CareCredit is Hazardous to Your Health….and WALLET!!! Avoid them at ALL COSTS!!!

3 years ago, I was having dinner and the fork happened to contact my front teeth.

In such a way that the contact my tooth made with the metal sheered off a good slice from one of my front crowns.

The crowns are years old and my dentist and I were talking about replacing them.

I went back to the dentist at my earliest opportunity to see what he could do for me…

WHAT a mistake, going back to him.

The tab for the crowns was 4 grand. He told me he also needed to replace the two lateral incisors being there would not be a “match” fot those teeth with “just the crowns replaced.”

I’d never heard of such a thing.

I told him I’d pay him on a payment plan if I chose to go through with the work.

Here is where the road gets funky:

He told me “We don’t do that anymore because people skip out without paying. You can’t trust people anymore.”

I have been a regular client of his since 2007 — He knows I have staying power and I am never late with paying. yet he is insisting more or less I’d be guilty by association.

Then they tell me how easy it is to pay for the work via CareCredit — they call CareCredit the poor man’s Visa card. I was pressured into the work and was more or less told that this was the only way to pay for the work.


pay for it all UP FRONT…and suppose you don’t like the work or something happens during the course of the work — the crowns are not to you liking, you develop some sort of infection, have some type of extreme discomfort after the work is done, etc — how do you get a refund? You’d have to chase CC to get it, and provide a papertrail — a big headache for you.

Do you pay for a home repair in total before the work begins? DO you pay for an important piece of apparel before the item arrives and is in your hands? Do you pay in full for a car before its delivery date?

This is how CareCredit gets you — when you have an animal that’s critically ill, a fairly large medical cost to pay for or some other fee that’s a good chunk of change — they more or less take advantage of your heartstrings or whatever it is you want to call it and more or less give you the idea that this is the ONLY way to pay for the service otherwise you are out of luck.

I never should have done it.

The total for the work was about 4 grand. That was 3 years and 3 months ago. I paid CC about $150 a month….multiply that times 39….

And there a balance of 3 grand on my card now.

So how much did I pay for the work??? And how much will I pay for the work when all is said and done???

He got his 4 grand…and CC makes a tidy sum from you paying the minimum.

(I signed up for CC in anticipation of getting a full time job soon and then I’d pay off the whole card when I had a chance. Hahaha. fat chance and hard cheese for me, eh?)

Bro signed up for CareCredit when his dog took a turn for the worse. This was late last summer; the total for the vet’s was somewhere in the 4 thousand dollar range. Bro will be paying that card off forever. He will be able to pay for the critical care in that vet clinic for everybody from there to Albuquerque by the time “he finishes paying for the card.”

He is in debt up to his eyeballs and has had his pay garnished. So you can see CareCredit will take anybody who is a warm body.

CareCredit needs to be burned at the stake, as I said.

You are pressured into signing on with them when you are in some sort of crunch or heart wrenching situation.¬†¬†They don’t care how they get you, they’ll get you any way they can.

IF you encounter a situation where your doc, a dentist or a vet, etc. tells you to pay via CareCredit, tell them you will put the whole amount on your own credit card….

And if the vet, etc REFUSES to let you pay via your own card and tells you CC is the only way to go?

Get your ass out of there as soon as possible. Don’t give that person one red cent.

I also would not doubt that the dentist, vet or whoever it is who signs up for CareCredit gets some sort of a bounty or bonus for every body and scalp that they drag in for the card company. WHy else would they be utilizing CareCredit’s services? Most of us have our own credit cards.

One thought on “CareCredit is Hazardous to Your Health….and WALLET!!! Avoid them at ALL COSTS!!!”

  1. People who accept credit cards are not allowed to apply a surcharge for credit card payment by federal law. One can discount for cash if they wish, but I don’t see that a lot. Under the CARD act, you should now see a disclosure of how much you will pay in interest on your bill, and how long it will take to pay it off at the minimum payment., if indeed Care Credit is a “credit card”.

    You got ripped off twice. Any competent dentist would have been able to match the shade of your new crowns without replacing the other teeth.

    A rule of thumb that I use is that the interest rate can be found by deducting principal paid from the amount made in payments, then dividing the amount of interest paid by the average balance times the number of years. In other words, Interest rate =(payments less principal paid)/(((beginning balance+ current balance)/2)X 3.25 years))). I get an interest rate of 40%, presuming that you have paid off $1000 of the principal.

    Another thing that the CARD Act requires is that you pay off about 3% of the principal in addition to any interest and fees due. This would have led to a hike in your payments. This makes me suspect that Care Credit has organized itself to take advantage of pawn shop and check cashing interest rates.

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