The fun continues…

I called Bro to tell him that the water bill is here and he owes 2/3.

Him: 2/3?
Me: Yes, because you have 2 people up there.
Him: BTW, we filled the oil tank.
Me: When?
Him: Monday.
Me: Who did you call?
Him: Joe Schmo’s Oil. You didn’t hear a truck?
Me: I was probably not here.
Him: BTW, we paid taxes, too, for November. $800. Girlfriend paid half and I paid half.
Me: Wait a second, Bro — why didn’t you tell me you went down there? I have the tax bill.
Him: I will give you a receipt. BTW, they said you are rude when you go down there. I won’t give names…

For the record, I was not “rude” the last time I went down there, which wss 2 weeks ago; I went to get the tax billings for the last 7 years, so I could bring the “what he owes” up to accurate date.

And I spoke with the CFO/former tax collector extensively during the second week in September; that’s when he told me about when the tax sale would be, what to do to split the house into condos, etc — I mentioned the conversation I had with CFO early last month in a prior post.

Me: Do NOT get her involved in this. She has guest status.
Him (Screaming) Mind your business (hsngs up)

Monday for oil?

Why didn’t they get maintenance out here FIRST and then get the oil tank filled?s

Maintenance Guy for Oil just told Bro something is broken and “you’re looking at about $500 to fix it….”

Gee, too bad, huh.

Oh…why Bro did not call the usual oil provider, the one we have had for 16 years? “Oh my credit is bad and I have to establish an account…”

BULL. The last time he got oil was the winter of 2006. His credit with them was fine at the time; I remember he paid using his card.

Fun times, I’m tellin’ ya…FUN TIMES.

The tax payment is not even towards this quarter, per se: they merely deduct that money from the 2 quarters in arrears and the payment is credited towards the first quarter that is in arrears — and I am pissed they did this themselves. Give ME the money and let me head down there.  I have the tax bill. it only makes sense.

She should not be getting involved.

I also DO NOT want her getting involved in any of this. Guest status…and btw, where’s her rent, bro?

Making note of all of this.  I still have no proof that there is oil in that tank, even if there is an oil guy doing a repair on his furnace.

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  1. Got a broom or broom handle? Can you unlock or open the cap on the tank? If the answer to both of these things is yes, you can determine whether there is oil in the tank. Open the cap of the tank and insert broom handle. Withdraw handle. If the end of the broom handle is wet and oily, he has oil. Usually it is not worthwhile to attempt a repair without oil in the tank, because if the tank doesn’t have enough oil to start the furnace, the repairman can’t test the repair.

    He might argue that he isn’t charging her rent, and if he is, that you are not entitled to any of the rent because he is staying is “his part” of the house.

  2. There IS oil in the tank.

    I said that later on in the post. The heat was up and running while the repair guy was here; he wanted the burner to run for awhile.

    If there is rent, I am indeed entitled to half. That is how the will is set up; it is a joint tenancy. (though if he rented a room to somebody else, or if he moved out and sublet the apartment, hey, I wouldn’t mind if he kept the entire proceeds to himself)

    What bugs me about this whole thing: the swiftness it proceeded with. Neither one of them wasted any time getting the show on the road.

    and if he has money for cable and for oil (and I am sure he is footing the entire bill for GF & D) then he sure as all heck can afford to start giving me back what he owes me.

    No summons here today. it’s been a week since it’s been out for delivery. I suspect that the sheriff was here at least once; I do not stay here all day and when I am here, I do not watch the door.

    How I am doing is a whole other story. Things are rotten and they have deteriorated. I’m literally running from the tanks and for my life at this point.

    1. In the next to last line of your original post, you state that you have no proof that there is oil in the tank.

      People blow off the debts that they think that they can afford to blow off. Clearly, Girlfriend is more important to Bro than you. He knows that you will do what you can to hold onto the house because you’ve paid all the expenses for some years. It is also more painful for you to try to collect from him than, say, it would be for a credit card company.

      You’ve claimed that he doesn’t make enough money to keep up his end of the expenses. If an apartment equivalent to what he has rents for several thousand a month, buying a couple of tanks of heating oil and paying for the utilities would be cheap for Girlfriend compared to paying rent. 500 gallons of heating oil at about $4 per gallon is about a month of rent. Maybe it costs another $200 to get cable installed and pay the first month of fees.

      1. I forgot to go back and edit out that line about the oil.

        Girlfriend was in a rent controlled apartment for years. I have no idea how she got the job; she makes a good salary and it’s far above the qualifying income. What a conniver and a sneak. I detest her for that alone. You took that away from somebody who needs it.

        She’s got enough money to buy the smallest of homes or a very modest condo; they don’t need the amenities a “swankier” one would have, like a pool, a clubhouse and a running track.

        Nothing delivered here yet. It very well could be that they’ve attempted delivery when he is not here. This is now a week; there hd to be at least 1 or 2 tries. And I’d have been informed if he got delivery.

        He may also be evading the sherrif. Who knows? I do know nothing has been delivered.

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