Out for service

The summons, that is. It’s on its way to Bro and has been for the last couple days. I am guessing Monday will be the day.

The sherriff gets 4 tries. After that, you have to move for a substitute for service — usually they will put an announcement in a local paper saying John Doe is being called to notice for X legal issue in X town and X county and where to respond to such notice.

Am I nervous?

Not at all.

Am I scared?

Nope. Not that, either.

What’s right is right. I needed to do this months and months ago. Not now when the chips are down and it’s financial dire straits.

He is also going to be furious that that distribution is held up. Too bad.  Bro is in a big rush to get that money and I can only imagine why.  To pay off creditors? I don’t think so.

I did tell Bro that the first of next month is coming. “Don’t worry. We’ll have the money.” “We”? that in itself makes me nervous. It will be on him if she winds up having some sort of sour grapes — though I cannot possibly imagine how Girlfriend is doing this out of the goodness of her heart of gold.

She has no ties to this house and no legal connection to it. Somehow I wonder why she is even doing this. Maybe he’s only saying “we” and he wants to make it look like she’s a ready teddy to chip in for room and board here and wants to help out with his expenses.

Is it okay to say the whole thing with them here makes me SICK?

I don’t have a good feeling about any of it and the faster they are gone the better off I will be.

He may not respond at all. or he may toss out the summons. Or he may not show up at court for the court date. He may respond and try to fight the issue — on what grounds, I don’t know, but he may choose to fight it.

Time will tell.  And if he complains to me or tries to get me to bargain with him, all I am saying is “Sorry; I can’t say anymore” and that’s that.

If this was he and I — and nobody was involved with him dating-wise — my journey would be a lot smoother.  I know this guy like a book.

But that he’s got somebody with him — and this person’s counting on being here for the very long run — that’s what concerns me. I know she is going to influence him and I have a good mind to tell  her directly (if she does interfere) to stay out of it because it is none of her business.  She is indeed small time potatoes but one never knows.

2 thoughts on “Out for service”

  1. If he doesn’t appear in the specified courtroom on the date specified in the summons and doesn’t contact the court for another date, you will get a default judgement for the amount of expenses that you can prove. Collecting will be another issue. You might tell the judge that he refuses to buy heating oil for his part of the house and that there is a small child staying there. That might get the attention of child services.

    Now that your case has been assigned to a court, it might be worthwhile to go to that courtroom for a couple of hours to see how the judge handles cases. This will help you prepare. Judges are different, and the better prepared you are, the better your chances for having a favorable outcome will be. Some places publish the court docket on line, and the docket lists the sort of cases being held in a particular court. It is not very informative because it does not list the charges, but often the court tells you what sorts of cases are held in which courtrooms on which days.

  2. He also gets charged with contempt of court and a benchmark warrant goes out for his arrest.

    Gee, too bad.

    The party is over. My mistake that I didn’t take care of this years ago when it began.

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