The fun continues…

I called Bro to tell him that the water bill is here and he owes 2/3.

Him: 2/3?
Me: Yes, because you have 2 people up there.
Him: BTW, we filled the oil tank.
Me: When?
Him: Monday.
Me: Who did you call?
Him: Joe Schmo’s Oil. You didn’t hear a truck?
Me: I was probably not here.
Him: BTW, we paid taxes, too, for November. $800. Girlfriend paid half and I paid half.
Me: Wait a second, Bro — why didn’t you tell me you went down there? I have the tax bill.
Him: I will give you a receipt. BTW, they said you are rude when you go down there. I won’t give names…

For the record, I was not “rude” the last time I went down there, which wss 2 weeks ago; I went to get the tax billings for the last 7 years, so I could bring the “what he owes” up to accurate date.

And I spoke with the CFO/former tax collector extensively during the second week in September; that’s when he told me about when the tax sale would be, what to do to split the house into condos, etc — I mentioned the conversation I had with CFO early last month in a prior post.

Me: Do NOT get her involved in this. She has guest status.
Him (Screaming) Mind your business (hsngs up)

Monday for oil?

Why didn’t they get maintenance out here FIRST and then get the oil tank filled?s

Maintenance Guy for Oil just told Bro something is broken and “you’re looking at about $500 to fix it….”

Gee, too bad, huh.

Oh…why Bro did not call the usual oil provider, the one we have had for 16 years? “Oh my credit is bad and I have to establish an account…”

BULL. The last time he got oil was the winter of 2006. His credit with them was fine at the time; I remember he paid using his card.

Fun times, I’m tellin’ ya…FUN TIMES.

The tax payment is not even towards this quarter, per se: they merely deduct that money from the 2 quarters in arrears and the payment is credited towards the first quarter that is in arrears — and I am pissed they did this themselves. Give ME the money and let me head down there.  I have the tax bill. it only makes sense.

She should not be getting involved.

I also DO NOT want her getting involved in any of this. Guest status…and btw, where’s her rent, bro?

Making note of all of this.  I still have no proof that there is oil in that tank, even if there is an oil guy doing a repair on his furnace.

5 Years ago today….

Is the day I started to get sick.

The preamble to my sickness started some time at the end of September — I tried to sing along to a song on the radio and I couldn’t do it.

I had trouble hitting a higher note. Wondered what was going on and didn’t see a doc about it.

A couple of weeks later, I was coming out of a local store and my hamstring popped. Clear out of nowhere; it just happened.

Also part of the prequel to my illness.

Zoom ahead to 5 years ago today. I got out of bed and got dizzy. I thought nothing of it…until evening came.

I retired for the night. I got dizzy again — and then my heart rate climbed to 100.

And didn’t come down.

I waited a day, saw my doc. He told me “Oh, you’re dehydrated, go home.”

And like an ass, I did.

I sat home for 4 days, drinking lots of water — my heart rate stayed the same, until Sunday night about 10:30 pm — it zoomed up to 150 a minute and that’s when I took myself to a hospital.

It took them 3 days of testing; they found out I have Graves disease.

That damn doc would have known in 2 seconds flat if he felt my thyroid and tested my reaction time with a bump on the knee. Nope; he said I was “dehydrated” and did no other exam.

I wore a heart monitor while there; I got blood thinners and I was on telemetry the whole time.

To top this off, this happened about 3 months after I lost my job — and the SOBs did NOT bother to send me a COBRA letter, or give me one, upon my departure that day.

That’s where the real fun began.

The day after I was discharged from the hospital, I had to return to my former work place and ask them for that letter. I was so out of it that I didn’t give them what I should have given them: holy hell and a good telling off: WOW, how dare you NOT make sure you give me what I am supposed to get.

I should have reported them to the state division of Banking and Insurance?

What would THEY do about it?

Thought they were very helpful to me when that company gave me trouble returning to me money that had to do with premium payments and the Cobra subsidy. I mentioned my troubles getting the money. And I still think they did this out of some kind of pique and just to give me trouble. C’mon…nobody can be that dumb. Not possible. And no, it wasn’t sleight of hand and “We forgot.”  I never bought a second of their claim that they forgot.

Actually it is a federal offense not to forward a letter for COBRA election to a soon to be former employee: it’s the law, is it not?

The moral to the story:

If you see any changes in any part of your health, get to your doc.

The change could be nothing or it could be something that needs immediate attention.

The change in my voice was from the thyroid getting larger; women will lose an octive or 2 and men will gain an octave or 2.  I sing in a very low key: it is F minor.

The hamstring giving out was muscle weakness; that’s part of a symptom of Graves Disease.  You waste your muscles — that’s what the weight loss is — all from muscle mass and that’s dangerous; you can’t even go back to the gym until a good clip of time has elapsed.

Every patient manifests differently; an endocrinologist told me he had a client who lost 100 pounds and had nothing but diarrhea. Those were his only 2 symptoms — remember, an enlarged thyroid speeds everything up. Hence the weight loss and diarrhea.

And another moral to the story:

Don’t let anybody push you around, a former company’s people in particular. “Forgot” to give the letter to me? Never bought it.

I still think that horrible workplace stress is what caused my illness.  I am in remission now, but I still take a small dose of methimizole to keep things normal (when I skipped it — you can, with your doc’s approval, 6 months later I was back in the hospital with the same increased heart rate, and this time I was about 100 miles from home, on a vacation. I went back to my doc and told him Nothin’ Doin’ and exercised the option to put me back on the methimizole, just to be safe.)

When I asked them why I never got the letter — this was when I had to go there in person the day after discharge — I got “I forgot.”  No you didn’t, Office Manager — and the company owner was right there: how come it didn’t incense YOU that somebody that you put in charge was neglectful of her duties?????

If I owned that company and I found out my office manager didn’t do as she was supposed to do, she’d have been put on notice and kept on a short leash after that, if not fired directly there and then.  Company Owner never blinked an eye when I pointed out a Cobra letter was the law. Great.

I had to go to charity care to get them to pay for my visit. I should have gotten the invoice and stuck Former Company with the entire bill.  I didn’t do it, I guess, because I was too sick to pursue it. I dunno; maybe that was the reason. I am sorry now I let them get away with it.

Their agreement was that I was to be covered until November’s end — this was decided when I was leaving the company — but they didn’t follow thorugh on that at all.

So you can see they are a problem and always was one to me. Who needs a trip like this for a purpose like that when you’re supposed to be home recovering from a hospital stay and when your illness is in its infancy???  You bet I was shaky and weak and just plain foggy and out of it.

Positive Train Control

I normally don’t write about topics in my profession: I think of blogging as a relief from work.  But I can’t resist commenting on a news item this week.

First, a little background.  For years, legislating requiring railroads in the US to install a positive train control system had been kicking around Congress.  Public interest groups supported it; the railroads hated it.  The stalemate persisted until 2008, when a head-on collision between a freight train and a commuter train occurred in California, killing about 20.  At that point, Congress was galvanized into action: the Rail Safety Improvement Act was passed, and signed by President Bush, less than two weeks afterward.  It requires certain mainline railroads in the US to implement positive train control systems over some 60,000 miles of track by the end of 2015.  (The territory where the California accident took place had a signal system, but no method of enforcement if a train should overrun a stop signal.)

Like any other human endeavor, railroads are imperfect: accidents happen, sometimes spectacular ones.  But on balance, railroads are safer than most other forms of transport.  The Positive Train Control system will incrementally improve safety, but at a cost of some $13 billion dollars to build, plus ongoing maintenance.  Meanwhile, from fewer accidents and improved operating efficiencies, the railroads will gain about 5% of that for their efforts.  And the system will not prevent all accidents: Positive Train Control would not have prevented the accident in Quebec last July, when a runaway train of crude oil derailed at the bottom of a hill, destroying 30 buildings and killing 42.

In any case, as of 2008, the railroads had a little over seven years to implement this system.  The first year could only be spent on general planning, because the regulations still had to be written.  But the railroads set to work on it, making progress, although the 2015 deadline was still a difficult target.

Earlier this year, there was talk about extending the 2015 deadline, which on balance seems reasonable.  But this week, a news item crossed my desk:  the sites for 22,000 radio towers, required to make the system work, would have to be approved by Native American tribes across the country, to ensure that the sites did not cover sacred burial grounds.

Where did such madness come from?  I thought of the times I have driven cross-country and the innumerable radio towers to support cell phone service.  But it turns out that those towers were subject to the same approvals.  The phone companies presumably set up a process for getting the sites approved with minimal delay, and built out their networks like they planned.

So now, I’m disappointed: either the consultants and engineers involved in Positive Train Control implementation don’t know what they’re doing, or they’re overstating the dimensions of the problem to cadge for more time.

The weasels….

Out for service

The summons, that is. It’s on its way to Bro and has been for the last couple days. I am guessing Monday will be the day.

The sherriff gets 4 tries. After that, you have to move for a substitute for service — usually they will put an announcement in a local paper saying John Doe is being called to notice for X legal issue in X town and X county and where to respond to such notice.

Am I nervous?

Not at all.

Am I scared?

Nope. Not that, either.

What’s right is right. I needed to do this months and months ago. Not now when the chips are down and it’s financial dire straits.

He is also going to be furious that that distribution is held up. Too bad.  Bro is in a big rush to get that money and I can only imagine why.  To pay off creditors? I don’t think so.

I did tell Bro that the first of next month is coming. “Don’t worry. We’ll have the money.” “We”? that in itself makes me nervous. It will be on him if she winds up having some sort of sour grapes — though I cannot possibly imagine how Girlfriend is doing this out of the goodness of her heart of gold.

She has no ties to this house and no legal connection to it. Somehow I wonder why she is even doing this. Maybe he’s only saying “we” and he wants to make it look like she’s a ready teddy to chip in for room and board here and wants to help out with his expenses.

Is it okay to say the whole thing with them here makes me SICK?

I don’t have a good feeling about any of it and the faster they are gone the better off I will be.

He may not respond at all. or he may toss out the summons. Or he may not show up at court for the court date. He may respond and try to fight the issue — on what grounds, I don’t know, but he may choose to fight it.

Time will tell.  And if he complains to me or tries to get me to bargain with him, all I am saying is “Sorry; I can’t say anymore” and that’s that.

If this was he and I — and nobody was involved with him dating-wise — my journey would be a lot smoother.  I know this guy like a book.

But that he’s got somebody with him — and this person’s counting on being here for the very long run — that’s what concerns me. I know she is going to influence him and I have a good mind to tell  her directly (if she does interfere) to stay out of it because it is none of her business.  She is indeed small time potatoes but one never knows.

From the world we now call Bizarro World

Here’s a three for today because they all prove the point we are living in disgusting times.

Situation 1: Recently I applied for a receptionist job at the local animal hospital. It is literally across the street and I could walk there. The pay is probably minimum wage and is part time no benefits. Even though it is little pay and no benefits the fact I can walk there is a benefit. I do have receptionist experience (though it goes back 15-20 years ago)but they also requested computer background which I have. I walk in and while applying they got three calls while there. I was convinced I wouldn’t get a call back but I did for a group interview.  At the group interview (I hate these)they proceeded us to give us a test and apparently the people who scored the highest will be called for a working interview. I realized I got one question wrong because it asked for other ways to spell “meyer”. I completely forgot mire until I got home. The way things are I wouldn’t be surprised if I lost the chance for a working interview. The working interview consists of learning the computer program and using it. No idea how long the interview is. It’s sad when jobs require so much and offer so little. Years ago I would walk into companies hiring receptionist jobs and get hired.

Situation 2: My assistant is very bright and gives me high hopes for the future of people. She graduated top of her class and is studying to become a doctor. She just found out the school took away her one scholarship to give to “disadvantaged” students while claiming she must have money if she can afford to go re-med. This is far from the case, her dad is unemployed and her mom is a nurse who struggles to support 4 kids. Unfortunately she is learning what I did years ago and that is it doesn’t matter whether you get good grades when it comes to scholarships if you are middle class. I saw morons in college get full rides simply because they were disadvantaged. I don’t have to explain the fact that with people who shouldn’t be in college this means the degree becomes very watered down.

Situation 3: I teach CCD at church and have known the religious director for years outside of church. In fact she worked at a company where the owner offered me a job. At the time I was working and it was before the job became unbearable so I sadly had to turn down the job. The guy had to move the company anyway for a variety of reasons. Anyway, she has a son who got a degree in computer programming. Very smart guy who knows things that most people don’t. Guess what he is doing now for a job? flipping burgers at a local restaurant. Meanwhile we keep importing more and more visa holders. So foreign workers are taking American jobs while Americans take menial jobs. This results in getting foreign workers who disobey our laws, who push their agenda when it comes to work, etc.

Yes the world is getting worse and will continue to do so.

The sham called the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame

This week the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced who they chose as the nominees to be inducted. Keep in mind that not all nominees will be inducted this year but that the inductees are from this list.

The list and my opinion:

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band: I can’t recall their hit songs but have them seen listed as influences and have heard of them. I have no issue with blues rock bands from the 60’s in general being inducted, though I suspect part of this has to do with the fact I had a cousin who was a blues artist named Graham Bond.  Graham Bond was in Blues Inc and his own band, which is noteworthy because Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker later of Cream were members.

Chic: Chic to me was influential and influenced many rock bands as well as disco artists, such as Duran Duran (more on them later). Very talented musicians in this band including Nile Rodgers who went on to a successful producing career, and Tony Thompson and Bernard Edwards who were both talented musicians no longer with us.

Hall & Oates:  The most successful duo of all times if I recall and had many great songs.  When I used to buy 45’s I would buy many of theirs and even now I have many songs in the iPod.

Deep Purple: They should have been in years ago because they pretty much created heavy metal. I had their first single Hush on 45 and one of my earliest memories was going somewhere and the DJ announced the premiere of a new song called Smoke On The Water.  The hall of fame has traditionally been anti hard rock/metal and it’s a shame.

Speaking of hard rock KISS is also nominated. I was scared to death of KISS as a child, especially Gene Simmons. Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s they were everywhere, from tv to posters at the store. The reason they have been bypassed many years was because of their lack of talent (according to one guy on the board)but high marketing ability. They may not be the most talented band I suppose but their impact is enormous even today. I think their music holds up and true story recently with an iTunes card I purchased their big hit Beth.

Peter Gabriel: I love his post Genesis work a lot. I listen to his music often and bought his video collection several years back. He’s extremely talented and I want to see him inducted.

LL Cool J: He’s one of the few rap artists I like but I’m not sure he should be inducted. My reason is for the simple fact there are people who have been around longer and haven’t been nominated.

The Meters: Honestly I don’t know who they are so I can’t say. I tried to look them up but didn’t find much information. Sounds like they perform with many artists.

Nirvana: If any artist says definite lock on the ballot it’s Nirvana. They changed music on so many levels and made alternative radio a common format. They were far from the first alternative act and alternative radio existed since the 70’s but they did change the sound that was being played on the radio. Right before Nirvana hit I was working at a store with a record department and the music being sold were artists like  C+ C Music Factory, New Kids On The Block, Milli Vanilli, and Garth Brooks. Outside of Brooks most of the music being sold was of a definite mainstream pop flavor and most really sucked. To get anything even remotely alternative I had to walk to the record store next door. Nevermind really changed my life and I listen to it often along with their other CD’s. I do have a problem sort of with them being inducted before a lot of their influences as I’m sure Kurt Cobain would as well. I was very sad when he committed suicide.

N.W.A.: WTF? No they shouldn’t be inducted AT ALL. They influenced gang members and the like and I think they were more pushing the boundaries than anything else. I do have a song of theirs in my iPod but don’t feel they belong in the hall of fame.

The Replacements: Love them, own all their CD’s and think they were terrific. My only concern is they may not have been that well known to mainstream audiences.  Ironically I heard their last concert as it was broadcast on the radio.

Linda Ronstadt: She is really good and a legend. Here is an older singer finally getting recognition.

Cat Stevens: People hate him because of his religious views which is wrong. His songs stand up. I wish more of the folk rockers from the 70’s were inducted as I would like to see Harry Chapin (rock’s great humanitarian), Jim Croce and Gordon Lightfoot at least get nods.

Link Wray: Very talent guitarist, though probably should go in under the musician category.

Yes: I like progressive rock and think like heavy metal gets a bum rap. I think more progressive rockers like Moody Blues should be inducted.

The Zombies: Love the Zombies and one of the underrated artists from the British Invasion.

Meanwhile, while they nominate or induct mediocre at best artists (and some are loosely artists)so many legends are ignored.  For example, I really believe the Cure, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran and Joy Division belong in the hall of fame. Say what you want about Duran Duran but they influenced many artists who came after, including Nirvana (and yes Kurt Cobain did mention them as an influence). Going back a bit farther, there is Roxy Music. As an early influence I believe the Carter Family should be inducted. Maybelle Carter played the guitar in a way that has been emulated since. From the 60’s there are many talented artists still not in, like Johnny Rivers and the Grass Roots. While many critics dismiss them as a made up group, the Monkees proved they had staying power, and contrary to myth did play instruments on several of their songs (and two of the members were bonafide musicians).

How I Learned to Stop Worrying…

No, that isn’t true.

I’m still worried, just as much as I ever was, if not more.

What made last week’s default debacle particularly scary was that, unlike August 2011, we now know that President Obama will handle the situation like a petulant child.  Rather than encouraging the people to be calm and face the problems together, he would happily incite nationwide riots because, after all, a good crisis should never go to waste.

I was hoping that the Republicans would be able to do something about Obamacare, the worst public policy decision since Prohibition.  But other than one little nibble (that we would explore the possibility of verifying one’s income before granting a subsidy), Obamacare stands.

And what is this business of ‘raising the debt ceiling until February’?  The debt ceiling is a number.  You raise it by a trillion dollars, or a billion dollars, or 75 cents.  But thus time it’s different: Congress has abdicated its authority under the Constitution and enabled the Treasury to borrow however much it needs for the next four months.

The movement to defund Obamacare was led by the Tea Party Republicans, who believe in a constitutional republic with a limited government.  (How quaint!)  The Republicans in general got hosed, even though most Republicans, from what I can tell, are as much big-government statists as the Democrats.  (Indeed, in last year’s Presidential election, it was hard to tell the difference between Romney and Obama, except that Romney would work to undo Obamacare… maybe.)

In the end, it worked out spectacularly well for the President: no substantial changes to Obamacare, no restrictions on spending, debt ceiling increases by time rather than money, the Tea Party excoriated as lunatics, the Republicans weakened, and the chance to repeat the lesson three months from now if anyone should dare to challenge these issues again.

Maybe it’s time to give up.

Maybe deficits don’t matter after all.  Maybe debt is a badge of honor.  It’s contrary to what I was brought up with, but maybe the world has changed, and what I was brought up with is now wrong.

I can’t imagine how this would work out, other than a totalitarian socialist utopia in which everyone is equally shabby, or else chaos, destruction, and death.  But the problem may be my lack of vision.

It may be time to learn to stop worrying and love the debt.

But I’m not ready to admit that.

Today is no better

I am on a hell of a rough road.

I am wondering how I am going to keep the ship afloat. I tried 2 more ads last week; by last Tuesday, one of the jobs was filled and I never heard from the other place.

Somebody commented “You’ve gotten more bitter in the last week.” Really? Ya think? Let me ask you this: if you had no job and none is forthcoming or on the horizon and YOU were the one who is now more or less paying the way for THREE people to stay under your roof and you don’t see much hope at all for anything in your life, see if YOU won’t be bitter about the turning of events.

I don’t even know what to say: it’s like everything horrible has happened to me.

I do not know how long this case will take to resolve legally; I was already told it could take MONTHS.

I am also looking for counselors. I can’t take much more of this; the last several weeks of my life has been spent chasing after this mess I am in and trying to legally have it resolved. And 2 more people show up and put themselves on MY tab???

How in hell is it even possible to not be permitted to evict somebody who YOU cannot afford to pay for, more or less?

So I am stuck with the bunch of them. This is a nightmare indeed, all of it. And I have to handle this alone.

Living in a nightmare

I just told Bro what the story is: how much he owes me and that I can no longer own a home with him and what his options were: Partition agreement, buyout, sell the house.

He would not listen to reason. He saw the amount and told me he had no way to pay it and that he could not meet my deadline — I gave him until December 1.And that with commissions and the distribution from the stock he can easily pay it

When I told him he had the distribution and his commissions, he said “I need the money to pay everybody else off” and he is still insisting his debt is about 30 grand.

He does not want to make good on this.  This is an easy way out for him, hand up the distribution money — that maybe will be 20 grand — and he still has commission money each week.  No go and a NO.

He got verbally abusive and screamed; I called the cops so it would be a matter of record he got out of line and that if anything happened, I more or less wanted it on record what he did today.

He would not listen to the options being I cannot own a home with him. I said “Bro, I am telling you now I may have to take you to court rather than blindsiding you; I am giving you a chance to make good.” He wouldn’t listen.

I heard part of the statement he gave to the cops. He turned it around and made it all about the girlfriend. that wasn’t it at all. How I wanted “to draw a line down the center of the house” (that’s how he interpreted “partition action”) and how I wanted to evict her (I told her I asked and I was told by atty I cold not).  “She just doesn’t like her and she wants my gf out of here….”  Good grief.

The cops spoke to me; I told them he wasn’t happy when I told him I would have to take him to court to pay up on money he owed me.  These cops may think I/we are nuts. I don’t even care anymore: I want this to end and I have had enough.

I am sorry I just didn’t sue him outright with no warning. Maybe I would have avoided a scene like I just had today.

He’s telling me that there is no way I can take out a loan using this house as collateral.  And that my credit score probably wasn’t good enough to do it anyway and that he will have the loan blocked.

There is nobody to talk to about this. I have exactly 2 close friends and they are not around; this morning I alerted the executor to tell him what the deal was and that I’d probably be suing Bro.

Disgraceful, all of this. This is a nightmare that isn’t ending.

And oh yeah…I followed up on 2 jobs this morning. Both were advertised last week:  One is already filled and the other one…well, they’re still looking at resumes and they will call whoever they are interested again.

Big fat strike out. So what the hell else is new here???

“How do you expect to pay that loan back???” Uh, I’d get a tenant upstairs and I’d charge rent and that would be my money for my monthly payment. RIGHT??? BOYOBOY is he dumb.

I called atty; he says bro can indeed block it — I am going back to him tomorrow to see what we can do. THis case will need a mediator.

Default, Again

For my part, there appears to be an eminently reasonable approach to the stalemate that has resulted in the Federal government shutdown: postpone the Obamacare penalty for not carrying insurance for one year.  People would still have the option to buy the insurance, and receive subsidies (perhaps reducing them a few ticks to balance the penalties that won’t be collected).  It would balance the Administration’s unilaterally postponing the Obamacare employer obligation for one year.  In fact, I believe that House Republicans proposed such an approach, but Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, rejected it out of hand.

Meanwhile, on top of the government shutdown (which has in fact left about two-thirds of the government up and spending), we now face a deadlock over the debt ceiling.  We went through this a couple of years ago, and if we had adults in charge, I wouldn’t be particularly worried.  If the government cannot borrow money, the 14th Amendment means that its debts are sacrosanct.  The government must pay its debts, which includes paying interest and principal on its bonds, and paying contractors and employees for services rendered.

Everything else is fair game.

If adults were in charge, they would follow the 14th Amendment, pay the debts, then prioritize the other expenses (aid for states and localities, ongoing procurements and government services that can be shut down, foreign aid, and–the elephant in the room–entitlements) and pay what they can from the remaining funds.  It’s what the rest of us do when we have a case of the shorts.  In fairness, the immediate effects would not be good for the economy.  But we would be facing reality, which is the first step to actually fixing things.

Alas, we don’t have adults in the room anymore.  One of the disconcerting parts of the Syria debacle a month ago is that the only person who seemed to have his head on straight was Vladimir Putin.  Our President and Secretary of State came across as damned fools.

That’s the real scary part.

Meeting Number 2 results…

I explained both situations.

He says I cannot evict her because she is part of his package because she is living with him.

I cannot have her arrested for trespassing.  It would be no use to change the lock back because it is likely she’ll change it back to the way she wants it.

He told me to tell her not to touch the common areas — that’s the hallway, the vestibule, the front steps, the front lawn, the sidewalk and the driveway and garage and yard.

He suggested I try for the partition agreement: either I buy him out or he buys me out or we sell the house completely. He suggests I not fix the garage; if the other owners want the house they may do something else entirely different with the garage — they could demolish it and do something else with it, for example: maybe put in a carport instead or some kind of fancy tool shed with a little workshop.

He said to sue Bro for the money he owes me if Bro doesn’t pay in full by the  deadline– but unless I get Bro out of here by November– not likely, too short notice!!! —- it is probably very likely he’ll pull the same shit on me with “I ain’t got no tax money”and now I will have 3 people in here that I am pulling for free: the exact thing I do not want.

And suppose he does refuse on November 1??? Then what? (besides, that is, the fact that he is being nothing but a shithead and needs his ass kicked, because of that?)

I would have to go and get a loan to buy out Bro — getting a tenant in here would be no problem.  After they are in and paying rent, I could modernize the kitchen and turn the pantry/dining room closet into a mud room with a real washer in it.

Or Bro would buy me out. No way he’d get a loan with his poor credit and debt up the wazoo. So that’s not an option.

I don’t know if I should speak to a third attorney — I can’t believe I cannot get rid of her on my own and that I am stuck with her, more or less, unless the status of this house with bro in it changes: when he goes so will she.

He said to give Bro a deadline to pay up the entire amount he owes me — roughly it is about 35 grand — and if he doesn’t produce the full amount, take him to court and sue him for the amount.

That’s what I have today. There is a 2K retainer for this guy’s services.

For the last 51/2 weeks I have been pursuing this matter.  I am exhausted and worn to a frazzle.

It is a shame I cannot evict her.  That would be one thing — he remains behind.  I still have to find a way to dispose of the problem that he is the root of.  And he had the unmitigated gall to add to the problem by having her come here to live.  Something sure is flukey with her being here but I can’t prove anything.

If I buy him out it will not be until after the first of the year.  I plan to tell Bro my findings on Wednesday and give him his options on that day.

It looks like a certainty that that distribution with the stock will be happening by the start of next week, if not sooner.  He is better off willingly handing over his distribution and using it as a make good for the money he owes me, or a partial payment — I do not know yet how much it will be that he is receiving. I will have to call the atty that is in charge of that affair so that it’s ensured I get that money in my hand.  That would be one hurdle jumped. He will avoid going to court.

Meeting #1` with atty…

I have another meeting with a second one on Monday.

She suggests that I try to work this out with him — a judge, she said, would be hard pressed to decide “who goes” and she said he’d order the house sold.

The partition agreement would be similar to what the town CFO suggested: hve the home divided in 2 and have 2 separate deeds.

The will is a tenants in common status and we each more or less can sell our portion of the home? I didn’t think you could do this without it being legally declared a condo or like one of those duplex homes where the 2 portions of the dwelling are physically separated by walls.

To top this off, Bro now has a sort of girlfriend living in there with him, along with her child. Very long story how he got her in here — this is the same one he threatened to move in “to help out with expenses.”

This is strange in itself: she is supposed to be here on a temporary basis but here is the thing:

Bro had his cable cut off back in late spring. The cable company came for the box. He’s been getting along with no TV and using somebody’s wifi, I think, to surf the net (he has a tablet up there and he’s been watching TV via the tablet and doing his FB thing with it, also)

Yesterday the cable guy came to reestablish the account

Who is paying fot this? Is it her? Could be… maybe it’s he who is paying for it.

If she is paying for it, I do not think she should be getting involved financially with Bro at all. She is a teacher and I know she’s probably good for $60 grand per year at this point — if I see the light in the hall get fixed and if I see a plumber head up there to fix the sink then I will know something is up for sure.  Remember: he’s refused to pay for any repairs.

She needs to stay out of this mess financially and if he wants to live with her, I suggest he do it at an apartment not ont hese premises — because when you move in with somebody it needs to be an “OUR PLACE”. You don’t move anyone into your home; I learned that the hard way when I got married. By rights, my husband should not have been living in what is “my” home; we needed an entirely new abode to call our own.

And I get the idea that if that cable is back, then she is back for good. Even if the account was rebooted so that the kid could watch tv, hey — if you are temporary, you can’t get by with no TV for a week or 2 or 3????

This chick is here to stay, I think. she is supposed to be looking for apartments but I do not think she is going anywhere.

He told me she is here temporarily. (I do not speak to her; it’s a long story and I have too many troubles of my own. I am steering clear of her)

The atty suggests I send him registered letters asking him to pay up, etc. So I at least have it on record that he’s not paid up. And to also have it on record that he’s replied in writing with a game plan…or that if the letters get sent back to the PO unacknowledged, it’s not so good for him.

I have gotten word from Cuz’ atty that the sale of the stock is about to go through — holy shiznizz; NOW it’s only heading to the right channel to be sold? I thought that was what was taking place since mid-July.

IF Bro gave even a degree of a hoot, he’d take that amount he is due from that sale and hand it over to me, with a ;etter in writing saying why he is and what the money is for — and he’d have it notorized before he sent me that letter.

What the letter should say:

“Dear Sis: Enclosed kindly find a check in the amount of $$$ dollars. This is the complete amount of the distribution  I an getting from the sale of the stock.  Be advised that this payment covers the property taxes, homeowners insurance amount and water utilitiy that I owe you and have not paid. The amount of money that is enclosed forthwith should be more than sufficient to cover all costs.

“If you have any questions kindly let me know. Upon receipt of this letter and check, reply in writing that you have received both this letter and check. Very truly yours, Bro” and have it notorized and sent via certified mail to me.

THAT is what it should say, I think.  He can figure out how much property tax he owes since 2006; our tax rate stayed steady for 5 years. he knows how much a quarter the taxes are and how much per year homeowners insurance is; it is about $1500 a year.

I will suggest he fork over the stock sale amount in the certified mail letter I am sending him.

Such a mess all of it. Another morning is here and I am in the same boat. So sad.


I burst out laughing when I saw today’s Daily News headline:

House of Turds

But I’m not sure that House Speaker Boehner deserves the honor he is accorded here.  As far as I can tell, he’s an establishment politician who is somewhat embarrassed by his colleagues who are standing up for their principles and exercising their authority to actually change something.  (After all, it wouldn’t be good for angry Democrats to stand up for their constituencies and work to undo bad Republican policy.)

In any case, the House, driven by Republicans, and the Senate failed to come to agreement last night, and as a result, the Federal government is now ‘shut down.’  Well, not really: the mail will still be delivered, the politicians will still get paid, and essential services are still running.  But the national parks are closed across the country, and some 800,000 Federal employees are temporarily unemployed.

Whom do you blame for the government shutdown?

The direct answer is obvious: the House Republicans, of course.  They could have gotten with the program and kicked the can down the road, as has been done a hundred times before.  But the pollster’s question is loaded: it implies that the Federal government shutdown is a something to be blamed for.

To be sure, it’s not ideal, and not a desirable outcome.  But it’s the first break in our time from the pattern of yowling and wailing about some problem or another and then resolving to change nothing.  At least they’re trying.

Meanwhile, my mailbox is stuffed with missives from the Obamoids about the rotten Republicans who ‘want to prevent 40 million people from gaining affordable, accessible health care.’

No, that isn’t it at all.  It’s that Obamacare insurance is not ‘affordable;’ it’s unclear, given shortages of doctors and the rotten medical care in this country (unless you’re in the 1%, going to a hospital is only marginally nicer than going to jail), how ‘accessible’ care will be; and maybe a third of ’40 million’ will benefit, while the rest of us are bankrupted in the process.  Meanwhile, as a weekend bonus, employers all over the country are cutting their staffs and their hours so as not to have to pay for it.

And for those who say that Obamacare is ‘the law of the land,’ settled and beyond debate, I have three words:

So was Prohibition.