The battle continues

I spoke with another attorney — one who is doing work that has to do with my family.

I know the guy cannot represent me due to that reason but I wanted to give him a heads up plus let him know what is happening because when I sue Bro this gent will also be on notice that the suit is happening.

He told me to try the county courthouse and get a recommendation for somebody who would take the case on a continuing basis.

That distribution I mentioned, that’s Bro’s — it will be frozen until the case is settled. Ha — Bro is going to hit the ceiling when he finds that out; it will probably work to my advantage.

He mentioned a “chance reissue” to me — having to do with getting Bro booted from the deed and property — but he said it will be a big possibility that the court may order this house to be sold.

And for what price and where will I go? I get to be tied into a mortgage, too, at this stage of the game, in addition to taxes??? I wouldn’t even be able to buy much of a home with the proceeds from this house; thanks to no money, it’s in need of LOTS of repairs (the ones that I mentioned in an earlier update) and I am not sure who’d take thehouse “as is” and screw a short sale. I’ll lose money galore on that.

Sell the place? Then let Bro be sued for the full amount of how much it will cost to fix everything and in the interim, he vacates the premises by court order — and when it’s fixed and ready to go, I sell.

Maybe there is a way I could find my way around this:let the court decide that I pay off his debt in exchange for his half the house — I’d have to get the money somehow to pay it off. That’s the thing: if he owes less than 70 grand it would be to my advantage; this dumb house assessed for 180K 17 years ago; there are no improvements since then, except for a kitchen downstairs in the apartment I live in. Reassessment would put what price on this home? Not much more, I don’t think.

What he owes and to who and how will be subpoenaed. That is a given.

I am prepared for a battle royale. What the heck else am I supposed to do? Let him ride my coattails and step all over me in the bargain and “win” that battle???? Let him take me down and drain my bank account because he won’t pay up???  Bullshit.

If he so much as raises his voice to me when he finds out he’s being sued, I will call the police — and tell him in their presence that if he causes trouble he will be taken away by them the very second he tries it.

What I want:

For the court to decide he needs to pay up for what he owes me  (the back taxes that he did not pay for several years, plus the homeowners insurance and water for those years)  plus the total of the repairs that never got done — that’s about 150K total — plus have him relinquish his half of the property. (that’s about 100K more since this huse assessed for about 200K some time ago; we have no improvements here since then, tully knows)   I cannot afford to live anywhere else. I am 56 years of age and I currently do not have a job; it’s not feasible for me to move to another locale and more or less start over.

ETA: I just called the county bar. They will supply 3 names and it’s $25 per consult to speak with each one. I think that’s a good deal.  Stop in to the bar and complete a form and you’ll get the 3 names.