No job for you!

This true story happened last week and it bothers me. I got an email from a local college setting up an interview for an instructional design position. This is what I did with my last job. At first it sounded great until I saw they wanted me to learn a new computer program and learn it well enough to develop a training program in 4 days. This in itself sounds problematic but between receiving the email and the interview my computer went out. I am getting it fixed but in the meantime I am using a loaner my dad got from his boss. Anyway, I called them and told them my situation because I truly had no way to learn the program on my own before the interview because I couldn’t download the program (because not using my computer). Anyway at first they told me they would reschedule the interview, only to call back and say they weren’t interested. However, it spiraled after that and that night got several rejections from them. In fact I applied for several jobs and every single one rejected me that night.

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  1. They sent you SEVERAL rejections??? What, you didn’t hear them the first time around???? Holy cow.:(

    What would the difference have been if he told you to design something for Powerpoint instead?

    He is looking for conciseness, clarity, simplicity and perhaps creativity and knowledge of how the product works. Correct?

    He could have accepted that in lieu of a tutorial for the other platform. What’s his problem? If you can design something like that for something like a Powerpoint, then you can design one for any ole program there is!

    THis reminds me of an interview that I had awhile back. The interviewer set up a second interview for the following Wednesday morning.

    I went away that weekend and my horrid luck kicked in: I got sick and was hospitalized on an emergency basis. I was 100 miles from home, in a hospital in a town I knew nothing of. (my Graves relapsed; that is what happened and I was in NO shape for an interview at all on any Wednesday; I didn’t even know if I’d be out of the hospital by then!)

    I was in no shape to go to the interview.

    I called him from my cellphone and told him I had a family emergency and could he reschedule. He said he’d let me know.

    Looking back, I should have called on Monday morning from the phone in my room and told the interviewer that I had food poisioning or a dog bite and I’d be released on Tuesday morning and could I reschedule. But no…..I said what I said….

    I never heard from the guy. At all. I checked my phone messages and nothing from him.

    When I got home on Tuesday afternoon, I checked my email. “The job has been filled” said the interviewer. He emailed me on Sunday night!

    Basterd would not reschedule. he probably thought I was zooming him and didn’t want to come on the scheduled day.

  2. No that wasn’t good enough for them. They wanted me to learn their specific program (which I had never even heard of)and give a demonstration on it. I told them I couldn’t download that but would be willing to send them samples of previous demonstrations on both Power Point and Captivate but nope it had to be their program. Then when they said they weren’t going to reschedule I got several other rejections for jobs they never called either way on.

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