Bad Saturday — a disaster film, starring me.

What a mess.

This all happened because of a pattern that set in: a “no” from one potential employer after another. The psttern never ended. And I don’t know why.

Is it bad luck? bad timing? A bad economy? Was I in the wrong place and wrong time? What is it? Does anybody know?

My gas and electric is on reprieve. I’m supposed to pay in person on Tuesday. You know this is bad news indeed.

I have no heat. Can’t get any down here until I have money to pay for it.

I can’t believe this happened to me.

I have somewhere somewhat important to go later on; I don’t know how I am going to do it. I can’t cancel; it is a very long story — I have to more or less be there whether I want to be there or not. I cannot let these people down. 30 people are counting on me to be there and if I don’t show up or cancel it’ll shoot the whole event to hell. I csnnot disappoint them.

And if they only knew what was happening.:(

I have to get on my damn brother to give me SOME sort of money — he also has NOT been served yet and it’s been in the pipeline and out for service for 2 weeks.

He has NOT got the option of saying “duh I don’t have it.” Seems as though since the last several weeks transpired, he’s got money, all right, to pay for what he needs– even if he is paying half the electric, the cable, the this and that with the girlfriend, he STILL has the money to pay something NOW! Isn’t it absolutely amazing.

This is the thing that gets me; he tells me “no” but now he’s got money to pay for whatever he needs???

This bugs me. And HOW. Magically the money seemed to materialize — and he has NOT made an effort to make good on what he owes me.

See where this is going?

I am now considering the possibility that he refused to pay just to get under my skin and because he simply felt like saying no. What kind of a damn way to be is that, what kind of rationale is it and why do you have to be such a crumb about it??? IF this is where it is at, pretty childish and I think he may also have a mental problem as well.  You refused to pay what you were to pay, simply because you felt like refusing??? Maybe this is a crazy possibility but maybe this is where it’s at.

At any rate, I have a mess on my hands and a BIG one.

He must have gone to work; I do not see his car. I was all set to have a semi-showdown with him this morning to try to recoup some of the money (because now I need it to pay MY expenses)

I can’t use my card to pay for anything anymore. That’s out.

I don’t know what to do. There is no job anywhere, not even a part time thing at a neighborhood restaurant or mom and pop store that is very very local.

I also am not even covered for health insurance now — a cute little story in itself — and my doc is waiting on blood tests. I haven’t had the opportunity to be able to pay for that, either.

I don’t know what to do. It’s all gone bad here — me, who always stayed out of trouble (heck, nobody even knows my name or who I am, really) me, who always had a job, me, who always played nice with others and paid bills on time and maybe bounced the very occasional check when Venus was in Aquarius, or something like that.

Now it’s me, who’s trying to stay afloat and me who is trying to keep it together.

What a mess.

What happens when something like this happens to nice people?

6 thoughts on “Bad Saturday — a disaster film, starring me.”

  1. I don’t buy:

    “Not enough jobs for everyone to go around”
    “Too much education”
    “Pursuing a field that has dried up”
    “You need to go back to school for an education in a hot field”
    “Guest workers stole the job in the field you are in” — uh, what admins are being replaced by overseas imports? or offshored workers? Or outsourcing???

    In that case, NO, guest workers did not take “my” job.

    What do I do??? I can’t apply for welfare; there is a home involved. There is nobody to borrow money from and nobody I can move in with.

    What do you do when employers are simply not interested in hiring you? Yes, what do you do, when you’re a nice educated person who didn’t have trouble finding work before this mess began?

    I remember a day when I got a call from an interviewer who spoke to me a few months prior; he knew of a job in another company and would I be interested in looking into it, he asked. I said yes, I went to the interview and I got the job.

    I remember days where I was hired practically sight unseen. I remember times where I’d go to the interview, a couple days would go by and I’d get a call telling me I got the job.

    Or I’d get the job on the spot.

    I remember a time where I got laid off — business was horrible and the day after I was laid off the rest of the employees had their hours cut to part time hours; each and every one was reduced to part time status — and the following week on a Thursday morning, I had a job offer.

    I remember a time when a temporary job ended….and within 2 weeks, I had another job.

    I remember a time when a potential employer told me “The selection is down to you and one other person” and later on that night, I was hired.

    I remember getting a call on a Saturday afternoon on a day in January, with a job offer. “I would have called yesterday but there was an emergency here in the shop.” Turns out that was true.

    And I even remember a time where I spent a week as a “visitor” at a lab…and the woman who was in charge of that department offered me a job. (I was visiting as a student; she liked me and wanted to hire me).

    I remember phone calls after hours, in the middle of the day, messages left on my machine, telling me the job was mine.

    What happened here? Yes — what bloody happened and how come I’m being treated like some disgraceful, disgusting disease?

    What I get now, versus all of the aforementioned above:

    Told “OH the offer letter is on the way…” and nothing happens.

    I am stalled at an interview. I get small talk from the employer and …no offer.

    The interviewer sits down…and there is no interest in me. He goes through the motions, says goodbye…and no offer.

    Or the interviewer loses interest within a couple of minutes…no job offer, natch.

    “Oh, wow, this is great…I’ll pass this on” — this from the owner of the company, when I handed him my resume and he had a look at it…and no job offer.

    Treated ignobly, horrifically and my GOD — how much more obvious can it BE that they don’t want me around???

    I look FINE. I look fine in every way: dress, attire, hair and makeup, you name it — but what is it that these people don’t LIKE??? Why am I being ignored on the spot, more or less? What’s going on here?

    I don’t see a way out of this, unless there is a miracle for me, real fast, with some sort of a job offer for me.

  2. Go down to the welfare office and apply for emergency aid for gas, and electric. Also, go to the courthouse and request and expedited hearing so you can get the money from your brother. Just explain your situation and they may be able to help you. Just because you own a house does not mean you cannot get aid.

  3. Go down to the welfare office and apply for emergency aid for gas, and electric. Also, go to the courthouse and request an expedited hearing so you can get the money from your brother. Just explain your situation and they may be able to help you. Just because you own a house does not mean you cannot get aid.

  4. The gas and electric utility allows an adjustment for those who are having trouble paying full price for the utility. There is a toll free number to call; nobody is there today.

    I will have to take a trip to the courthouse, yeah — this is now over 2 weeks and that sherriff should have been out here. Unless he was here once or twice already — 4 tries are given.

    I will ask them myself in person. They are closed tomorrow; it’s a holiday.

    When it rains it pours.

    Good people shouldn’t be without a job. That’s the bottom line. Talented people and wow, qualified people should be fully employed with something to match their skills and education.

  5. Dude, I can definitely relate. Before now I never had trouble finding a job. I was often hired on the spot or if I wasn’t hired I knew it was because some more talented was. These employers never asked me to take a psych test or played games with me. There were times I was hired sight unseen. Now? I can’t seem to even get mediocre jobs.

    1. I sat through one test and that was too long ago during this job search. it was an IQ test and the same one that a temp agency administered when I needed a temp job when things were still pretty good out there economically, and long before this depression we are in hit.

      I remember 2000: It took me 6 weeks top to finish, to find a better job.

      I answered 6 ads and got 4 interviews. The place that hired me most nearly took me on the spot but it was tied up in red tape from the parent company that was in the city.

      The NY office was supposed to call me with the offer the next day.

      2 days after the interview, I called and left a message with the president of the company, asking him if I was still in the running. That was a Friday afternoon.

      By Monday, I had the job; what happened was that the person who was to call me with the offer got fired and nobody wound up calling me. When I got home at 5:30 Monday, there was a message from NY, offering me the job and they’d be in the office until 6:30 if I wanted to speak to them, otherwise I could wait until Tuesday to discuss the offer.

      SIX WEEKS!!!!! My phone was practically ringing off the hook.

      I am wondering what happened to people. All you get now is the same phoney approach; it used to be that you could tell by the context of the interview if you were in the running for the offer or not.

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