A Step Back

On Saturday, President Obama reverted to type (since he was first elected, he has strenuously avoided the appearance of actually leading on anything) and announced that he would be seeking authorization from Congress to engage in military strikes in Syria.

Yesterday, we learned that Obama had actually been reconsidering on Friday, while the news media were banging the drums for an imminent attack.  We’ve been had, again.

But the drumbeat for war continued on the evening news last night:

  • “Air samples and blood samples have tested positive for signatures of sarin,” noted our Secretary of State.  That’s not particularly surprising: sarin is an effective chemical weapon.  But that doesn’t address the more important question: who used it?
  • We’re told that when Obama told his advisers that he would hold off on the attacks and seek authorization from Congress, his advisers tried to talk him out of it.  Why would he do such a thing?  Because by getting the US involved in a pointless war–by himself–he could get himself impeached.  And his fingerprints would be all over it.
  • Senator John McCain, Obama’s rival in the 2008 election, had a somewhat different take on it.  The actual merits of the case in Syria seemed beside the point.  But if the President deferred to Congress, and Congress voted him down, it would be bad for future Presidents who might need to engage in unilateral executive action.  And this is a problem… how?
  • The evening news then reported on Syrian refugees who are distinctly disappointed that America hadn’t come through with destruction.  “We are asking for Obama to strike Assad, like he promised,” one refugee remarked.  When all else fails, go for the heartstrings….

On last night’s news, other than noting that some Congressmen and Senators were opposed to the attacks, there was no discussion of the case against striking Syria.  Is this because the case is so self-evident as to not be worth reporting, or is it that the news media’s corporate masters really want us to drag out the blunderbuss?

2 thoughts on “A Step Back”

  1. Much of the cost of Iraq and Afghanistan has been shifted from DoD to the VA. We are only now having Vietnam-era VA claims peak, which makes sense because the military personnel are hitting about age 60. We can expect Gulf War claims to peak in a few years because the military personnel who fought in that war were somewhat older than those who fought in Vietnam. The VA is being hammered by recently departed military personnel claims. If the military denies one’s disability claim, they are instructed to file withe the VA, which usually grants it.

    Obama’s mouth wrote checks that his butt can’t cash. Experience reaches us that there is no such thing as a “limited military action” for our military. We’re not even out of Europe after World War II. The next step will be for Syrians to file for refugee status to come to the US, which I know will just thrill a couple of our posters.

  2. Yeah that is what scares me, we will get more refugees, which mean more welfare because studies show most refugees receive welfare (and refugees are the only immigrants eligible immediately without kids).

    I do not like how we treat our veterans and it is getting worse. As everyone knows I am involved in the American Legion and come from a military family (in fact my brother serves now)and I see how many are treated by our government. A few months ago I was there and talking to a few friends and they were saying that the Obama administration is actually cutting benefits to veterans such as cutting GI Bill I believe. This is horrible and immoral but nothing the administration would do now surprises me (and I say this as someone who was an Obama fan).

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