but very young employees, all casually dressed, maybe on the clubby side of the wardrobe. What do you think they’re going to hire? YOU, who is there in business attire…and you also are not a kid like them???

    A guy I know interviewed for an IT job in Ross Perot’s old company — he said it was a given that you were to wear “the right” kind of shoes — the loafer type, with the tassels. Sounds to me like they were looking for a preppie kind of person to work there. My friend isn’t a preppie type. Not by any iota.

    The last company I worked for had 8 people in it, counting the owner and her husband. What “fit” could they want??? There is no corporate culture in these tiny little cubbyhole outfits — I told you guys about the 3 gents that were interviewed for sales jobs. Things weren’t great over there, yet she insisted on running an ad and hiring somebody for sales. In the end, she hired nobody. I don’t know why; information like that doesn’t get passed from the rear admiral to me, the lowlife middie. The boss kept everything a bleeding secret….

    And one of the guys who got a second interview and also who was asked to provide 3 references never heard from our company ever again. All the boss had to do was say “We enjoyed meeting you but we have decided not to hire any new people right now. Sorry.”

    Point is: I am sure all 3 of these candidates were more than just fine! What “fit” was she looking for??? Maybe a higher end degree because everything with her was “bachelor degree bachelor degree bachelor degree” and if you had less than that, forget about it, Charlie. The guys who applied for the job were college grads. So what’s she moaning and groaning over?

    And a higher end degree is also going to cost you money. People like that usually work for brand name companies, not holes in the wall like our company, that was in a cut rate building in a dopey one horse town with a mall up the block from it.

    We never had a “fit” when we had job openings, wherever it was I worked. MayBE they’d say something like “Pete was very nice” or “Jane seemed nice enough.” But that was about it.

    Could we once and for all stop with this horrible McCarthy Era bullshit: the infamous “fit” issue???? In the end it proves NOTHING! Nothing at all!

    1. I hate the fit because it often is of a discriminatory issue. I once went for an interview for a PR job. I was around 36 I believe and I was (and am)very young looking for my age. Everyone there except the owner was easily 10-15 years younger and looked like they were going to a club while I was dressed in a business suit. Looking at my portfolio the manager (who was younger than me)kept saying my skills were “old school”. I don’t consider my skills old school, I mean they still use Microsoft and Adobe in projects so what did she mean? She meant I was old and that was her way of saying so. I returned home to see I already had a rejection letter. The person who received the job was yep you guessed it a recent college grad.

      Another interview at a radio station started out okay until the manager (a much older man)told me I was “too old” for the job. Apparently because it was a top 40 station I wouldn’t relate to the music. Sure I don’t like a lot of top 40 but that was the case when I was a teen too. Does this mean at 22 I would be too old as well? Apparently he didn’t get the one he wanted because a few months later he was hiring again. The odd thing is he told me he was impressed that I was the only one who actually knew radio he interviewed. Since I have a degree in radio of course I know radio, which makes me wonder who he was interviewing. The funny thing is he knew of my work with other radio stations and was impressed but because I was “too old” he refused to hire me.

      I’m not even sure where my fit would even be. I’m 42 but am single and don’t really have anything in common with most 42 year old women. Because I am single I fit the best with other single women but most seem to be early 20’s. I get along the best with men it seems in corporations but so many are still part of the old boys club. Strangely, most of my best interviews have been with career women.

  5. Your story reminds me of what happened when Saturday Night Live was in the formulating stages.

    Lorne Michaels wanted the entire cast, crew and other personnel involved in the show’s production — including production people and camera people and tech people — to be under 30, since that was the target age of the show, more or less.

    Impossible to do — nobody under 30 had the experience and know how to be part of a production of that type. You still need a good chunk of experience and know how to DO THINGS!!!

    So in the end, there were indeed people way over 30 as part of the production staff itself.

    Your story is also indicative of what you get when you send a stupid kid out to do the hiring — is somebody very young going to have true know how and know what to look for in a potential employee? Nope.

    This madness has to stop. You will sacrifice experience and know how and the RIGHT way to do things for age and youth.

  6. There is this mistaken belief that younger people know technology better and that is a lie. Sure some know it better than many older people but some of us keep in touch with trends. However they bring things older people don’t such as immaturity and a sense of entitlement.

  7. Let’s suppose you came up with some ad campaign, something for a website or whatever it is you create….

    And you did it in the style of Andy Warhol.

    Would that be considered “old school” to her? HA! She may not even know who that is! You’d be surprised what people don’t know.

  8. I bet to her it would be old school as well. She probably wanted something in the vein of who was the current pop tart for that particular time a few years ago.

  9. This is where the call is as wide as the proverbial sky.

    There are MANY forms of art! Everybody is going to have a different spin on it.

    The person who was doing the hiring there hasn’t got a clue herself. A bona fide art director with years of experience and an art degree needs to be running the show over there.

  10. Depending on the company, the paycheck may not be issued until 10-12 days after the pay period ENDS. Chances are that you didn’t attend orientation at exactly the end of the pay period. Add a couple more days for the check to be mailed to you, and you are into three weeks after you worked with no trouble at all. It can take longer than usual to issue the first paycheck as well.

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