Where do they GET these people?!

Here’s another reason why the hiring process is shot:

Because of what companies permit to answer the phone in their facility.

Why is it that every person I’ve spoken to about a job that’s open in their company is rough around the edges, rude, cannot communicate or just YUK?

You can tell this is an uneducated bunch.

Put 2 and 2 together: if this is what’s getting the phone, this is also what will be HIRED. I have never seen it fail.

How can we win, really? HOW?

One thought on “Where do they GET these people?!”

  1. I assume places want the stupidest people possible. Case in point: the local grocery store is hiring in the deli. I applied and was rejected and so were two other people I know (all college grads btw, one was a teacher). Instead they hired a person known for doing drugs and other people dumber than a box of rocks. They always mess up orders and one time my dad (who has a temper anyway) blew a fuse because they really messed up his order. Yet they rejected us, go figure.

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