Fifty Years Ago

I have been watching all of the JFK stories with a lot of interest, though I wasn’t alive then. In fact both of my parents were still juniors in high school and would graduate the next year. Many things happened in the 60’s of course from a cultural aspect, such as the Beatles (a few months after JFK being murdered), Vietnam, the civil rights movement (though this started before JFK), and so many more things. In fact I have newspapers from the week JFK as assassinated and one of the most interesting things was in the classifieds there were “women” jobs and “men” jobs. These of course are illegal now though we all know they go on. Kennedy signed the 1963 Equal Pay Act, making sure women were paid equal but sadly even now this isn’t a reality.

I think what fascinates people about JFK is here was a young guy who was handsome who was killed at the peak of his career. We will never know how history would judge him as president because he never served a full term. I am fascinated as well because he was the first (and to date)only Catholic to be president. I have to wonder if he would be pro life and gay marriage if he was still living today (unlikely to be alive at 96 but still possible). Would he like Obama and the now Democratic policies that have since occurred like the rise in unwed pregnancy and divorce? Would he be divorced himself because of his adultery? The Kennedy family for all their faults are big charitable people so I have no doubt he would be as well. I’m sure he would hate the Republican policies that caused many corporations to become rich while people became poor.

I am of the belief that either Oswald didn’t do it or didn’t act alone. I can’t help wondering if part of it was because he was Catholic and there was (and still is)anti Catholic bias. However, I do think part of it was because he was planning to sign the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (signed by LBJ), and most importantly because according to many reports he was against escalating the Vietnam War. There had been death threats from many groups such as the John Birch Society. On the other hand JFK really wasn’t the liberal many believe he was as apparently he supported cutting taxes and of course was a staunch anti Communist. I will state this and that was he was the last great Democratic president. LBJ did some great things like signing the Civil Rights Act but also increased welfare (which caused a lot of the societal issues we deal with today)and increased the Vietnam War. Carter meant well and I think highly of him but he wasn’t president material. I liked Clinton but years later realized he caused a lot of the economy problems we have now by him signing NAFTA and the 1996 Telecommunications Act. I won’t even go into Obama as I am ashamed I voted for him. Btw I feel the last great Republican president was Eisenhower.

2 thoughts on “Fifty Years Ago”

  1. There was a lot of shady monkey business involved. Who knows why he was shot.

    I never bought it for one second a sole person did it.

    He was somebody’s husband and somebody’s father. This is what was so heartbreaking.

  2. Yes and seeing JFK Jr salute was heartbreaking. Someone whether it was Oswald or not (I suspect he was either innocent or one of many)made two young kids lose their father.

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