Another excellent reason to restrict immigration of foreign docs

What an eyeful — who knows what your foreign doc’s mortality rate was in his former countries or country?

In this state, they keep closer tabs on who is unauthorized to use EZ Pass. Yet nobody in this state is closely monitoring the shenanegans of these foreign docs.

3 thoughts on “Another excellent reason to restrict immigration of foreign docs”

  1. I’ve heard a lot of stories with foreign doctors to the point where I avoid them as much as possible. Depending on the country often their standards are much lower than the USA. Also, many of them would rather prescribe drugs instead of treating other issues. My grandmother’s doctor (who was from India)kept bilking her and while she would have died soon anyway I can’t help but think her death was hastened because the doctor kept prescribing more drugs. My grandfather is relatively healthy for his age but ended up in the hospital because two of the drugs she gave him reacted to each other.

    1. We also need to keep tighter tabs on the imported allied health care workers.

      Maybe you, as a nurse or a med tech or pharmacist or x ray person or what ever it is you are , were the worst one in the facility in your home country.. Maybe your school record was shaky. Maybe you never had the aptitude.

  2. I’m not sure that things would have been very different if the doctor in the news item had come from another state. Professional licenses aren’t like driver’s licenses: you need a separate license from every state where you practice, and the states aren’t that disciplined about cross-checking among themselves, mostly relying on the word of the licensee.

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