Wow — not even that job at the pet store???

I just called the store manager to find out about the job — I interviewed with her about a week and a half ago and when I called last Monday, she said there was no word yet and she had to wait for “payroll and the district manager.”

I just called and she said “We filled that position in our store…they still have positions open in the other 2 stores so I am waiting to hear about that…”

The other store is 12 miles from here.

What the hell could have happened??? Not even a pet store????

And why didn’t she call and tell me she hired somebody??? It’s the same thing as usual — YOU can be the one to follow up; they won’t lift a finger to call YOU.

Does anybody have any suggestions or any ideas? Holy shit — I need money and I need it badly.

I am sorry I even bothered.

The person who interviewed me was all of 2o years old.  And I couldn’t have that job, either???

If I knew why all of this was happening to me, it would be great. I can’t seem to get an in with anybody at all.

THis interview with this pet store reminds me of one that I had with another chain some 8 years back — the guy who ran the store had me go to the trouble of “sitting” for a urine drug screen and spoke to me for an hour. I did not get that job, either.

As I said:

Holy SHIT.

Now what do I DO?????

PS: I did not hear from the manager of the local restaurant, either.  That is not looking good, either and I do not want to be a pest and ask again “What’s going on”. I am letting that one go; this is the same kind of response I got from the other bar and grill that had a bartending job open last year.

When I asked why I didn’t get the job first she said “I don’t know…I sent everything in to corporate and to payroll…” and then she said “They must not have believed your references that you were qualified.”

Nobody on my reference list was called. And that is what I told her. She replied,  “Are you sure?”

This is what I get now: not even a job in retail.  And I made it known that I was pretty pissed I didn’t get their job.

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  1. Was it a chain? Unfortunately the retail chains are notorious for this. I applied for an overnight stocking job at Kmart, I even have experience but after the hour long test online I was rejected. I called them and they couldn’t give me an answer but yet I have relatives who work for them and they aren’t as smart as me by a long shot.

    I would say go to a smaller store but of course many don’t hire. The owner of the pet store near me is just him and his mother and just keeping afloat. It’s actually the guy I’ve mentioned before, “Fred A Stare” who actually just asked me out the other week but the date was rescheduled. Anyway, my point being he can’t afford to hire anyone, otherwise he would hire me. That’s my point though, if he didn’t know me he wouldn’t hire me but most smaller stores don’t hire people they don’t know and large chains discriminate.

    1. There are no more small stores that are mom and pop operated (we knew of a guy who did own a pet store independently but he lost his business — drank it all away).

      I can’t take this shit anymore — and I did not hear from the restaurant, either — that one was small and family operated. When I called on Sunday, a guy got the phone and I asked about the waitstaff jobs. “The owner is coming in at 10 tonight” he said.

      Presumably, she’d take all the contact info and call everybody next day, probably the AM, right? That’s what I’d do…

      But I never got a call at all.

      I got shuffled off to Buffalo, Lockport, Olean and beyond on all of this. There is no sense in calling that restaurant and asking them what happened — why should I waste my time?

      It was bad enough I wasted 30 miles worth of gas on the pet store endeavor. MOney doesn’t come easy for me these days and the premise was to stay close to home if it’s a retail job and not pour gas down the drain getting to and from.

      Maybe IF we had more stores open downtown — a thing of the past, because rents are sky high and the buildings are onwed by only 2 owners — I’d have a better shot at it. Most of the storefronts are vacant for the reason I just named: rent is way too high. And the 2 building owners won’t make the rent any cheaper.

      I am looking for a counselor or a cool clergyperson — all of this is too much for me to take.

      Counselors are tough to find; I tried last year and I had no success — I tried the same counseling service I went to when I got divorced.

      At the time it was pay as you go and all you had to do was make an appointment. They no longer take residents from out of county (maybe it has to do with receiving funds from that county for them to help stay afloat; I don’t know)

      2 more never called me back and the 4th wanted to know if I had a substance problem or was suicidal.

      FFS — all I am is a normal person struggling with unemployment and a freaking family problem that is attached to a more or less money problem! They wouldn’t talk to me when I told them why I wanted a counselor.

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