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Today is President Obama’s birthday, and over the last week, the Obamoids have sent me about a dozen messages urging me to sign the President’s birthday card.  I’m creeped out: it seems something more fitting for a country with a Dear Leader, rather than a President.

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My birthday was last Thursday, and for the last week, my bank’s ATM has greeted me with ‘Happy Birthday!’  As far back as I can remember, one had to supply one’s date of birth when opening a bank account: I’m not wondering how they knew it was my birthday.  But I question the wisdom of displaying a birthday greeting on an ATM.  Some people don’t want to be reminded of their birthday.  For my part, it’s not really upsetting, but it’s creepy in a Big Brother sort of way.

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Why are we giving foreign aid to Egypt?

We’re broke, after all, and we have a law that says that a government that has perpetrated a military coup is ineligible to receive foreign aid.  And regardless of whether we believe the Egyptian military was right or wrong, the fact remains that a military coup has taken place.

Senator Rand Paul pressed the issue in the Senate.  His proposal was defeated, but what’s telling is why it was defeated.

Aid to Egypt is essential, we now understand, because if Egypt is sedated with foreign aid, it will be less of a threat to Israel.  Then again, if we don’t help the Egyptians, maybe the Russians will.

Senator and former Presidential candidate John McCain argued, “This is a question of whether the senator from Kentucky knows what’s better for Israel, or if Israel knows what’s better for Israel.”

Of course Israel knows what’s best for Israel.  But Israel has no inherent claim to American tax dollars.

Or do they?

2 thoughts on “Quickies”

  1. I just delete those birthday messages because no I will not sign. The fact is he has been a disgrace as a president (and I say that as someone who idolized him when he was running). I think it is a disgrace we give foreign aid when we cut food stamps and unemployment in this country. I’ve always been against all the aid we give to Israel because they are just as much of a troublemaker in the Middle East, though not troublemakers to us.

  2. Why are we giving “aid” to anybody….even on the very local level?????

    Companies getting big bucks incentives!!! And this is allegedly to “save” the business so that they do not move out of the area???


    Our state gave a 100M incentive to Panasonic so that they’d move to a city about 10 miles from their current location. Isn’t our state BROKE? or so whe heard!

    The state is bailing out just about every hospital you can name, in this state, that is having trouble and big time trouble, with money! Most are Catholic hospitals! Isn’t there a separation of church and state PLUS why shold the state bail out a private business??

    Private investors want to buy a few of the hospitals — and we, the people of our state, will be on the hook for another 200M in state bonds! Let the INVESTORS pay it…or let the VATICAN bail the hospitals out!

    Incentives for that horrible mall they want to open — cute story how public money was invested and that money went hither, thither and YON and back to the moon and around again…where the eff DID all that money go??? And they want MORE public MONEY to make this thing operable and open. SCREW THEM.

    We are broke and the dang bank is CLOSED.

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