Update about my situation…

Since the original thread has gotten crowded and skewed, due to all the replies.

Today I went to see the tax collector/town CFO.

I explained what was going on and here is what I got about the taxes:

At the end of each year, they send a “tax xale” letter to those in arrears -this is the letter I got at the end of 2011. I won’t be getting one this year because it is *only* tax from this year. So he says I have a year to resolve this, more or less.

If you don’t pay up after the tax sale letter, it takes over 2 years for them to actually take the dwelling.

I asked if there was any way to get him off the deed.

He suggested that I have the house reclassified as 2 condos. This would mean an attorney and all kinds of red tape…

PLUS what happens if I want to sell it? I will lose money! i’d be selling one floor of a dwelling vs. a 2 family house for sale.

So I don’t think that solution is so good.

At one point, the gent asked me how old Bro is — and he was kind of surprised to hear this was not some flighty kid or maybe a young 20s person.

And still, I need to get that money from him. I went and saw an attorney; she was busy; I left my number. As of close of business today, she did not call me back.

This mess with him and the house may be much more of a mess than it is. What a lot of shit this is and shit I do not need or want. I’m in an abyss and sinking from my own situation! I need money and I need it now. I have my own expenses to take care of and to meet.

I don’t know how in heck this is going to be resolved for me and I don’t know how this is going to turn out. I need a job stat but you know where that is at.