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First, I should say the reason I have not been posting was because this site kept losing my password. So I took some time off to let the software be fixed. So here are some thoughts on different subjects:


The NYC mayors race.

Do not be too concerned about crime in NYC because in the age of terror every politician is a ‘law and order conservative. After all, Mayor Bloomberg was a liberal Democrat before becoming a Republican before becoming an independent. Competence is what counts, and that is what the new mayor will hopefully have. The reason NYC was a ‘basket case’ from the late 1960’s to the time Mayor Giuliani(sp?) took over was because the Baby Boomers ran the show, and as a generation they are total twits. They live by the rule that ‘it is easier to get forgiveness then permission’. This explains why the world is so screwed up.


What to do if your parents do not think you are trying hard enough to find a job?

Apply for any job nearby after taking home the application, and filling it out in front of your parents. Make sure you list any disabilities you have on the application, and have your parents proofread it :-). This way they will know you are trying, and will not think you are being negative about your life because they will see you are trying to get a job.

What to do if you do not have any heat in your house?

Go to the welfare dept. and apply for all govt. programs, and also get a list of charity programs, including the one funded by world largest supplier of plastic surgery enhanced Miss Universes, Venezuela. They are also a large oil producer as will as a ‘hot babe ‘ producer to the world :-). Not that I generally notice these things :-).


This is a bit of a problem for me to understand. You see the Netherlands,  and Switzerland both adopted the plan now called Obamacare some time ago (I think it was the late 1990’s). It really should be called Heritage Foundation Care because that conservative think tank came up with the idea in the early 1990’s. Anyway, I cannot understand why the Dutch, or the Swiss did not supply the relevant software to the USA to run the Obamacare system. The Swiss, and the Dutch have had their respective IT systems working for at least 10years, probably longer which means the ‘bugs’ are all gone from both their respective IT systems. Talk about reinventing the wheel.  By the way: cost containment will come in time with Obamacare. I will explain it in another post on another day.


I have the flu, I think.

I think I have the flu, so I can relate to Admin being cranky. I hope Dude, and NWP stay healthy. I also hope Admin, and his wife are feeling better.



4 thoughts on “Some Thoughts.”

  1. Well, maybe….

    DeBlasio actually ran as the anti-law-and-order candidate, and won.

    There’s a lot of backlash in NYC against the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk program, even though it has been effective in reducing crime, and it was designed to be compliant with the Constitution. (The judge who ruled it unconstitutional was so clearly motivated by her own political beliefs that the decision was set aside even before appeal.)

    But deBlasio pledged to end stop-and-frisk, and captured the backlash.

    As far as Obamacare, while the cranky Web site has been the focus of media attention, the problem is not primarily an IT problem.

    A quick Googling of the Netherlands health care system reveals that it is indeed similar to Obamacare, in that individuals are required to pay for their own coverage. But medical facilities and insurers are non-profit under Dutch law, and the cost of health care there is far lower.

    It would have been relatively simple and foolproof to have a Web site where people could view the available coverage and premiums without registering, and then pass the users to the respective insurance companies to sign up. The issues of Web site security would have been passed to the insurers, who are reasonably good at it. A user could enter his income for the site to calculate an approximate subsidy, but the actual subsidy could be determined after the fact, when the user’s income was verified. And the insurers would have the task (again, something they can reasonably do) of collecting and verifying the necessary information.

    Obamacare is a political creature, and not necessarily driven (or even nudged) by practical considerations.

    Also, thank you: Mrs. Admin (never thought of her that way before!) and I are both feeling better this week.

  2. I can’t seem to get rid of this horrendous cough and have been sleeping a lot this week. If I had insurance I would go to a doctor because I am starting to become afraid of a few symptoms, like losing weight. This could be because I’m not that hungry lately but also because of medical conditions. I do have a lump in my neck that scared me but it is shrinking so likely it was due to being sick.

  3. What do all of us do???

    It is a cryin low down shame that you have to turn your parents into the police state: they ain’t no dern good if they knock YOU; that’s a toxic person and that’s something you don’t need in your life. Toxic people need to be shown the figurative door.

  4. That’s a charming thought, except when the ‘toxic people’ own the door.

    If you are actively ‘turning your parents into the police state’ by being a slacker, then you deserve what you get. But if you’re making your best effort and still getting nowhere, there aren’t any really good choices.

    – You can move out and try to get on with your life, but most of us aren’t up to doing that without already having a job in hand.

    – You can persuade your parents to shut up and not bother you–maybe–but that can end up making things worse.

    – Ultimately, the least painful alternative is probably to do what barbs suggests, and demonstrate that you’re making an effort to improve the situation, even if your efforts are unsuccessful.

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