If I can do it, so can YOU!!!

Go down to your local UPS station and apply to be a Santa’s Helper.

It’s easy and they will hire you on the spot. They hired me; I start on Monday.

it is $8.50 an hour but it is still money for the holidays — it is possible to work up until January 10.

You ride along on a route with a regular UPS driver and you help deliver the items in the truck.

What do you think? Why not give it a try?

10 thoughts on “If I can do it, so can YOU!!!”

  1. And if you are lucky, the job will turn into a package-handling position after the holidays. It will be part-time to start, but you’ll get a raise.

  2. I am doing this for a variety of reasons:

    To get out of the house
    To keep my sanity
    For something a bit different to do with my time.

    I just went on an interview — the job is not my cup of tea; I also found out that somebody I worked with some several years ago worked there/is working there.

    She is not the greatest; no college back ground — makes me wonder what kind of a place this really is, if she is/was there.

  3. I called at 7 am exactly to see where I’d be working.

    The number just rang away. No body got the line.

    I tried at quarter after, on the half hour and at quarter of 8 and the same thing: No answer.

    I tried both numbers. Same thing on both, during that time.

    At 10 of 8 same thing.

    At 8 I thought I’d try again: I got a busy signal. I hung up and tried again and the line ran about 5 times…

    And then a sleepy sounding guy with a very heavy accent got the phone.

    And answered a business line with “hello.” Not cool.

    I had to ask for confirmation if I reached the right number. He said yes. I told him why I was calling.

    Turns out, he says, “they are all set with that.” I asked what he meant; he said the assignments were all taken and assigned.

    I pointed out that nobody got the phone in the entire hour before I spoke to him and I told him when I called and how many times. I told him I called at 7 am exactly and nobody answered the phone — nor did they get the phone at all whenever I tried both lines.

    To this, he said nothing.

    “Do I call at 7 tomorrow?” He said yes.

    Not great for people like me who are depending on the money.

    Hot shit.

    I guess I can put this one in the “jobs pending” file. No????

    Not even any voicemail that informed the caller “hello, you have reached 123-4567; this is the number for the driver helper assignments….”???? I don’t like that at all, either.

    I am getting the ugly feeling that I have wasted my time with this endeavor too. God, I want a REAL job.

  4. God bless you for continuing to try to get a job. I gave up a long time ago. I never had a good job, but even the bad ones disappeared by the time I turned 35 years old. People have been made obsolete by technology. I cannot say it simpler then that. When you first posted about this UPS job, I thought most of these jobs would go to friends and family; I now think that is the case. Sign up for disability, and apply for welfare. We have to face a fact: Society wants to get rid of anyone under 40 years old. I faced this fact when I turned 40 years old. It is now more relevant then ever. It is a very painful fact to face, but it is much more painful denying it.

    1. I can’t see how friends and family will be clamoring for a nothing pay job like that.

      Though I do wonder IF anybody at all from “our bunch” got on-the-truck jobs this week.

      This is insane — even if they accept 25 people a day between last Wednesday and the end of this month, how can they possibly accommodate every single person? They can’t.

      I suspect that they will trim the herd and cut most of the year end employees that were hired this month.

  5. I worked at UPS about 15 years ago as a package handler. I applied as a voicer but for some reason gave me this job. I fell off a truck and was fired and to this day have back problems caused by this.

  6. I called on Wednesday morning (I had an interview on Tuesday).

    I did get a gent right at 7am.

    he asked me about half a dozen questions: Name, address, what station, how many days that week I worked so far (“NONE) what uniform size, what pant size in male equivalent ( you don’t have ladies’ slacks???) and then he said:

    “We have nothing right now. Hold tight for 2 weeks and then call.”

    Are you kidding?

    This is all PRN and as-needed hours.

    I took the boots I bought and returned them yesterday. I have the ugly feeling that I will not get hours at all from this bunch…and if I do, I’ll buy the boots then.

    This was almost scam-like!

    There are, wow, how many people coming in to apply each day???

    And you accept HOW many each day????

    There were at least 50 people in the group last Thursday for orientation. You can bet that between now and 2 weeks from now, there will be at least 50 a day accepted! That sure is a LOT for this facility; very doubtful you have even 100 trucks leaving from that hub here in town. So where is everybody going to be accommodated???

    You will have attrition.

    But how do you accommodate everyone who is still in the game????

  7. Welcome to the world of the labor pool. What you’re doing is a sort of temp work. I would expect the number of hours to increase as you get closer to Christmas and as the number of discouraged workers increase. Once they know better, they might start calling people at night or tell them the night before that they will be working the next day.

  8. My father worked for UPS for as long as I could remember, until he retired in the mid-1980s. They always seemed a class act. It’s a terrific comedown that they can’t get someone to properly answer the phone, even at a local office.

    I would have hung on to the boots, though, unless you’re entirely giving up on working for them. In the modern workplace, the boots are PPE (personal protective equipment) and as such are an absolute requirement. If you’re called for work and show up without the boots, they’ll send you home without a second thought.

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