From the world we now call Bizarro World

Here’s a three for today because they all prove the point we are living in disgusting times.

Situation 1: Recently I applied for a receptionist job at the local animal hospital. It is literally across the street and I could walk there. The pay is probably minimum wage and is part time no benefits. Even though it is little pay and no benefits the fact I can walk there is a benefit. I do have receptionist experience (though it goes back 15-20 years ago)but they also requested computer background which I have. I walk in and while applying they got three calls while there. I was convinced I wouldn’t get a call back but I did for a group interview. ¬†At the group interview (I hate these)they proceeded us to give us a test and apparently the people who scored the highest will be called for a working interview. I realized I got one question wrong because it asked for other ways to spell “meyer”. I completely forgot mire until I got home. The way things are I wouldn’t be surprised if I lost the chance for a working interview. The working interview consists of learning the computer program and using it. No idea how long the interview is. It’s sad when jobs require so much and offer so little. Years ago I would walk into companies hiring receptionist jobs and get hired.

Situation 2: My assistant is very bright and gives me high hopes for the future of people. She graduated top of her class and is studying to become a doctor. She just found out the school took away her one scholarship to give to “disadvantaged” students while claiming she must have money if she can afford to go re-med. This is far from the case, her dad is unemployed and her mom is a nurse who struggles to support 4 kids. Unfortunately she is learning what I did years ago and that is it doesn’t matter whether you get good grades when it comes to scholarships if you are middle class. I saw morons in college get full rides simply because they were disadvantaged. I don’t have to explain the fact that with people who shouldn’t be in college this means the degree becomes very watered down.

Situation 3: I teach CCD at church and have known the religious director for years outside of church. In fact she worked at a company where the owner offered me a job. At the time I was working and it was before the job became unbearable so I sadly had to turn down the job. The guy had to move the company anyway for a variety of reasons. Anyway, she has a son who got a degree in computer programming. Very smart guy who knows things that most people don’t. Guess what he is doing now for a job? flipping burgers at a local restaurant. Meanwhile we keep importing more and more visa holders. So foreign workers are taking American jobs while Americans take menial jobs. This results in getting foreign workers who disobey our laws, who push their agenda when it comes to work, etc.

Yes the world is getting worse and will continue to do so.

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  1. Meyer?

    As in a last name????

    Holy cow — there is as many ways to spell the last name Meyer as there are varieties of beer in Germany!

    Meier, Meyer, Meiyer, Myer and Mayer to name FIVE!

    The problem here isn’t visa holders — what visa holder would WANT the assy jobs that WE Americans are applying for — the problem here is the people who are in charge of doing the hiring in these little little and not so little outfits.

    Dumbassed little rules — how to spell Meyer, really, and the variations there of??? Who here has lost the script? Why is the spelling of a last name so dern critical???

    Last week’s interview is gone with the wind. I got the idea that he wasn’t paying attention to what I was saying and he was in a big rush to get the meeting with me over. I never heard back for the second interview.

    I also don’t know what the job paid. I see a lot of very young girls working there so I am guessing the pay there is kind of stinko. Imagine getting called for a second interview and finding out the pay is less than what a job like that is supposed to pay — this is to assist one of the VPs so yeah, the salary for that job should start with at least 55K a year.

    In other news, no service yet on my stupid brother. I know the summons is out for delivery. My guess is he will get the summons on Monday.

    He leaves to drop Child off at her school at 7:15ish — WAY too early!!! How come schools starts so early??? — and then he might stop off at the gym, I guess, after that — he doesn’t report to work until 9:30 that morning. He’s got a few late mornings here, then work and he is off one day during the week.

    Am I scared? No.

    Am I nervous? Why should I be?

    What’s right is right.

    1. Good luck with that. I’ve been following your story and all I can say is good luck and I hope it works out.

      Yes that whole Meyer thing was bizarre to say the least. Some of what I have seen this go around is horrible to say the least.

      That’s the thing though, Americans are taking jobs way below their qualifications while visa holders and the like take better jobs that Americans used to hold.

      1. And suppose you are somebody from an entirely different culture and you have never heard of the last name “Meyer”???

        This is almost like that “black IQ test” that they used to administer to illustrate how a cultural difference can make or break you in testing.

        1. That’s another point I hadn’t thought of but it just struck me as odd. I’m not sure what it had to do with receptionist work expect maybe knowing how to look up names.

          1. Like how many freaking MEYERS are they going to have as clients???

            They should be concerned with whether or not the candidate likes animals of all kinds, even the “icky” ones like rats, tarantulas, iguanas and snakes.

            Ask the interviewee if they can stand cleaning pee and poop from the reception area floor — also vomit, blood and other body fluids that dogs and cats — mostly dogs — will leave behind when they come into the reception area.

            Ask if they can stand loud barking and bereaved owners. They may also have to bring a seriously injured animal in through the reception area in some cases (though not with clients there).

            They are asking the wrong questions. They will get nothing but the wrong candidate.

  2. That’s the thing they didn’t ask whether I like animals or not or even my background. My animals are registered there and I know the one receptionist (her husband is one of my dad’s closest friends).

    1. Then they do not know what they are doing, then.

      All the more reason for them to hire you: you’re a client, for love of mike.

      You have proven another point that all of us have known about — so long as this kind of nonsensical hunt for the “golden ticket” holder goes on (or is it the hunt for the Holy Grail or Xanadu? or is it the hunt for lost continent of Atlantis??) all of us are screwed.

      This is NOT the correct way to screen and hire a job candidate. The wrong questions are being asked and the wrong person is permitted to do the hiring.

      You will get what you pay for.

      1. It’s why you and I stay unemployed by ditzy dumbo and frat boy have jobs. They aren’t asking the right questions or doing the right things on interviews. They should ask questions related to the job.

  3. This is why things are shot to hell.

    The person doing the hiring needs to be the head vet. Not some little office nobody who hasn’t got a clue.

    You remember how regimented the candidate selection used to be. If you got a call to come in to be interviewed, you were already a serious contender.

    You were asked real questions and you knew by the feel and questions asked and the overall way the job interview proceeded that you were in the running…or not in the running at all.

    you knew by a certain date that Yes you got the job or no, sorry, somebody else was selected.

    You were able to get a live body who would tell you yes or no.

    We have a wasteland here. And nothing more than that.

    Even that last guy who talked to me: “Oh, everybody says they will be on time….” Holy hole in a donut, guy: what did you expect me TO say? I will be late every day?

    This is also a polite way of saying “you have given me the same line of crud everyother candidate gave me so I am not interested in you.” So why am I wasting MY time here, at this point????

    I am going to keep praying and keep hoping. The athiests here can laugh, if they wish. Something’s gotta give…and I am racing against the clock, what with how lousy things are here, in general.

    1. I never had this problem before finding a job. Like you mentioned, the questions were related to the job and they hired based on the person with the most experience or education. Not the person who scored the highest on a psych test (who probably figured out how to cheat on that). Not the person who answered the “right” way.

      I couldn’t begin to mention how many jobs sounded like perfect fits, I applied only to be rejected before an interview. One sticks out because it was in the same industry as my former employer doing the exact same job. I got a rejection the next day. Another one was also in the same field (though a slightly different field)and I got a rejection. One of these employers ended up hiring someone with poor English (being from Brazil)who posted on Linked-In “pardon my English”. Seriously I lose a writing based job to someone that barely speaks English? I know complete morons who have good paying jobs, yet I with my degree and experience don’t deserve a job like this?

  4. None of this makes any sense.

    6 years ago, none of this was the norm.

    Even further back than that, you only saw or got a flakey interview very very rarely. It nearly never happened, but there was bound to be one oddball in the bunch. Mind you, I said one.

    The norm now is that they are all oddballs. Couth and manners are gone, along with their brains.

    What do people like us do? Dry up and blow away? A job is a necessity, not a frill.

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