The sham called the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame

This week the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced who they chose as the nominees to be inducted. Keep in mind that not all nominees will be inducted this year but that the inductees are from this list.

The list and my opinion:

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band: I can’t recall their hit songs but have them seen listed as influences and have heard of them. I have no issue with blues rock bands from the 60’s in general being inducted, though I suspect part of this has to do with the fact I had a cousin who was a blues artist named Graham Bond.  Graham Bond was in Blues Inc and his own band, which is noteworthy because Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker later of Cream were members.

Chic: Chic to me was influential and influenced many rock bands as well as disco artists, such as Duran Duran (more on them later). Very talented musicians in this band including Nile Rodgers who went on to a successful producing career, and Tony Thompson and Bernard Edwards who were both talented musicians no longer with us.

Hall & Oates:  The most successful duo of all times if I recall and had many great songs.  When I used to buy 45’s I would buy many of theirs and even now I have many songs in the iPod.

Deep Purple: They should have been in years ago because they pretty much created heavy metal. I had their first single Hush on 45 and one of my earliest memories was going somewhere and the DJ announced the premiere of a new song called Smoke On The Water.  The hall of fame has traditionally been anti hard rock/metal and it’s a shame.

Speaking of hard rock KISS is also nominated. I was scared to death of KISS as a child, especially Gene Simmons. Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s they were everywhere, from tv to posters at the store. The reason they have been bypassed many years was because of their lack of talent (according to one guy on the board)but high marketing ability. They may not be the most talented band I suppose but their impact is enormous even today. I think their music holds up and true story recently with an iTunes card I purchased their big hit Beth.

Peter Gabriel: I love his post Genesis work a lot. I listen to his music often and bought his video collection several years back. He’s extremely talented and I want to see him inducted.

LL Cool J: He’s one of the few rap artists I like but I’m not sure he should be inducted. My reason is for the simple fact there are people who have been around longer and haven’t been nominated.

The Meters: Honestly I don’t know who they are so I can’t say. I tried to look them up but didn’t find much information. Sounds like they perform with many artists.

Nirvana: If any artist says definite lock on the ballot it’s Nirvana. They changed music on so many levels and made alternative radio a common format. They were far from the first alternative act and alternative radio existed since the 70’s but they did change the sound that was being played on the radio. Right before Nirvana hit I was working at a store with a record department and the music being sold were artists like  C+ C Music Factory, New Kids On The Block, Milli Vanilli, and Garth Brooks. Outside of Brooks most of the music being sold was of a definite mainstream pop flavor and most really sucked. To get anything even remotely alternative I had to walk to the record store next door. Nevermind really changed my life and I listen to it often along with their other CD’s. I do have a problem sort of with them being inducted before a lot of their influences as I’m sure Kurt Cobain would as well. I was very sad when he committed suicide.

N.W.A.: WTF? No they shouldn’t be inducted AT ALL. They influenced gang members and the like and I think they were more pushing the boundaries than anything else. I do have a song of theirs in my iPod but don’t feel they belong in the hall of fame.

The Replacements: Love them, own all their CD’s and think they were terrific. My only concern is they may not have been that well known to mainstream audiences.  Ironically I heard their last concert as it was broadcast on the radio.

Linda Ronstadt: She is really good and a legend. Here is an older singer finally getting recognition.

Cat Stevens: People hate him because of his religious views which is wrong. His songs stand up. I wish more of the folk rockers from the 70’s were inducted as I would like to see Harry Chapin (rock’s great humanitarian), Jim Croce and Gordon Lightfoot at least get nods.

Link Wray: Very talent guitarist, though probably should go in under the musician category.

Yes: I like progressive rock and think like heavy metal gets a bum rap. I think more progressive rockers like Moody Blues should be inducted.

The Zombies: Love the Zombies and one of the underrated artists from the British Invasion.

Meanwhile, while they nominate or induct mediocre at best artists (and some are loosely artists)so many legends are ignored.  For example, I really believe the Cure, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran and Joy Division belong in the hall of fame. Say what you want about Duran Duran but they influenced many artists who came after, including Nirvana (and yes Kurt Cobain did mention them as an influence). Going back a bit farther, there is Roxy Music. As an early influence I believe the Carter Family should be inducted. Maybelle Carter played the guitar in a way that has been emulated since. From the 60’s there are many talented artists still not in, like Johnny Rivers and the Grass Roots. While many critics dismiss them as a made up group, the Monkees proved they had staying power, and contrary to myth did play instruments on several of their songs (and two of the members were bonafide musicians).

4 thoughts on “The sham called the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame”

  1. How can anybody, of any religion or creed, NOT like Cat Stevens????

    “Another Saturday Night”: Great lament about a nice single guy who can’t find a nice single girl.

    “Morning Has Broken” — it’s a “crossover” hymn sung in many denominations — I’d consider this a secular tune. The sentiment is still there, no matter what religion you are or are not.:)

    “Oh Very Young” — another sweet tune. How could anybody be insulted?

    “Peace Train” — another universal message!

    Others that should have been inducted — they may already have been; I cannot access the complete list of who so far has been inducted:

    Emerson Lake & Palmer
    The Nice
    Rick Springfield
    Gordon Lightfoot
    The Velvet Underground
    The Knack
    The Roches
    Suzi Quatro
    Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
    Lita Ford — an untapped treasure. A shame she didn’t go further than she did
    Johnny Rivers — I have always enjoyed listening to his music. He was easy on the ears; I can listen to him sing all day
    Eddie Money

    Just branching off a bit here: What we need now — and need then because we can all use the laughs these days:

    Nonsense songs and novelty records! and comedy recordings.
    There are no more “Aba Daba Honeymoons” and no more “Mr. Jaws.”

    (Somebody like Justin Timberlake and Miley Cyrus could probably redo a cover of “Aba Dabba Honeymoon” and it might just be a reborn hit, 63 years later after its origin — the song came from a musical by the name of 2 Weeks With Love and starred Debbie Reynolds

    Much better than what Ms. Cyrus is doing right now — she’s a cute little comedic actress; that’s what she does best and what she should stick to: “Sell what you know.”)

    We’ve got no more “The Streak”s and we don’t have any more “My Dingaling”s.

    There are no more “recording groups” like Alvin and the Chipmunks. No more of The Detergents. They were hilarious…and for kids of all ages.

    On Top of Speghetti, Camp Grenada and Snoopy’s Christmas…. I’d love to see songs like that make their way back into a playlist.

    And there are no more first class top notch “Adults Only” recordings like “A Boy Named Sue.” — I like to call a song like that “adults only” because it was not geared to a youth audience. Not every Top 40 song should be a rock song that’s geared to a kiddie demographic.

    We have no more “commemorative” records that parody the First Families — remember how popular — and hilarious — those records were?

    Too bad those days have gone. Maybe the trend died out or these kind of songs were just not popular anymore. I don’t think anybody would mind if we got them back.

    The last “novelty” record we got was probably “The 12 Guido Days of Christmas” — wasn’t released as a single, though. JT took “D in a Box” on the road and he sang it at at least one of his concerts, after SNL presentedd the Digital Short that featured that song — and it is quite a good song; it’s got a heck of a catchy hook to it.

    I think it would be hilarious if some comedian or comedy team came up with a CD to “commemorate” the recent gubmit shutdown. That would be a gold mine for somebody hilarious and creative.

    1. Cat Stevens is definitely underrated, but i suspect it’s because of the religious views. We sing a song in church called Baptized In Water that has the same style as Morning Has Broken and we sing that one as well. I have no doubt he’d already be in there. That list is good, but Velvet Underground is already in. Speaking of Joan Jett and Lita Ford, the Runways should be in. I watched their movie awhile back online and it was fascinating.

      I love parodies and have several albums. I bought my mom the CD’s of both Ray Stevens and Roger Miller awhile back (well when I had money)and those are funny songs. 1958 was the big year for novelty music since three songs hit #1 that year that were novelties: Purple People Eater by Sheb Wooley, the Witch Doctor by David Seville (right before he created the Chipmunks though the song is sped up)and the Chipmunk song.

  2. Seville named The Chipmunks after 3 guys who were techs that worked with him to record his songs.:)

    No more parodies. No more novelty records and no more fun. It’s too bad.

    Nothing camp, either, like “Double O Seven” or “Judy In Disguise With Glasses.”

    1. There’s still campy songs, though now they masquerade as non campy. Recent ones would be Gangham Style or the Macarena. However truly novelty songs sadly aren’t that popular anymore which is a shame. A few years ago I made a Halloween CD and so many of those songs were novelties like Witch Doctor and Monster Mash. Today though it seems music consists of untalented people performing mediocre songs that a kid could write.

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